Thursday, July 24, 2008

i have 2 weeks left until i leave my work place.

but that does not stop the weirdo patients from attacking me with their words, you would think that that people would make my last 2 weeks as comfortable as possible, nope not gonna happen lol.

the other day this dude came in for a blood test he does not speak a word of English, and i do not speak a word of Farsi.

the guy is wheel chair bound, or so we thought, when it was his turn to see the nurse, i ushered him in, the nurses door closed and that should have been it.

after 5 minutes i hear shouting, the nurses door bangs open, the patient drags himself out (i say drag because he literally drags himself and the wheelchair with his right foot not using his hands) and blocks the reception entrance and starts shouting and pointing at me.

i asked the nurse what happened, and she said that he refused the blood test because he already had one 2 weeks ago, she tried explaining that his results came back abnormal so he needs further testing, but he refused to listen or accept anything and was intent on making my time at the surgery as miserable as possible.

he stayed for over 2 hours, repeatedly pointing at me and saying things in Farsi, and i swear bloogers i understood some of the words because i know some Urdu swear words from my time at high school and he was using those words at me, calling me b**** over and over again in Farsi, cheeky git, he was blocking my way so i couldn't go past him, i kept asking him for a telephone number of some one who understands English, he then throws his walking stick on the floor, throws his water bottle at me, and tries to get something out of his jeans pocket, but couldn't reach the bottom of his pocket so he unbelievably stands up and starts jumping (jumping!!!) up and down trying to reach to bottom of his pocket, he then pulls out a mobile, dials a number, sits back down again and gets through to some one and begins his ranting and raving all over again.

he passes the phone to me, i hear a man who speaks English, i asked him what the problem was with his friend, he said he said he wants to see the doctor not the nurse, i told him to tell him why he was asked to see the nurse and that his attitude is not acceptable.

i told the man that i will book his friend and appointment with the nurse and doctor for next week.

i passed the phone back to the dude, he listened for 2 seconds then began shouting, he switched the phone of, i gave him an appointment card, he threw it in my face and then began to shout 'you bad, you bad, you bad, you bad'

over and over again.

i was like 'mr, blah blah, im not going to accept this'

he was getting himself into a state that 'you bad was becoming 'youuuuuuuuuuuuu baaaaaaaaad' in a really high squeaky voice.

and i was finding it extremely amusing and i couldn't help smile which was making more annoyed, he actually left the surgery sounding like a ma3eeez shouting 'youuuuuu baaaaaaaaad' over and over again.

my 2 hour torment.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

i handed in my resignation letter today.

feels really weird.
i wasn't working today but i came in specifically to hand it in, the manager was on his 2 hour lunch break so i left it on his key board addressed to him.

will find out tomorrow what the reaction will be.

ooooooooooooooh the excitement of it all.

quite frankly i cant be bothered with that place any more, and certain people their just are not worth getting stressed over and at the end of the day turning my back on them may just be the best thing for me.

will keep you updated......