Thursday, May 31, 2007

so to continue with Saturdays events,

i have developed in my wants of pets, i no longer am interested in a Siamese cat i now want an owl, seriously in the scouts camp they had birds of prey on show and i fell in love with the owl.

i have come to the conclusion they are the best bird of prey, and if i am unable to get hold of an owl then i will get a parrot and i will name it booma (owl in Arabic).

i thought owls where tiny, this dude was gigantic, i want one :) there was also a vulture and a raven that was so evil looking. i had to be dragged away from this section unfortunately the kids where not to interested, they where more interested in doing other stuff waaaaaaaa.

they really wanted to do archery but they where to young for that so we headed of to the RAF, now the army was there as well, recruiting from a young age, our kids where fascinated with the air fighter helmets.
when they wore it they just looked bug eyed, sooo cute mashallah, but don't be deceived by looks, children have annual meetings on how to annoy adults, i am a believer in this.

we then walked around for a bit and came across a big inflatable world and i made sure that they posed right next to Africa, now for those of you who made fun of my Africa drawing this is a much better version although i never drew it myself lol.

i want one of these inflatable worlds:
there where other activities they joined in such as trampolining as well as one of my fav child hood one, tug of war, yeh man that brought back memories:
it was nearing home time, and they managed to make badges for themselves as well as participating in the camp fire before the parents came to pick them up, our good deed for the day was over and just as me and ever sighed the biggest sigh of relief, some one pointed out to us that we had a flat tire aaaaaaaaaah.

well me and ever don't know the first thing about changing tyres, i proposed we drive to a petrol station and pump air into it but that idea went out the window.

one of the scouts guys actually 2 of them came over and offered there hands, they ended up doing everything, i went off and preyed in the woods, try it sometime, praying surrounded by nature is a nice feeling :)

they managed to change the tire in quick time and i pulled out a massive screw from the deflate done, how it got there no one knows.

45 minutes later we where home. over all nice day alhamdullilah and the weather behaved itself :)


Ever The Idealist said...

Oh am geting nostalgia thinking of that saturday even though i know it was a horrid and busy and fun and all sorts of stressful then. We should do a camp 9or at least a campfire) before we break up for the summer. Yo forgot to upload the picture of that giant nail you pulled from the tyre WA.

looking forward to the next few wednesdays now :D

white african said...

ever im liking camp fire idea but camp????? you crazy girl?

lol, maybe after the summer when nm and amina are back :0)

Native said...

Camp? Talk about stressfull!!
But camp fire sounds good.

Saturday sounded brill....and looked fun...kinda wish I was a kid again on tryin out those activities :)

PH said...

First off, nice to see there aren't any pictures of food :p. Now with the birds of prey .. I don't think owls are that much fun I prefer eagles used to have a parrot when I was younger though, he was funny, when we let him out of the cage he would walk around the house ( not fly ). Is the car you where in a Vauxhall haven't seen one of those in ages ...

salaam and thanks for the pics.

a_akak said...

You tell us about the stuff the kids have played but you never mentioned which games did you participate in? and regarding the African globe thing, yes is it better than your drawing but that isn't hard to achieve :P and tell me as you are the scout leader, are you bossy or a lenient leader? anyway always good to see you out having fun, so always do :P

Fe Aman Allah

white african said...

native it was good and it would have been better if you where with us sis.

how is hoya? you know i so need to come and visit so bad of me really, tut tut.

ph i thought i would be nice and not post any food pict especially for you :)

ph you had a parrot, how cool, eagles are pretty funky as well but for some reason i fell in love with the owl.

as for the car, it was evers car, so ever tell us is your car a vauxhall?

akak i only participated in the circus skills and badge making, the other activities where not for leaders waaaaaaa.

lol i am going to draw the african map again and it will be the ebst ever :)

im a fun leader, actually i'm a joke leader all i do is make fun of the kids, its great :)