Monday, May 21, 2007

having no Internet at home really is annoying, just goes to show how much we rely on certain things baaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

anyway this weekend went really fast, amazingly fast, it was only Friday like a couple of seconds ago!!!!

Sunday was of course the thabit's birthday, how could we forget what with him announcing it every 2 seconds 'news just in thabit has turned 13' lol

i swear sat night he waited till midnight so he could say 'i am officially a teenager'.
so on Sunday i had promised him i would take him to the cinema to watch the film of his choice, he choose a film called 'bridge to tarabithia' never heard of it and didn't know what to expect, my bro kept saying 'it's the same people who made Narnia' well i have to say i think i enjoyed it more than he did, and not only that i cried buckets watching it, such a sad film, i looked around the cinema and no one else seemed to be crying.

thank god the cinema was dark, otherwise i would have been made fun of for the rest of the year lol.

so after the film, a friend of ours decides to take out a cake and gives it to thabet, he didn't know what to do with it, i did advise him to eat it but the kid had over stuffed himself on nachos and malteasers.

so i force fed him, i grabbed the fork, and stuffed it into his mouth twice ha ha ha, he had to eat some of it, she had brought it for him, it would have been 3ayb if he didn't show some appreciation lol.

after saying our good byes we headed home, and it was a chance for me to tease him about turning into a teenager, at one point he turns around to me and says 'white african have a grown taller?' so i asked him 'since when do you mean?' and he said 'since last night' loooool

funny thing was he was being serious bless..

later that evening, thabet, my mum and me went out for a meal in celebration of him turning into a monster ummm i mean teenager, we all wanted meat so it was going to be a case of the famous wilmslow road, some place called sizzler.

chicken and red meat mmmmmm nice, roasted and grilled even better, with a plate of chips.

you can see the steam coming out of that plate, it's sooo cool you hear the sizzling sound. the plate opposite thabet was the mixed grill and next to that was the roasted chicken, and there was plenty left over mashallah.

as a kid my mum used to call me 'gatusat la7am ' (basically translated to mean meat lover just like a cat), and it was true but then i kinda changed after going to Libya and seeing them slaughter a sheep, it put me off meat for a long time and i haven't been the same since sob sob.

but from this picture you could never tell, i was trying to eat with a fork and knife but no matter how hard i try i always end up tossing them to the side and using the good old fingers.
besides it tastes better that way :)
it was a good day, happy birthday thabet, may Allah grant you many more birthdays and may he bless you and guide you.


MaySoon said...

Happy birthday to Thabet, sounds like you had a fun weekend :oD.. Masha'Allah.. God bless you and your family.

Brave Heart said...

Happy birthday to Thabet,i was 13 before 17 years ago ohhh my god the days are running so fast
compared by 2 picture of plats i think ur mother is true u r gatusat la7am, please please please don't send any food pictures again

Anglo-Libyan said...

Happy birthday to dear Thabet and inshaAllah many happy returns.

my kids want to go and see 'bridge to tarabithia' now after what you said, im looking forward to watch it :o)

Allah bless you for being a good sister to Thabet and bless all the family.
food looks really good, was it a Turkish place ?

mani said...

Happy Birthday to Thabttttt!!!! :):)

Hey WA was that Roseham? you know as soon as I saw the pics in ur post I thought it was Nando's.. but then I saw the ketchup bottle and was like.. naaaaaaaaaaah :) :)

Salams to your fam too!! :)

a_akak said...

First off all I wish your brother a VERY happy birthday, but coming back to the more important thing, WHICH restaurant WAS THAT, I need to get myself to Manchester (I will use visiting my little brother as an excuse :P) anyway back to Earth, While I have been away from my youngest brother (who should be around Thabest age, not very sure) but every time I go to see my family I see him get taller and taller and guess what, My mother has started to complain about him lol as he use to be her "Angel" but he is becoming a teenager and a "Devil"...... so WA, watch out!!!

Always a pleasure to read your posts :)

Fe Aman Allah

white african said...

thank you maysoon, it was a good weekend. ameen to your lovley dua :0

brave thanks :) i cant help posting food pictures, that meat was sooo niceeee mmmmmm.

anglo thank you, hope your children enjoy it as much as thabet and i did :)

ameen to your dua and th eplace was owned by pakistanis i think, there main courseds are steak and grilled chicken and fish, very nice.

thank you maaaaaani, no its a place called 'sizzler' my first choice would have been nandos, but we decided to try out this place instead.

akak thanks bro :) its sizzler, next time your in manchester try it out.

ok now i have th ewhole little devil phase to look forward to great lol.

they actually do look taller each time, i guess becaus eyou dont see your bro often you notice the differences more.

NM said...

Awww little tabet has fit the terrible teen :( looks as adorable as ever...erm..i mean as manly as ever!

Safia speaks said...

Happy birthday to that little brother of yours! But you are totally wrong about boys being monsters when they turn 13 - my son Abdallah hasn´t been anything but a straight angel and he is 15 now!

That sizzling meal looks yummy, gatuza or not. Nothing beats hot chicken!!!

I´m looking forward to that specific movie, too.

Now we want to see YOUR birthday pictures...

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,

Happy Birthday to Thabet - May Allah bless him always and your family.

The food does look delicious, and your gift for describing things resulted in me nearly hearing the sizzle from here. :-)

My Grandmother gave my mother advise when my brother turned 13. She said, "you bury them when they turn 13 and then dig them up when they are 21, as that's they only way to handle boy teenagers". :o)

lostkitty said...


cofman said...

to Thabet

white african said...

lol nm thanks hun.

safia thanks :) and i hope your right, the whole monster thing may just be a mytgh all along lol.

the movie was good hope you enjoy it.

hmm my birthday pictures lol, not until september and even then i try to forget its my birthday.

wassalam ibee and thanks.

i love what your gran said, very funny and i agree that would probably work.

kitty mmmm meat back :0)

coff thanks bro :0), i tried opening it from this computer im using but its not recognining ot, i will try from another one.

cofman said...

I get it through Real Player
... a happy birthday song that's all

Libyano said...

Happy birthday to your brother , lucky him

La7m La7m La7m
If I was told you will die tomorrow my final wish will be 7'roof mashwi :P
Lazeez :)

white african said...

thanks libyano :0)

la7me is the best, i agree iwth you and kharrod mashwee is out of this world.

lovelytripoli said...

Happy birthday to Your little brother.
I am happy that you enjoying your time with the family.

i dont` think that your Gatusat la7am,lool
coues if you re you wont` leave anything :D

Well,food in london looks nice ..
But when i test it.i feel like i miss libyan foods.
and i miss eating in tripoli`s Restorants.
Jusst tell me when ur going to be in libya,so i can invet you for good foods.

white african said...

lovley tripoli thank you sooooo much, thats very kind of you :)

your right the food from back home has a special taste different to food here.