Wednesday, May 23, 2007

yesterday i came home around 10:30pm and as soon as i hit my street i knew something wasn't right, and when i got to our doorstep, i noticed that the house next door was jam packed full of people outside, seriously there was like 20-25 people standing outside the house.

now its not that strange to see so many youth standing outside a persons house, apparently with guys its the 'in thing' to do, sitting inside the house in the living room is not 'cool' standing outside and just being in peoples way is 'cool', you can get up to 10 lads just sat on the wall or loitering around and all they seem to do is nod to each other, they don't even have a conversation, nod nod nod, the occasional cough will be heard from the weed that is being smoked and if your lucky you may just see a hint of face if the hood decides to get unstuck.

ok you might think me harsh in my words but seriously i always think what is the point, have they nothing better to do? sure enough they don't harm anyone, well they tend to ignore me but its irks me, the other day i was walking back from some place or other and one of the guys decides to throw a glass bottle across the road that hits the pavement and smashes into a thousand little pieces!!!

now I'm the type i wont shut up, the words will leave my mouth before i even have time to ponder over them, so i asked him 'so whats the point of that' to which he replied 'what?' so i asked him again 'whats the point of throwing that bottle?'.

the cheeky dude then laughs, shrugs and says 'i was trying to get it into the bin across the road' to which i replied ' well if you haven't noticed some of us live on this road and we don't take to throwing things on the road to kindly' to which he got up and said 'yeh well i live here as well your not the only one who does' to which i said' and do you see us throwing things the way monkeys do in a zoo?'

by then my little brother was dragging me away and the guy didn't say anything but stare.
well yesterday apparently what happened as my middle bro tells me is that the dude next door has certain issues with the wrong people, and he must have annoyed some one because whilst he was 'standing' outside his house, a certain young gentleman approached him and took out a gun as a threat towards him.

now this young gentleman did not expect that our neighbours older brother to be behind him, what ended up happening was the gun was knocked out of his hand and he was grabbed and taken into our neighbours house and held down, the police where contacted and so was every youth in the area, hence the welcoming committee when i arrived.

within moments of myself arriving home, the police also made an appearance, around 40 officer if not more surrounded the street, the whole streets was blocked, police cars, vans, dogs you name it where there, it was like a scene from the movies.

my dad tried to leave the house to get something from the car and a police officer told him to get back in.

how crazy was yesterday? I'm starting to realise why Manchester's second name is 'gunchester' apparently a youth can buy a gun cheaper than an ipod, crazy!!! a persons life is worthless, recently a little 12 year old girl was shot in her head in her own home and later died in hospital, so sad.


a_akak said...


You need to be careful with these things and sometimes these stupid idiots might harm you!!!!! as they dont have nothing to loose, (yes it might be bad to say) but most of them are worthless and dont deserve to have the gift of life, anyway, not sure why, but guns seem to be the fashion trend these days

But I like it how you have that fire-ee attitude but sometimes restraint is the more sensible thing to do

Be careful

Fe Aman Allah

a_akak said...
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Anglo-Libyan said...

gun crime is becoming a big problem in the UK, especially black on black gun crime, as you know in London in the past few months several teenagers have been killed because of the ease of getting guns and knives and I do know about the 12 year old Manchester girl, how sad??

unfortunately life is not as afe as it used to be and hoodies are everywhere and talking to them can be very dangerous as many have no problem using a gun or a knife instead of answering you back, its much easier for them this way.

white african Allah bless you and your family and do look after yourself and try not to get involved as these people are never fair.

Brave Heart said...

r u living in tora-bura or what, i think i read be4 that Manchester has the highest crime recored.
as akak said be carful from these stupid guys, it's not worth to talk with them

white african said...

thanks akak

it is becoming a fashion trend but with such high costs, resulting in loss of life, pathetic really.

9 out of 10 times there all talk and no action, trying to look th epart, so sad.

i am always getting told of for not keeping quite, i try to sometimes but resistance is futile :0)

yes anglo i heard about those boys, what would make some one do that, it may be a power thing?

and your right th eyouth are not like what they used to be,

brave manchester might just be worse than tora bora lol

your right they arent worth it but its so frustrating, especially when there are kids around aaaaaaaah

weldemdina said...

sounds like moss side or salford, you better be careful WA as confronting these guys might harm you or your family, the best thing to ignore them, meanwhile ask your Dad to look for another house somewhere else more safe, take care

white african said...

weld i live in old trafford, its actually a cool area, the problem which seems to be th eproblem with every area in manchester is that people from other areas come over and cause the trouble.

the house we live in is ours, its not rented, so its not so easy to just leave, and besides the area really isint bad, occasionaly something might happen but other than that its fairly quite,

belive me whereever i will move, the weirdness will just follow me i have learnt this lol.

lostkitty said...

Whitey... u'll never learn to hold ur tongue.... guess thats why we love u. But do be careful..

Gun crime is a problem. But I really think whats worse is the WHY of it. Why do young guys feel like the only way they can feel alive is if they make their life into a cheap version of the Godfather movies?? Our society is messed up and until we start dealing adequately with the root problems within our societies then we are not going anywhere, and nothing is going to improve.
These youth are the future and if they are dissatisfied with life and hold it cheaply then we have a problem.

