Thursday, May 03, 2007

every Wednesday i have scouts, how i got myself into this is another story.
its cool, for like an hour and a half me and other leaders are in control of a bunch of kids, who surprisingly enough listen to us, i gotta say they are good bunch and I'm proud of them :)

yesterday before scouts one of the girls wanted to go the park as it was such a nice lovely day, and she really wanted to go on a boat ride, so we agreed we had over an hour until scouts started, we managed to find the lake and sure enough there where boats for hire, for half an hour it's four pounds fifty pence which you have to show a ticket which you buy from the ice cream van??????

so the four us who i have to mention are not experienced when it comes to handling boats, approached the boat and getting onto the boat was a tricky business and it took time to the extent that the dude handling the boat was getting annoyed by us and muttered 'come on girls i have work to do' yeh well we are newbies when it comes to boats rides so ha.

can i just point out that every so often one of my friends would say 'white african you are going to behave yourself?, white african your not going to do anything dangerous? white african you wont drown us? white african, white african white african blah blah looooool.

well.... would i ever....I'm shocked they would think such a thing of me.

i didn't row, i was being the bag lady, holding their bags as ever and sara rowed to there hearts content or let me re-phrase that tried rowing ha ha ha.

can i just point out that sarah wasn't actually rowing here she was on her phone tut tut tut.

also, ever the idealist who is sat on the left side managed to cut herself rowing, how is that even possible???

from where i was sat it was highly amusing to watch the many tries of rowing, at one point we where going round in a circle and we just kept turning for some bizarre reason, that song was in my head 'if you turn turn turn turn turn'

it was a lovely day though and enjoyable and the sun was out and ducks where going mad, there where so many of them, and after being bitten by a crazy duck in Egypt (there not supposed to bite they don't even have teeth) I'm slightly wary of ducks now.

so after the half an hour of trying to row we miraculously rowed ourselves to the shore where the grumpy man was waiting for us, so well done ever and sarah you guys did well and well done me for not sinking us or doing something, and faiza you where a great support although it was pretty funny of you to shout out 'guys can we stop rocking the boat i have a phobia of water' looool.

later we just sat on the grass and enjoyed global warming, i picked some daisy's, they remind me of my childhood i used to always make daisy chains out of them and hand them out to every one, my mum would always be the first to receive a daisy necklace from me, loads of fun to make.


Brave Heart said...

WA: who is Sara i'm considering moving to Manchester now.;)
after reading many posts in ur blog i think ur friends have the right to be afraid from ur actions

nona said...

nice day WA,please the next time iwana join you

white african said...

brave manchester is the best i have told you that before :0)

do you think there is such a thing as whiteafrican phobia?

nona your more than welcome to join us :) are you based in britain?

Brave Heart said...

OK WA:i didn't think it will be good like this, I'm moving today to Manchester.
i think there is relation between global warming and WAphobia

nona said...

i was kidding WA, Unfortunately am not in UK to join you, am palestinian based in UAE

Anglo-Libyan said...

you keep surprising us ya whiteafrican, you are a scout! im sure you have many stories to rell us :o)
there is a Muslim scouts group here in London.

in the picture, what you have is a Canada goose, they do have tiny very sharp teeth, beware.
once I was riding a boat wih a friend in Oxford, I had a take away burger with me and I started eating it, I was attacked straight away by a huge Swan that had really nasty sharp teeth, I tried to push it away but it kept coming back, eventually i threw the burger at it, it swallowed it and left me alone, phew...:o)

nice day, thanks for sharing

white african said...

lol @ brave, well global warming and white african are not th ebest of friends.

nona no matter catch a plane from uae and join us :0D

white african said...

oooooh missed you there anglo, sneaked up on me :)

yep scouts is aprt of my life, its great, i will blog about it inshallah.

seriously i didnt realise ducks have teeth, evil things, cant believe it ate your burger lol.

NM said...

WOW, that's manchester the weather looks beautiful mashallah. It looks like you guys had fun :)

oh and whitey, you taunted that duck so being biten by it was only right i think, beside we had a great laugh at your shocked expression.

a_akak said...

You cease to amaze me, each time you come up with something new and exciting :)

The scouts? That must be fun and being the Libyan one out of the group gives me the explanation why you were not rowing :P yes lazy lazy lazy :P and as for Manchester, I LOVE RUSHOME as they have loads of shesha places (been to most of them and will be there within 2 weeks as my brother studies in Manchester)

Take care and don’t do anything crazy !!!

Fe Aman allah

white african said...

nm the weather here is hot, i swear global warming is kicking in fast.

look that duck deserved all it got freak of a duck.

akak scouts cool seriously :)

as for rusholme its also known as the curry mile, i remmeber a time when there was not a single shisha place now there taking over.

you gotta stop with the shisha bro :)

Ever The Idealist said...

WA I was exceptionaly wonderful at rowing considering never done it before.
I cut myself trying to save us from drowning so you should be ever so grateful to me for the rest of your natural life :D!!!

I love been a leader with you and wed has so become our day... long may it continue IA

white african said...

ever i dont recall you trying to save us, come to think of it i dont recal us drowning lol.

thank you for pretending to save us :)

long live wednsdays with ever..