Wednesday, May 02, 2007

For all you drivers out there here is a way of showing your appreciation when some driver gives you the way, so cool.

you can give a smiley face or if your not impressed by other drivers then you can give them a sad face or tell them to back off.

i personally would add more things to say.

i think this is pretty cool because i always wonder if people can hear you when you say thank you to them when your sat in the car, and there sat in their car, the only people who can hear you are the passengers but there not the ones who gave you the way are they?

religious people can have flashing 'may you be guided' looooooooool, or 'spread the word, god loves all' loooooool, i can carry on with different signs for ever.

so bloggers if you had a car with this gizmo what would be your favourite flashing sign to other cars?


The Godfather said...

Are we allowed swear words and gestures?.....

nona said...

WA is this the coming after the icarta Ipod Toilet Paper?

Its nice and can be useful more than the first one, its impact can be shared with others:P

white african said...

godfather lets keep it clean although i dont understand urdu so maybe that could be allowed lol.

nona i agree definatly more useful :0)

Trabilsia said...

I think I'd like a smiley face that winks and says thanks. But i might be misunderstood here and would have to deal with a huge number of admirers lol.

What I do nowadays is blink the signal when given way.No probs so far lol.But Id love to have the gizmo, one day .

Anglo-Libyan said...

where can I get one? :o)

mine would say: you can only over take me if you are a taxi or a foreginer!

Brave Heart said...

if i drive here i'll use the smiley face because the drivers here r very polite.but if i drive in Libya i'll use angry face because drivers there r very???????????
i think u know it WA

The Godfather said...

I couldn't speak urdu to save my life!?!?!?!

Ever The Idealist said...

I would have mine say SLOW DOWN HIJABI DRIVER!!!

I bet they would slow down as well just to try and see what a hijabi is lol!!! Maybe I could get one that says NURSE ON CALL GIVE WAY

Can you have the sigh on the roof or just back and front?

Brave where are you driving if you think drivers here are polite? Even Libya can't be that bad...

Ever The Idealist said...

GF you desapoint me. is Urdu not your mother tongue boy? You should be taken outside and given 50 lashes for your disrespect :D

The Godfather said...

LOL!!!!!!! Why you choppin me down 4?!?!?!

My mother tongue is Punjabi. I speak that at home with my folks sometimes, but they understand my english too.

I can understand basic Urdu, and could speak it a little, but would make myself look stupid in the process.

a_akak said...

This is going to be a very quick one,

"If you can overtake me, then i am going to slow"

Man, i hate meetings...........


ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
Well I'm with the Godfather on gestures merely for those that can't read. Moreover, this little device in the window would have to be big and bright for those that would be attempting to get closer just to see what it says or does, thus perhaps resulting in an accident. Then of course before getting out of your vehicle you'd have to hit the remote control for another picture or gesture. ;-)

Lebeeya said...

Hey, I like this :)

I want one that says "Thanks" on it cuz I usually use the emergency indicator to say thank you to people who let me in. I flash the emergency thing on for one second, then turn it off! I dont know if they understand that is a thank u but its the least i could do?????????

white african said...

trabilsia i agree smiley face with wink will cause thousands to follow you lol.

my parents blink at other cars as well to say thanks,

anglo or if you drive a white van, they are the bullies of the roads.

brave i think drivers in the middle east have road rage, apparently it's got something to do with the heat? who knows/

godfather i echo ever, shame on you bro, you gotta start practicining, one way of improving is getting every one to speak it at home, try it :)

ever i'm liking the nurse on call, you know what else is funny ' full bladder, make way' lol

aka hope your meeting was not to boring, maybe you can have one that says 'going to meeting, please over take me'

ibee looool see i never thought of it that way, so the solution would be to have huge signs that take over the whole back window.

leebeya i think its worldly known that blinking car light means thank you, it probably means something rude in some country lolsomewhere

The Godfather said...

Oh so now you're gangin up on me!!!

It can't happen; amongst the siblings and the youth in our family we always speak English....only with the folks and a few elders do we speak Punjabi. The rest speal English. Though, I know enough to get me, "Mum, what's for dinner?"