Friday, May 04, 2007

you know with all this talk on obesity especially in children, some person has come up with a face mask thing that prevents you from being able to eat, a face guard of some sort with a lock???????

how funny is that, but whats even funnier is that people will actually try this out and not only that but parents will buy this for their children, seriously...

i think this is a drastic measure and when it comes to food i don't think this will be a deterrent, children as well as adults will find means to pass food through the metal on this thing even if it means shredding the food through a shredder.

i remember once my cousin was telling me that when she was younger she was slightly chubby and she didn't actually have a problem with it, it was external forces who kept pestering her about her weight so in the end she went and got her mouth wired, metaled, whatever it's called, its like braces but you cant open your mouth fully because your top teeth are stuck to your bottom teeth through the means of metal, scaryyyyyyyy.

she said she could only eat through a straw, basically sharaba (soup) and even then it didn't really affect her weight, poor thing.

some people put padlocks on their fridges and each time the kid wants something they have to go to the key holder (sounds like some lord of the rings story) and obtain permission to open the fridge and even then there will be an interrogation.

apparently according to figures obesity has reached a point where it is claiming 30,000 lives annually in England and it shortens a persons life by 9 years. the thing is we used to point at America for their obesity problem but here in the UK we have a problem as well.

the industry doesn't help whatsoever, its soooo much cheaper to buy junk fatty food than to be healthy, and when a person has a set income and you tell them that they must eat 5 portions of fruit a day, as well as eating other stuff like fish (not fried) etc.. there going to laugh at you because they have bills to pay, rent to pay, they have 5 kids to cloth and feed and for them its cheaper to buy chips from the local chippy.

Britain was much healthier during the war as everything was rationed now adays the lifestyle are totally different.

maybe this contraption isn't such a bad idea.


Anglo-Libyan said...

it looks like a dog muzzle or even Hannibal Lecter mask!

it is very cruel to make children wear something like that, I think the answer to obesity with children lies at home, its the parents responsibility to mak sure that their children get healthy food and keep to a reasonable weight, many parents Arabs or otherwise think that their little chubby kids are adorable but what they dont think about is the problems their kids will go through in life, bullying, health issues, sometimes hating themselves and probably having a life time of dieting that does not work.

Thank you whiteafrican fr highlighting this very important issue.

The Godfather said...

A lot of people are light eaters; they start eating as soon as it turns light!?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

i think u must send to me one of this thing.i suffer from this problem as well(i have nearly extra15 kgs).
i think obesity doesn't related to how much u eat, it's related to genes that any person has.i know 2 guys r very thin but believe me they eating more than me by factor of 10, i swear they can eat 5 qassea in one minute.i cant eat for a week but i'll lose 1 or 2 grams and if i eat 3 meals a day i can gain 1 kg in my weight immediately

Brave Heart said...

previous one was from me

Ever The Idealist said...

A lot of people are light eaters; they start eating as soon as it turns light!?!?!?!?


Really though that mask is cruel and any one who uses it on others is being abusive. Britain used to be healthy because people used to have family meals together nad now you have people having 6 meals a day of take away. The thing missing is also a healthy exercise regime.

We will see how it goes for us in Britain eh?

white african said...

anglo hannible didnt occur to me, it does look like his mask doesnt it lol.

in scouts i have 2 kids who are simply amazing, they refuse to eat anything sugary, not sweets, chocs, crisps all they will eat are fruit and they will only drink water, there used to a certain regime that there parents have brought them up with.

lol @ godfather, although night snacking is a big thing with men i have heard.

brave your right it can be linked to genes but also lfe styles, it is annoying when a person can eat everything and not gain a thing but apparently it affects people later on in life, so being moderate is the seceret.

ever you touched upon an important thing family dinners, non existant in many a house hold unfortunatly.

The Godfather said...

WA - Why do you say Night Snacking is popular amongst the blokes?

WA & Ever - Family dinners are important....there should be at least one meal during the day where the family can sit and eat together. I think it demonstrates harmony and unity. Though for me, it can't be breakfast. I'll end up biting peoples heads off!

Curious said...

