Sunday, May 31, 2009

wanted to share my butterfly photos with you, they really are natures perfect colour combination, why get advice from the fashion 'experts' when all you need to do is look at nature, subhanallah....

Monday, May 18, 2009

since my last post i have been parking in the staff car park to prevent any more 'accidents', and i make sure i try to park in a spot where people cant block me in, and things have been going smoothly.

on Friday, a colleague couldn't find any parking space so she parked where i originally parked, and yep you guessed it, some one smashed her side window.

they had seen the sat nav mark in her car and assumed she kept her sat nav in her car somewhere, she doesn't she keeps it with her at all times, so they didn't actually take anything, but they left damage behind them.

obviously she wasn't happy...

after speaking to her, i went out to my own car and got in and began to reverse, when i looked at my side mirror from the passenger side, i was amazed to find that i couldn't see it !!!!, i parked my car, got out to investigate.

my side mirror was hanging of its hinges, and not only that some one had scratched my car!!!!!

it didn't look like some one had hit my car with there car, it honestly looked like some one had pulled the mirror and scratched the car with a screw driver or a set of keys.

i tried to put the mirror back into place but no luck.

by then the teachers had noticed what had happened and i had a few people around my car, tutting and muttering, then people began to panic and started to check there own cars, turns out that 2 other staff members had there side mirrors pulled completely off and scratches all over their cars!!!

definitely a deliberate act by some evil person, we think its possibly a hate crime as we work in an Islamic school, independent, and it could be the reason why some one is targeting us.

my dad had come to pick my mum up (i work with my mum) and whilst i was in the office speaking to the police, he had fixed my side mirror bless him, and it works fine alhamdullilah.

but i will get to the bottom of this, so stay tuned....