Tuesday, May 22, 2007

for all you football fans, actually football players, i challenge you to try to play on this field.

whoever is able to then the prize is the fact that you where able to control the ball without having it rolling down the hill and straight into the lake.

don't ask me where this field is because have no idea, if you want the same affect then take a ton of paint (white, not green, we are not looking for the camouflage affect) you will not need a ruler, it can be slightly bent so long as the lines are touching. i forgot to mention you will need a park with a lake, so Londoners I'm afraid you will have to go up north to find such beauty lol.

tying the ball to your leg or foot will result in instant disqualification.


Libyano said...

lol , at least the field is horizontal cos if it was vertical then I don't want to be in the lower side :P

Anglo-Libyan said...

this is real??
I bet kids would love to play there :o)

white african said...

libyano it might just be alot more fun it it was vertical lol.

anglo i think its some sort of prank. i know my bro would have a blast trying to play on it lol.

Brave Heart said...

i found difficulties to play football in normal one, how i can cop with this,but it's good for those need to lose wight.
i think this pic in Libya ,because there every thing is different,

The Godfather said...

What the flip?!?!? You gotta have thunder thighs to play on that pitch.

Safia speaks said...

I would happily tru out that challenge, although my soccer skills are nothing to brag at. But I wonder about the bushes on the playfield - this could be a disadvantage to the other team, and how fait is that?

david santos said...

Please, it puts fhoto of Madeleine in your Bloggue

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Anglo-Libyan said...

did you really fall and a knife went in your eye when you were young or is that a smear campaign by Tabet :o)

white african said...

lol @ brave, maybe at the jabil al akhdar?

yep and slightly bent kick as well godfather, maybe thats wher ethe word bender is derived from in football.

safia my football skills are zilch, maybe this will improve them for me lol.

david thanks, she is in our prayers.

lol @anglo i cant belive tabet, where did he right that, i didnt fall, i was skipping with the knife and it some how went into my right eye, lets just say as a kid i was always in and out of hospital

NM said...

Well there goes the tying the ball to your leg...darn

eternal peace said...

salam alaikum sis
inshaAllah you and your readership are in the best of health and imaan
subhanAllah you come out with the weirdest of things LOL
sorry for late reply, i've had assignments and stuff but yeah i heard there will be event like that in manchester, heres there website http://www.thewisdom.co.uk/

take care

mani said...

Salam WA.. thats one wierd pitch..

but HEY I ATE KOBEDA TODAY..rusholme takeaway store.. I was opposite SIZZLER!!!! how weird huh??? I passed by it walking thinking.. WA was here yesterday with thabet.. sizzler Grill Steakhouse with 100 seating no?? :) :) :)

Wilmslow road is one hell of a curry mile innit? walked past 4 libyans in total.. 2 of em were carrying Parsley and Shibit.. blatently!!

Salam sis! :)

white african said...

lol nm, squirl is on her way to see youuuuuuu.

eternal thanks for the website, allah rewrad you :)

mani really you where on wimmy road, cool.. kobeda is supposed to be the best ever from the takeaway you ate it from, only the best in manchester eh?

as for the libyans i always have to experince something or other on that road crazy, lol at the parsley and shibit comment.

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