Thursday, July 21, 2011

recently my father was in Tunisia, he then left and then a few days later had to be back in Tunisia, when he tried to enter the second time he was told his name was on a list of wanted, my father laughed and told the Tunisian official that this has happened before and the matter is a similarity in the name with a wanted Lebanese man, the man then asked my father if he was the head of 'libya watch' a human rights organisation? my dad replied that he is and the Tunisian offical then said that my father was the man in question!!!!

during my dads absence from Tunisia, i a matter of days, gaddafi cronies had given my dads name to the Tunisians!!! fortunately my dad was travelling with a British passport, so he was denied access into Tunisia, was detained for 48 hours in the airport, was not given any food until he started to demand it as he is a diabetic and needed his insulin but couldn't take it with out food!!! and managed to get a flight home eventually.

the sad part of all this is that despite the revolution in Tunisia, there are factors still communicating with Gaddafi!!! and the irony is my father was prevented from entry not because of politics but human rights!!!!!

the 'Arab spring' has a long way to gooooooo and deeeeeep cleansing of individuals is needed.

Friday, July 08, 2011

recently there was a world wide demonstration in memory of those kidnapped by the Gadaffi
regime, and according to some statistics there are over 30,000 kidnapped, unbelievable!!!!

we had a demonstration in Manchester and although it was small, the message was given and many where told about Gaddafi's atrocities, and the support from the British public is absoloutly amazing, so thank you ;)

one thing that stood out for me was whilst i was taking the photos, some of the people from tripoli (the capital) asked that i did not publish there photos as they fear that they will endanger there families back home in tripoli if they are recognised by Gaddafi cronies, my heart is with tripoli, and i pray for its victory soon.

i leave you with a few photos of the demo ;)
Queen Victoria also held the flag for us ;)
even the mega phone had the freedom flag

best place for Gaddafi was the pile of rubbish opposite us