Friday, January 22, 2010

although i have lived in Britain all my life that does not mean that we have forgotten our Libyan culture, many Libyans from back home are surprised to see how Libyans in Britain are very 'Libyan' and they are even more surprised when they attend a Libyan wedding here in Britain because some go all out with the decor, favours, music, traditions etc...

this week i have been attending a Libyan wedding over 4 days, the henna, the wedding, the saba7eeyah (morning after) etc... and the mother of the bride has really worked her socks of to make sure that the wedding is as Libyan as you can get.
i have taken a few pics of the decor as i cant post any photos of the people, enjoy....
henna shoes, pink !!!!!!

i actually wore these as well in my henna lol.

henna sweet box, given with the Arab coffee, you open it up and it is full of all sorts of sweets, sooo coooooooool.
leaving the henna we where given these little pots full of nuts and topping it with a ferrero niiiice :)
table napkins for the wedding
one of the wedding favours, full of nuts...
weddng favour number 2, this one had a bakalawa in it.
the third favour was hanging of a basket..
and this is what it looks like, a ferrero flower and the leaves had little almond sweets hiding in them :)
the wedding cake
the love birds ontop of the cake aaaaaaaaaaaw :)
a milky drink roosata made with almonds and a biscuity thing called abambar, given to us at the party the day after the wedding.
another case of sweets to have with the arabic coffee
and the nuts with the tea :)

the bride got dressed 3 times ending with a libyan outfit, very nice mashallah.

and there you have it, so the older i grow the more of my culture i love :)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

well Manchester has not seen snow like it has been snowing since 100 years ago!! i can honestly say that I've lived in Manchester 15 years and Glasgow before that and i haven't seen this much snow either.

its funny how Britain goes mad when it snows, people just don't know what to do, everything goes on stand still, plus what didn't help was that many cities ran out of grit and had to borrow from other cities and people even resorted to using cat litter!

one plus side was that school has shut down till Monday so we got an extra week off waaaa hay..

i spent some of the time taking winter shots, here are some for your eyes :0)
some one in the neighbourhood started a snow man and then people started to add more and more...
snow monkey...
even the bins didnt escape the snow
my brothers and co built a 9ft snow man!!!!
thats it for now, i may venture out to the local park tomorrow and see what i can capture..

Saturday, January 02, 2010

i crashed into the neighbours car, not because of the snow or ice, but because of hot scalding coffee!!!!

basically i was on my way to a course early this morning, i was really surprised to see the world white again as when i had gone to sleep the pavement outside was the usual grey, i didn't have time to drink coffee at home so i prepared it and took it down with me, i put it somewhere safe near the passenger side (or so i thought), obviously had to clear the car windows of snow and heat the car, so i sat and waited for a good 5 min, then when there was enough seeing space on the window for me to drive i put the car in 1st gear and started to drive, the coffee mug wobbled, it got steady changed its mind and decided to fall, i stupidly let go of the steering wheel and decided to try and catch the mug forgetting that i would burn myself.

it doesn't end on a high note (or maybe it does, does screaming qualify as a high note?) i did burn my hand, i screamed, said something that i shouldn't have said, momentarily forgot i was in the car and when i remembered it was to late i crashed into a parked car duuuuuuuuuh.

hamdullilah i wasn't driving fast but i may have dented the guys car slightly i feel awful, and i don't even know where he lives, so i wrote him a loooooooooooooooong note explaining the situation and putting my details on the note, as of yet i have not heard from him/her.

i have soooo totally learnt my lesson, i wont be drinking coffee while driving ever ever ever again..