Monday, May 23, 2011

after 30 years in exile due to the gaddafi regime, my father returned to libya ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

i've been really absorbed with watching any news on libya as well as the internet that i have forgotten about my blog.

recently my parents came back from turkey after visiting the wounded and injured from misrata and benghazi, they where both amazed and proud of the youth they met, they came back with there heads high proud of what the youth have achieved.

many of the injured they spoke to where praising turkey and its hospitality, there has been some negative press on turkey's treatment of libyan patients, but i would say that over all the treatment has been very good to the extent that turks are now demanding that they receive the same level of treatment and care.

many of the these amazing men vowed that once they where better they would go back to liberate libya, and if injured again then they will heal and fight again and again and again, may god keep them safe these brave men of libya who have made us all proud and who have allowed the world to see the true libya.

will share some photos:this women had extensive operations on her legs and hips after she was crushed by a tank in her car trying to escape from ajdabeya
this little boy was injured with his father
this young boy lost an arm and an eye coincidently my dad met his friends son who was being treated for a gun shot wound in his stomach this little baby has had major injuries to his jaw, his parents where also victims of gaddafis regime burns victim

this brave man is from ajdabeya
this boy is itching to get back to libya to re-join the revoloution,

dad with this brave boy who showed my dad a photo of hisself with prime minister erdogan when he visited the injured

this young man has a bullet wedged in his spine and is paralysed waist down.

the cast proudly says misrata libya ;)

many of the patients despite there situation had high morals and my mum many times was crying and they would tell her to be happy and not cry, very brave people