Saturday, October 25, 2008

i bought some chest nuts from a local grocers as we are approaching winter and its chestnut season whooooo hoooo.

now I've never cooked them before, so it was a first for me, i washed them then i remember my mum cutting a little bit of the end off, so that's what i did.

popped them into the oven and just left them their for a while.

i was sat watching t.v when all of a sudden i heard a loud bang and it sounded like it was coming from the kitchen.
me and my husband ran into the kitchen, and the banging noises carried on, it was coming from the oven!!!

my husband wouldn't let me near the oven, he carefully approached the oven and opened the door at a snails pace, remembering to switch the oven off.

this is what he found:

dont even ask how long it took me to clean it. the rest that survived tasted pretty good if i say so myself lol.

Monday, October 20, 2008

what with the whole economy going down the drain all over the western world, i was slightly surprised to find a shop giving away its products for free!!

yep you heard or read correctly, free!!!

i swear i thought it was the funniest thing since ages so i decided to take a pic:
the owner stuck little yellow post it notes with the words free written on them, i wonder how long before all the bags where taken.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

well life moves on and before you know it another few weeks have passed, each day i tell myself i need my blog entry, but in all honesty i either have no time or i seriously have nothing to blog about.

the highlight of the day is me coming home from work and the relaxing part of drinking cammomile tea before sleeping, mmmmm cammomile tea mmmmmm.

nothing particular to write about, although it did occur to me whilst cleaning the chicken (not a live chicken, but bits of the chicken) that i absolutely hate cleaning chicken, i prefer cleaning red meat, seriously before you decide to skip this blog entry, think about the last time you washed chicken, skinless that is, it has a horrible slimy residue and eeeeeeeeeeeeeew, i would rather have it prepared cooked and given to me.

also i cant stand chopping parsley and the other grass thing (kosbar and ma3danoos) the little green leaves get every where, and later when I'm cleaning the kitchen its not enough just brushing the floor, i have to get down on my knees and literally peel of those evil green leaves that manage to get permanently stuck on every surface imaginable.

ok enough ranting, the kitchen per say is not exactly my favourite place :)

i also hate peeling potatoes and garlic, my fingers are always wet when i want to peel garlic so that its skin is permanently stuck to my fingers.

Friday, October 03, 2008

im working again but the down side is the waking up sooooooo early, well to me its early, i dont usually wake up for 6:30 am unless its to wake up for prayers but then i would have the option of going back to sleep, not anymore, i have to catch the 07:15 bus to get into work to be their for 8am.

i so need to get my driving licence...

its not so bad once i get into work and have my cup of coffee, its just the initial waking up process at times its painful to my eyes, i have the 'i cant wake up till after 9am syndrome'.