Thursday, March 18, 2010

its exam time, the whole school is having there end of year exams, a bit early seeing how its march but the school decided to bring it forward a few months.

so I'm busy marking the exam papers, and every so often i would laugh out loud at the answers.

i asked the question: which mountain was the Torah revealed (or something similar)

so far as well as the correct answer (mount Sinai) it was reveled on mount Everest, the Himalayas, snowdon.

i haven't finished marking so i wonder if any other mountains will appear....

Monday, March 08, 2010

my wisdom tooth on the right side is making an appearance and it really hurts :(

i developed an ear infection and throat infection because of it, had to have antibiotics and then the infection had to be drained, allot of drilling which felt like my brain was being shook and ending with fillings.

so does this mean i am alot wiser now???
oh and I'm so bad, I'm sat here eating chocolate but don't tell anyone, especially my dentist.

Monday, March 01, 2010

recently at school, Ive been teaching the Year 9 about rites of passage and in particular death, last week i was talking about washing a dead body in Islam (Ghusl) and i asked them a question?
'a man dies in a place where there are no other men, and the woman present are not related to him, would Ghusl be performed on this man?'

before asking this question i had already explained what Ghusl was and how to perform it on the deceased.

hands started shooting up and i was given very different answers but not the correct one, then one girl in particular became very excited and kept saying 'choose me miss, i know the answer, please choose meeeeeeee'

i loved her enthusiasm so i asked to to go ahead and tell me the answer.

she said in a very loud and confident manner:

'well basically one of the woman would have to marry the dead corpse and then she could perform ghusl on him because she would be married to him!!!!!!!!'


i couldn't help but laugh...

funny thing was she was being very serious.

the other girls just stared at her

and one bright girl called her a necrophilist, which i had to tell her of for but then the whole class wanted to know what one was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrhhhhhh.

teachings great....