Monday, December 29, 2008

on Sunday there was a protest in front of the BBC in Manchester in support of the Palestinians and to speak out against the atrocities handed out by the so called Democratic 'Israel'

thabet on his way, ready for chanting..

the BBC building, not a very nice building is it?

thabet chanting away...
it was freeeeeeeeeeezing...
the Libyans make an appearance!!
i think it was meant to symbolise the shoe thrown at bush ;)
mashallah this little girl stood out and she's Libyan ;)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

what is happening to the world, i get a call from my mum this morning telling me to switch on the tv and watch al-jazeera, shes in tears and i cant even make out properly what shes saying.

i do as I'm told, switch on Al-Jazeera, and my god!!! the scene of utter destruction, chaos and blood shed, isreal has done it again....

forgot about being politically correct, you cant with isreal, they just seem to have no human qualities what so ever, western news doesn't seem to help either, there coming up with titles such as 'Israeli warplanes demolished dozens of Hamas security compounds across Gaza' what complete utter lies, they put in the word 'Hamas security compounds' to make the reader excuse isreal for their actions.

truth is since opening the tv all I've seen is civilians, children on their way to SCHOOL, even a donkey amongst the dead, so what kind of security compound are they talking about.

and as for the Egyptian government, well frankly I'm disgusted by hussni mubarak, sorry excuse for a man...

first thing he decides to do is place tanks on the border to prevent 'flocks' of Palestinians entering into egypt!!.

you watch the other arab channels and all you see is musalsalat 'soaps', chat shows, music, concerts blah blah.

ya 3alam wake up....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

i work at a school and the other day we had the pleasure of the 'bug man'

his box contained all sorts of bugs including:

a big African snail
a scorpion
and a tarantula
i was impressed by the girls, most didn't have a problem holding the bugs. i did ask him about the dreaded cockroach to which he replied he had 2 very big hissing cockroaches but had to give them up as after a while you tend to get a skin reaction from handling them, not surprised there yuk!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i passed my driving test last week Thursday woooo hooooo.

walahi i so expected not to pass but amazingly enough i did first time hamdullilah. when the examiner told me i had passed i started clapping lol, and seriously at first it didn't register because i 100% thought he was going to say 'sadly not this time' because when i was doing the reverse parking i hit the curb !!!! and i left the indicator on after turning left !!! but those where the only big mistakes.
still though i have heard of examiners failing people because of small things or even hitting the curb, so I'm so blessed to have had a down to earth examiner.
feels so good driving, kinda liberating ;)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

my brother Ahmed aka sideshow bob (due to his hairstyle) had his akid on Saturday 29th November 2008 at the MYF (Muslim youth foundation). we all got there for around 4:30 to prepare, it was a very small akid, Ahmed married into an English family, so it was my own and her family.

the groom...
my other brother hamza talking with Nikoletta's brother

the bride and my mum :) my dad with his came coder :)
my dad with the groom aaaaaaaaaaw
ok the uploading is taking waaaaaaaaaaaay to much time, so I'm gonna up load more pic another time.

Monday, December 01, 2008

my brother had his akid on sataurday, more pictures on the way :)