And btw, tell baba to check his emails! lol

mani said...

Salam WA.. please be careful sis.. underground crime culture is slowly rising up to the streets and the stench of gun and knife violence is spreading in the UK like the silent desert spreading all over Africa.

There is no singular cause but a whole conglamoration of causes, which has served to alientae large groups of underpriveliged young peoples from the basics principles of civil society, and they simply don't see the point of conforming anymore.

It will only get worse, mark my words, and no number of internal policies will stem the tide of domestic violence now. What happened to britian, is the question on everyone's lips.

For the shortsighted, the fingers will start jabbing away at the asylum seekers, the colourds, the blacks and the muslims, before their brain even sets into thinking gear.

What a shame.. what a shame..


lovelytripoli said...
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lovelytripoli said...
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lovelytripoli said...

معناها لازم انقول حمد الله علي سلامتك وسلامة الأهل

وفعلا مفروض تحتاطي و تكوني حدرة أكثر

في حفظ الله ورعايته

MaySoon said...

Be careful WA, and I'll just add my voice to those who told you to ignore the troublemakers,

O Rabbi el7afdh insha'Allah :o)

white african said...

Kitty you banana, never answering the phone, i have a bone to pick with you,

i will pass the message on to my dad.

thanks mani, what pushes a person to the degree of being able to pull a trigger??? i;m sorry but those dealing in guns or using it to threaten others with cant use the excuse of poverty or dissatisfaction with life.

already i was reading three different article of young muslim guys whop have been linke dwith the grwoing gun scene here in britain, shame is the exact word mani.

lovley tipoli salmik :0), thank you for your caring words.

maysoon thanks sis and inshallah i will be careful.

mani said...

"what pushes a person to the degree of being able to pull a trigger???"

tsk tsk WA.. what do you think about suicide bombings then??

You know that despite the popular uproar against them, a prominent psychologist at UCL just released a controversial report and documentary saying that in horrendus situation that palestinians face, that suicide bombings are 'understandable'.

You would be surprised at the significance of inequality in perpetuating these problems. of course we priveleged people with education, and enough wealth to join the ranks of administrators of an oppressive establishment will NEVER understand their predicamanet.

But that's also cause we make no effort to truly engage with them or understand them, rather just condemn them and their attitudes.

I AM NOT JUSTIFYING THEIR WILL TO KILL.. NEVER. I am just vidicating their full responsibility.

To get a clearer picture I advise trying to live with them and share their environment. If that is impossible (which it is for you O think) then at least you could read what anthropologists and ethnographers who research these situations say. what they say is very disturbing.

Salam sis

white african said...

thanks mani that is an interesting point you raise there but at least with the palestinians they have serious issues that result or push them to this action, what puzzles me is the street agro that seems to be growing here in the uk.

your right studies by anthropologists do shed some light but im not convinced that it can justify an action (i know thats not what yoy where saying :).

mani said...

Salam WA,

An objective attitude would lead us to consider the causes of such alienation and such personal 'development, and not satisfy ourself with rejection and puzzelment at the same time :)

It would be very biased to just be content with saying palestinians are different and they have it hard etc.. while people here (just cause apparently they share the same system as us) do not.

Yes the 'degree' of physical and personal suffering my vary greatly, but these are not the only factors under consideration.

There are a load of other prsonal issues and attitudes which they share, amongst them the inferiority they feel as a result of being in a permenant position of 'losers' in a society.

In a society where human beings can live togethor on one spot of land, but on where they are completely confined to different ends of the system.. this is enough to make most people do things you cannot even imagine.

For them, death/life are the same thing; ie meaningless.

The sreet agro by chavs, blacks and other 'undesirables' is also down to the same host of factors, if by different variations and consequences.

Consider also that most of them grow up in a culture which is neither Islamic nor one that values high morals, but a rampant individualitic society, which tells them day in day out that the world is a Dog eat Dog world, and its the 'strong' that survive.

This is the epistemic, ie, the REAL observable reality to which they have access and in which these live, and shapes their lives.

These people cannot relate to the jobs, aspirations and ways of live most of us are content with leading, cause their ostracisation from society locks them into that position.

Well WA.. we are not 'justifying' here. we are just trying to understand. Im not saying ok ths is it now they should continue and go killing. completley to the contrary. My reasons are mostly derived from directly spending time and living with Chavs and thugs. When you understand them at least, you have a platform for positive chnage.. on both levels.. their level.. and most importantly.. our level.. the superior level of society.. that needs to understand their role in this. Once sincere understanding is acheived at both levels.. I have confidnce in the goodwill of the majority of people to take positive and progressive steps at tackling this problem.

Thanks WA and sorry for the long post. you know I am obsessed with explaining things.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
Truly you have a way with words that sets the scene so beautifully. I could actually see the scene you were describing and felt myself getting really nervous inside. How frightening for you.

By the way, love the little words regarding tossing things like a monkey--I chuckled.

white african said...

mani thanks bro, you always manage to bring a smile to my face :)

my confusion is having no job, no ambitions, being stuck in the povert line still does not equal handling guns, its hard life but no one said it would be easy.

i love these discussions.

wassalam ibee its wasnt to bad alhamdullilah, i think it was just a bunch of macho people trying to flex there muscles lol

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