Friday, May 25, 2007



Anglo-Libyan said...

I add my voice to your shout and dont forget:


a_akak said...

how bad a week was it?

W.A?????, you must have had the worst week ever as the pic say's alot lol anyway I hope things look better for you :)

Fe Aman Allah

Ever The Idealist said...

We had awicked saturday tho right? Looking forward to sunday even more IA now that we have good plans . Don't let them get you down hon. They are ssssssooooooooo not worth it and you know it yourself.

Brave Heart said...

me too was long,busy, bad week

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,

Wooooooooohoooooooooooo to Friday's! Moreover, wooooohoooooo to Friday's of a 3 day weekend.

Lady_WildKat said...

i can go one better i've got a 4-day weekend! Fri-Mon. long week but wedding parties all weekend!

MaySoon said...


cofman said...

Thanks for sharing,
I hope everything goes well

i know i am late for this, … no worries ..
I was listening to the radio today .. and I know I have some issues that must get fixed …
when I got home the first thing I said to my partner after ‘hi’ was “ you know something?”
answer was “ what?”
if health is ok, then the rest will be ok …
the radio phone-in program was about some stories … ummm…
but life goes on

good luck next time

white african said...

anglo bank holiday is over waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(

akak it was bad, but its all in the past, hopefully this week will be cool, thanks for your comment bro :)

sat was brill, im gonna blog about it, a coupl eof fantastic pic of yuou there ever :)

i know i know brave, thats life :)

wassalam ibee most defiantly the only thing is it seems to fly by at tremendous speed

lady we are all jelous, jelous rays coming your way

lol maysoon, mondays has that affect :)

cof your 100% right, and thank you for the reminder of what good we have :)

Lebeeya said...

I'm glad you had a nice long 3 day weekend! It's never enough though eh?

Waiting to see the pictures of Saturday :)

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