Saturday, June 28, 2008

ok so the dilema of the day on a daily basis is 'WHAT AM I GOING TO COOK TODAY?'

i actually wake up in the morning with feeling of dread as to what to cook, there is only so many times that i can cook imbakibkah, probably can get away with twice a week, but what about the 5 other days?

i ask mr white african about what to cook, and the dude just replies, 'anything, what ever you want' well that doesnt help.

i have a confession that i need to to take of my chest...

occasionly i will cheat and get pre-made meals and pretend that i made it

oh the shock!!!

i dont lie, i just dont answer, instead make convincing noises, for example

mr white african: this is nice

me: yeh it is isint it

mr white african: looks complicated

me: really?

mr white african: you poor thing, did it take you long to cook?

me: mmmmmh ummmm hmhmhm

(see the above could mean anything)

he understands it to mean yes, but thats not my fault, he chose to belive that i tired myslef out in the kitchen cooking complicated dishes, it would be evil of me to tell him other wise

hee hee hee

Friday, June 20, 2008

ever been in a situation where your mind just wanders of and your physical being works on its own.

confusing huh?

well the other day i had a visitor in the form of a Libyan lady, i dread these visits as i become all paranoid and my clumsy ratings hit the roof, seriously.

anyway she has a young baby girl who is teething at the moment, so the baby needs things to chew on, preferably not my curtains or pillows or at one point my toe!!!

the mother requests some dry bread to keep her sane and help with the chewing process and to rub against her gums, so i jump up with enthusiasm, go to the kitchen rummage around for a piece of the dry bread, she has 2 other children who think its a fun game to follow me around and be my shadow lol, so I'm entertaining them and decide to make them hyperactive by giving them a bar of chocolate each.

go back to the living room, walk up to the lady and offer her a big jar of coffee!!!!!!

my mind had not registered yet that i was holding a jar of coffee and offering it to the poor woman who i thought was being really weird and rude because she was staring at me and wouldn't take what i was offering her.

i kept saying tifadly (here you go) and she kept looking at my hand and then at my face with a puzzled expression on her face, i then thought maybe its not the right type of bread, so i started to apologise for only having pita bread and would that do or maybe a hard biscuit would be better.

to which she finally begins talking and says the breads fine but what has the coffee got to do with it.

people i seriously had not registered the fact that I'm standing holding a jar of coffee.

'kahwa'? - coffee,

'ama kahwa?' - which coffee?

to which she points at my hand

i look down and sure enough I'm holding a jar of coffee, my god you should have seen my reaction, all i kept saying was 'kahwa, kahwa, kahwa'


no wonder, her reaction was to laugh hysterically loud at me, and all i could do was apologise, run out the room and bring her a ton of dry bread.

my god, where did my mind go?

Friday, June 13, 2008

i woke up for fajr this morning as usual nothing new.

but i was granted a friend this morning in the presence of a spider.

see i had just finished reciting surah al-fatiha when i caught something moving from the corner of my eye, something coming down the curtain, crawling right towards me.

could i concentrate on my prayers after that, NO.. why?

because there was a HUGE spider crawling towards me...

walahi bloggers as a kid home spiders used to be tiny, you could hardly see them with your eyes, and they where harmless critters, the gypsy of the bug world, crawling through your home, never intending on staying, just passing through people.

now in the year 2008, spiders are genetically modified, British spiders that is, they are huge and freaky and you can see there beady eyes miles away looking at you, and they no longer are interested in camping a few days in your home, they are taking over and bringing there tribes.

why have they become soooooooooooooo huge? is it that just as the life style of humans have changed since the 2nd world war and humans have become bigger, so have spiders? flies are not enough for them any more, they are looking for bigger things, that's right, us!!!!

seriously i was so scared of doing sujud in case it jumped on my, so my eyes where working over time scanning the room whilst i was praying.

i never did see it appear after the first sighting, and when my husband woke up to pray, i didn't mention to him that there was a big ugly spider hiding some where, i was hoping it would pop out and jump on him ha ha ha.

it never did :(