Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gaddafi is still alive, Libyans are still dying under his tyranny, more and more atrocious stories are emerging, yet despite all this a new Libya is rising and its quickly spreading its wings through out the whole of Libya, and despite gaddafi's state TV rants and images of him playing chess whilst the Libyans are being killed, his time is obviously coming to an end.

its amazing how Libyans in the world's eyes have changed, before we where a nation to be laughed at due to the embarrassment called gaddafi, a nation where when asked 'where are you from?' and you reply 'Libya' you always get that look with the reply of 'aaah gaddafi'!

well not anymore world! our people have brought libya to the forefront, they have alimented this gaddafi from Libya's vocabulary, watching a clip from Al-jazeera, a Syrian lady rang and was desperate for help for the syrians, she wanted NATO's help like whats happening in Libya and then she said something that made me feel sooooo proud, she said and if NATO cant come, then send us the youth of misrata!!!

you will see, post Gaddafi, inshallah Libya will be beautiful, a place that one will be proud of and the libyan pride will once again emerge.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

we had a fundraising event in Manchester in aid of the Libyans on the Libya/Tunisia border, i didn't realise we had sooooooooo many Libyans in Manchester mashallah.
the weather was great, there was a BBQ, and plenty of stalls and food, hopefully plenty was raised for those in Tunisia as the situation is dire especially in the Ramada camp, can you imagine 40 degrees sun with no air conditioning on electricity in tents that are not designed for heat!!!

Summer is close and teh ehat will get worse and even the clothes on there back is not suited for the weather. The children have been through sooooo much and seen things that no child should ever have to see, the women have escaped but many with trauma and have been affected psychologicaly, and the rape is a whole other topic!

may Allah ease there situation and grant Libya victory soon so people can start re-building there lives.

some shots of the day to share with you all:
the imaginative ways in which the freedom flag has been put into everything and anything is great!the Qatar flag was also part of our day ;)

this was so cool, 'sponge the gaddafi' throw wet sponges on gaddafi
pinata of gaddafi, hit it with a stick and sweets appear

face painting always a part of the fundraising events

art that was auctioned
the day was lovely and may Allah reward the organisers for there efforts.