I see the problem hier in Canada when we go out at the weekends to the malls, you cannot imagine how much children are eating Hamburgers and fries and when you look at them with their parents they are all over weight.
The funny thing last week i was at the food court with my little son, i was eating fries which i allow my self to eat from time to time, Really, (2 or 3 times in a month)and two ladies came to sit in a table on front of me, they were both a little bit fuller, with them came three cute young ladies, in the ages around 3 and 4, i was expecting that they will bring MC donalds or something, but for my surprise the woman didn't buy anything, she put Carrots, Pears, Grapes, and Apples on the table, prepared from home, and the young cuties were fighting who take the carrots, i love that picture and i felt bad eating the fries in front of them. You are right, when i go shopping it is cheaper to buy ready foods with alot of fats, and crackers and Chips that to buy Fruits, vegetables and yoghurt here.

Obese kid said...

I agree with anglo, it's their parent s responsibility.

Childhood obesity is best tackled at home through improved parental involvement, increased physical exercise, better diet and restraint from eating. ~
Bob Filner

mona said...

what is ur email white african

white african said...

godfather its the whole staying up and visiting the fridge for snaks, guys do that more, living with 3 borthers i have proof.

so godfather you have time to have at least one meal with the family?

curious long time, hope your well :) it's fine to treat oursleves once in a while by having the odd jukn food, but some people over indulge and have junk morning, afternoon and evening.

it is refreshing to see kids eating healthy mashallah.

obese kid thanks for commenting and i agree with the statment.

mona you can email me on

Lebeeya said...

That mask can so be used for horror movies!! Looks like a mask Jason would wear! I think Jason is the American version of Hannibal Lecter??

How horrible! I agree with everyone, the problem lies at home. Its the parents responsibility to make sure their children have a balanced diet!

The Godfather said...

There is never enough food in our house. Ma has had a policy from Day 1; no junk food in the house at all!?!?!?!

LOL!!! Me, I'm never at home; though I do join the occasional family dinner.

It's just me, Ma, Pa and Princess at home; cos of my weird schedule I'm eating at mad hours. Though you would think that with 5 meals a day I would be able to eat one meal with the family per day?!?!?!?! (Hmmmmm, food for thought.)

lostkitty said...

its tough. Obesity is to do with ur life style as well as ur genes. Metabolism differences can account for the difference in how some people can eat for England and others see food and put on weight (me being in the latter category!)

That device is scary, and cruel. And I can't believe people would even consider using it. ugh!

a_akak said...

Its goood to be back :)

Anyway, again, W.A. masha allah you choose them very well and i am going to dedicate a full blog for you :P as i am going to prove i am your #1 Fan and I will fight for that title so you girls betta watch out hahahahahahaha

Anyway, As long as a person is comfortable with themselves then it should not matter what others think (but that is in an ideal world) and this size ZERO stuff freaks me out i mean come on what happening here,

Regarding to the mouth gard, I personally know a person who did it and it was horrible plus i have heard of a girl in libya that choked and died coz of the muzzles

So the moral of the story, "be comfortable with yourself and as long as ur healthy then its ok"

Fe Aman Allah

white african said...

leebeya i think this mask would make jason look better lol.

godfather i still cant believe you have 5 meals a day, maaaaaaaan how do you do it.

kitty welcome back to london, hope you had a great time in canada sis :) feels like you have been gone for years.

lol @ akak, thank you :)

a girl died seriously? that tough, but i guess being comfortable with yourself is difficult for many because of the whole mentality of people and the fact that people cant shut up and are continously criticing others for their weight, tough life we live in

weldemdina said...

I think each Libyan who arrive at a Libyan wedding should be given a mask, that way less food is served which mean saving and therefore wedding cost go down and hey PRESTO everyone can get married :o)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
Scarry mask!!!!!!

I agree 100% with A-Akak - one should be comfortable in their own skin. If we were all comfortable in our own skin, there would be a media frenzy and meltdown of all the degrading commercialism about how one is not good enough unless or until they are (blank--fill in whatever is applicable). The marketing teams for these huge businesses know how to play on the weakness of the human psyche, and therefore assist in brainwashing us that we are inadequate. Down with the inadequacy hogwash and on with living fulfilling lives!!!!!!!!

white african said...

welde :) welcome and thats funny lol, i guess that is one way of reducing costs.

wassalam ibee your right, trends are contionously changing, at the moment the beautiful is seen to be the size zero and any one above that should die dieting,


NM said...

Drastic indeed, although if we simply implemented the 3rd for air, 3rd for food and 3rd for water people wouldn't have these issues.

white african said...

true nm true