Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm feeling better hamdullilah, thanks every one for your kind words and advice.
what i did was i grabbed my camera, put my headphones on and went for a long walk and eventually found myself in one of my fav parks.

i sat down, and gathered my thoughts together, i was alone in the park, and for a few seconds it felt like i was the only person in the world, niceeeeee :)

my eyes where looking around observing small things, concentrating on the nature that surrounded me, and eventually my eyes landed on a lonely tree, and a ray of light was hitting this tree from the top and it looked so beautiful, and for some reason it brought a smile to my face and a sense of relief, and my mood instantly lifted, i tried taking a picture of how it looked:
i would have sat in that park for a longer time but i had to go to my course....

Monday, November 26, 2007

ever been annoyed but you really cant pin point exactly why it is your annoyed?
I'm having that feeling at this moment in time, I'm mega peeved off but when i think about it i don't really know why aaaah frustrating and its making me even more annoyed.
its kinda funny really, but right now I'm not laughing i just want to rip a pillow in half and stuff the feathers down some ones throat.

actually typing that has helped slightly, hmmmm there really is more to blogging....

breath in breath out......

Thursday, November 22, 2007

ok so since the last post, i have been pondering about magic carpets and broomsticks, weighing up the options, thinking of the advantages of both and the disadvantages as well.

imagining what it would be like to fly by both, wow just think of the possibilities.

flying to other countries on a carpet or a broomstick, whatever takes your fancy, so cool, advantage of carpet is that if you got tired you can sleep or if you needed to pray then hey presto your already on a carpet go for it lol.

i genuinely am interested to know which you would prefer to travel by:
magic carpet?

a broomstick?

Monday, November 19, 2007

London makes me laugh so much, it really has the weirdest combination of people and they all seem to be based in the underground. i swear London city is one of those places where people watching could be turned into a sport.
i really doubt a person can be bored sitting at a window of a cafe watching the weirdness that is humanity walk by lol, i love it :)
i was in London this weekend and sure enough weirdness seemed to follow me. before even reaching London me and my friend ended up sitting next to a man who was desperate to know whether we spoke Urdu? he wasn't Asian, he was an English man who was learning to speak Urdu as he is intending on flying to Pakistan some time in the future to attend his friends wedding, cool, we replied that unfortunately we didn't speak Urdu although i new a few words and i could count to 4 but i doubt that means that i had grasped the language.

we said we spoke Arabic instead, later he asked what 'Arabian' food was like, i seriously get annoyed with that phrase 'Arabian' what is that? when i was at collage i had a couple of friends who asked me whether i was 'Arabian' and whether i listened to 'Arabian' music, once a guy asked me if i ever visited 'Arabian' lol, yeh all the time mate!!

anyway the guy was pretty funky, a practicing Buddhist who asked us 1001 questions about Islam, we tried answering to the best of our abilities.

when he found out i was Libyan, he told me that his mother had recently come back from visiting Libya and said she had the best time of her life ever!!! well I'm glad she did thank god.

i found out from this dude where you can get ostrich meat, in borough market in London, ostrich burgers, i so need to try them out, I'm being serious I'm craving ostrich meat, a huuuuuuge chicken...
so we get to London eventually, euston station and our friend meets us and off we go to the underground, 3 hijabis sitting next to each other, it must have been a sight cause the dude sat in front of us looked at us and then said 'so what are you, the 3 Grace's?' looooooool to which i laughed at, my friend nodded and then we continue dto chat about the state of Palestine.

couple of seconds later the guy then decided to lean forward and asks:
'do you ladies travel by flying carpet, have you ever travelled on a flying carpet?'


we just stared at him and then my friend pointed at her rucksack and said:
'actually yes, come to think of it i have one in my ruck sack'

to which he rubbed his hand with glee, and announced to the rest of the train, 'these girls travel on flying carpet, they zoooooom around there room on a flying carpet'

laughs hysterically and walks of the train, 2 seconds later a man dressed up as Elvis walks in with a guitar and starts singing 'i said a one for the money, 2 for.....

looooool i love London...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

i love it when the leaves change colour and fall to the ground, and that feeling of winter approaching, soooo nice.
the best time for hot drinks, seriously...
just wanted to share some of the photos i took the other day of my favourite thing....


seriously for me taking a walk in the park is a de-stressor, and gives me the chance to contemplate on my life, day, hours etc...

a nice hot chocolate later or a chai latte perrrrrrrfect...

Friday, November 09, 2007

i hate rush hour, between the hour of 8-9am and 5:30-6:30pm, its a killer. its not that i even use public transport, i walk to work, what really annoys me, what really peeves me off, is having to cross the road.

picture it in your mind, i walk out my house at 8:10am, everything is cool until i get to the first busy road, every day its a chore trying to get across, i can easily stand there for 20 minutes trying to find an opportunity to cross the road, and as the seconds go by I'm getting more and more annoyed, so that by the time i finally get an opportunity to cross my face is handing out evil looks to every single driver that i pass.

i hate it when the drivers are driving past me knowing that I'm struggling to cross the road and not a single driver gives me the opportunity, they just continue to drive by me, its times like these that i think to myself if i ever become a driver then i will make sure that i will let people cross the road, i will give them the way because i white african have been there, done that and over worn the t-shirt.

it doesn't even take time for me to cross the road, I'm fast, blink of an eye lid, yet 99% of drivers will not give me the right of way, i always say to my friends 'god created human legs before the wheel'.

so in conclusion to this rant on Friday morning, please with a cherry on the top let me cross the road, i will pray for you if you do :))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Saturday, November 03, 2007

sometimes i ponder about the relationships we have with people and how we really can take such matters for granted, take friendships for instance, we all have friends, some are more closer than others, we have different degrees of friendships, those people whom we class as being like 'family', then others who we occasionally meet up with, and then others whom we bump into at events but we get along just fine. the bonds of friendship can be as strong as a metal chain.
some one once told me that you know your close friends from the amount of missed calls, received calls and text messages you have on your phone from them lol, he told me that when he was getting married and when it came to inviting his friends, he took his phone and went through it and invited those people whom he was in constant contact with, any one he hadn't heard from in months or years he took of the list, interesting....
sometimes i think is it really worth making close friends with special people when the end result is that they will pack there bags and leave?

the answer is yes of course its worth it, if anything those memories of friendship will be cherished forever, and we are affected by our friendships, our inner growth and change in ourselves can be partly due to the friends we have.

the reason i started this blog entry to begin with is due to the fact that a dear dear friend of mine is leaving me waaaaaaaaaa.
shes packing her bags and moving to Dubai on Tuesday and although this was on the agenda for some time i guess i never truly thought it would happen or come so soon. its always sad when good friends are no longer a walk away, in Muna's case its going to have to be a fly away.

sometimes we may not speak or see our friends for some time but it gives us peace of mind that they are only a phone call away or a bus or drive away, its going to be hard not having Muna in the same city as me, the prophet PBUH once said that the good friend is the one who reminds you of Allah SWT each time you meet them, and truly Muna is that type of friend, she is my mirror.

i pray that her journey is a safe one and that wherever life takes her it hands out goodness and khair to her and may Allah always forever keep her happy.

remember always be appreciative of your friends...