Sunday, May 06, 2007

at this particular moment whilst typing away, i am experiencing alot of pain, my arm as well as wrist are calling out for pain killer and my leg and back are screaming.

i was climbing down the stairs with a cup of coffee in one hand and my mobile in the other when i suddenly slipped and fell all the way to the bottom of the stairs and where surprise surprise i manged to spill all the coffee over myself.

for such a small mug it managed to drench me and i still stink of coffee even though i washed myself and changed clothing.

i have to say this is not the first time nor will it be the last, i have many a memory of myself falling from stairs usually accompanied with coffee for some bizarre reason.

this time it was normal coffee, years ago i was around 12 or 13 and we where visiting a friends house, the men where sat upstairs and the woman where downstairs in the living room, i had the amazing job of transporting food and drinks to the men every second, for them not to have something to munch on or drink would have been the ultimate disaster of a life time so little me would balance all sorts of trays, cups, plates for the sheer enjoyment of people guzzling food down.

i was then of course expected to bring down the dishes to take to the kitchen where a que of ever so enthusiastic ladies would be waiting to fight over who would wash the dishes.

one tray will traumatise me for the rest of my life, i blame my phobia of holding trays filled with drinks on this tragic occasion.

i climbed the stairs and the man gave a big sufra (tray) filled with little Arabic coffee cups which thankfully had been emptied but still had the residue of Arabic coffee at the bottom of every cup.

it was a heavy tray and the man saw me struggling so asked me if i was 'ok' to which i replied 'yep fine' i wasn't going to look weak, no way (he should have forced me to give him the tray,)

so i managed to go down the first 2 stairs when all of a sudden i slipped and literally rolled down the stairs and plopped right at the bottom with a massive thud, the men upstairs obviously heard me and they all came out to witness my stupidity, the woman also heard me and popped out there heads from the door to witness my clumsiness, i had landed on my back and no lie i had coffee residue dripping from my head, i looked behind me and there was coffee residue all over the banister, walls, carpet and even some ones shoe in the corridor!!!

amazingly non of the cups where broken, and so began my years of clumsiness and trips of humiliation.

i swear my finger hurts, i may have fractured something, i should check it out...


ph said...

la bas :)

Anglo-Libyan said...

salamtek inshaAllah.

I know I shouldnt laugh but....:o)

Brave Heart said...

first of all inshallih la bas.

u must be careful, u r 3zoza now and any fractured will be hard to recover especially people in ur late age.:-P

r u sure u were 12 or that is what happen yesterday ;)

a_akak said...

La Bas, La Bas, La Bas

LOL, thank u for sharing that ....... Insha allah you are ok and try to be careful next time, however, you are not alone with the stairs/tray ordeal as most of us have been there and done that many times and once while taking the dinner tray thus no one had any couscasy LOL (that was not me :P )

Fe Aman Allah

white african said...

ph allah lay wareek bas, thank you :)

anglo its ok to laugh, i swear i was laughing at myslef, actually it was between a laugh and a grimace of pain lol

lol @ brave, no fracture alhamdullilah, just bruising.

well really there is no difference between 12 or yesterday it will continue to happen lol.

akak you sure that wasnt you with the couscousy, im suspicious, i have a feeling a certain akak was the culprit with the couscous lol.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
Truly sorry to hear about your recent fall and hope you are well soon, inshallah.

Why is it that when someone falls, our first reaction is to ask "are you ok?" And as soon as that person responds we immediately start laughing. I raise my hand because I'm just as guilty as the next of doing this.

Ok, if it makes you feel at all better I can share a similiar stair story.

I was working at a courthouse---beautiful marble floors and stairs, high ceilings with unique carved ceilings---truly something beautiful to behold. Anyway, I was on the 3rd floor and needed to go to the 2nd floor and decided to take the stairs. The 3rd floor lobby near the stairs was really crowded with jurors from a trial, and I took two steps down the stairs and my heels slipped on the marble and there I slide to the bottom of the landing. Seems relatively harmless as I was not injuried physically, however, my skirt had flown up to the top of my head. YIKES! Of course, being a proud woman, I dusted my skirt down, stood up with all my dignity (whatever was left) and flounced down the rest of the stairs, all the while knowing there were people from the 3rd floor that gathered to see this spectacle and didn't utter a sound until I was out of sight--then the laughter began. Can't blame them as I probably would have done the same. ;-)

eternal peace said...

aww i'm so sorry to hear about your fall sis, inshaAllah nothing serious has come out of it, sorry to hear about your fall too barbie and i'm glad your both ok,last week i had a similar incident at uni, i was climbing up the stairs (in my new jilbab which is kind of long for me)with books, phone a water bottle in my hands and a bag on my shoulder and somehow i tripped and fell, and the first thing i was thinking please God let no one see it!LOL
i looked up and there was a really nice woman who said " are you ok there love?" i muttered fine thanks and rushed up to the 3rd floor, all day my wrists were hurting!

white african said...

wassalam ibee.

thank you for sharing your story, i belive every female has a whole section dedicated to falling lol.

i guess it's one of those things that you can either laugh at or cry at, i choose to laugh every time, its more fun than crying.

thank you eternal and sorry to hear about your wrist :(

when i was at uni i was always falling and tripping up, and twisting my ankle, story of my life :)

weary tribal nomad said...

i once fell over on kings street right at the bus stop and i fell like a giant...the whole earth rumbled...and then my two friends donkey and herbi just walked away and refused to help me...