Thursday, November 30, 2006

I had an eye test yesterday, for quite some time now I cant make out the number on the bus, kitty can vouch for this, seriously I would be convinced that it would be the number 86 and it would turn out to be 142 for example, the last eye exam I had was something like 1996, ages ago, the optician reacted when I said that, other than he had the same facial expression through out kinda like keanu reeves acting, no expression what so ever lol.

I had to pay 18 pounds for my eye test, the end result is that my left eye is weaker than my right eye and that I will need glasses for reading from a distance etc.. If I continue to wear the glasses then my eye sight will improve eventually, he gave me a prescription and I am expected to get me a pair of glasses yesssssssssssssssssss

what you gotta understand is that since childhood I have had three wishes (saving the world, becoming a artist, world peace etc,, are not part of these wishes, they where always on a different wish list). To put it quite simply as a child I wanted:

  1. glasses (soon to have inshallah)
  2. braces
  3. freckles

yep that's correct, braces, I just think they are so cool, I had a friend who had braces and she had these little elastic bands that she would attach to her braces, and she had colored braces wow, I used to get paper clips and open them up and shape them around my teeth so that it looked like I had braces, I cut the inside of my mouth really badly doing that so never try that experiment out it really hurts!!!

now it costs a bomb to have braces fitted cause I'm over 18, which sucks, its like over 500 pounds to have metal fitted to your teeth and probably even more to have it in different colors.

the whole freckles thing is so cool, I think they are so cute and sweet and I used to wish I had them, I once got my mums kohl and dotted my whole face, when I looked in the mirror I scared my self, it looked like I had hundreds of black heads instead of freckles, my mum told me off for wasting her eye liner, I tried it with her lipstick ended up looking like I had a severe allergic reaction to something, there was a stage in my life where I thought if I sat under the sun for ages I would develop freckles, I just ended up getting heat stroke, no freckles and no tan cause I never tan, not one bit, it took me years to realise that.

now I need to go glasses shopping, hmmmmm should I get dame Edna style?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Maradonna Bellydance!

i dont know if you guys have already seen this but when i watched this i nearly fell laughing.

Monday, November 27, 2006

I have been tagged by native to type up 6 weird facts about myself, that's not gonna be a problem (I think) weirdness is my second name people...

ok so here goes:
  1. singing, certain people will vouch for this, I sing all the time, most of the time I don't even realise I'm singing, what really gets on peoples nerves is that when I have a certain tune in my head I will sing it over and over again and 9 out of 10 times I wont know the full song so its like a broken record singing the same lines over and over again. I remember one time in Libya I was in one of the mini supermarkets with my aunt looking at the shampoos and I saw the sun silk range and the advert tune popped into my head and instantly I stared singing it dum dum dum dum dum durum durum etc.. My aunt runs up to me horrified 'what you doing she says, singing I tell her, she then whispers you cant do that, they might think your a majnoona (crazy) or looking for attention, I was like but I'm not though but still I was dragged out of that shop looooooool.
  2. I have a vast imagination where I end up going into my own little world and forget what's happening around me, I used to day dream a lot as a kid and would make up stories about every day objects, there was a period in my life where I would swallow rice whole and refus to chew it because I imagined that the rice where families and that I would be killing a member of the family if I chewed so I wanted all of them to live and I would imagine the rice rejoicing in my stomach and celebrating I had to stop this when I started getting stomach cramps. I know I know but it proved entertaining to my parents and even now they still amuse themselves by reminding me of my weirdness.
  3. my taste in shoes would have to be number 3, now I think I have an interesting taste and I would go so far as to call it cool (do people still use that phrase?) but yet even though my opinions are important to me people still point them out and comment, well what can I say I guess I'm unique and individualistic and most defiantly not a sheep....
  4. my sense of humor I gotta say is really weird, I can find things really funny that others wont find amusing in the least and I would be up for a joke anytime although it has calmed over the years, there was a time when if I was dared to do something then come what may I would do this dare, now adays I gotta think about it at least 6 times before rushing into a dare and my understanding of the din may prevent me from going into certain dares which proves that I have matured to a certain extent round of applause people... Growing up with my brothers I have to say I did play tricks on them for my own amusement, like the time I put my brother in the oven (it was off, no fire so don't go all shocked on me)
  5. my love of salt, wow I cant seem to have enough of it, sometimes I will put salt on the food even before I taste it which really annoys my mother, but uts a habit and I remember when I was at uni all the brs and srs that used to get takeaways and bring them back to the uni prayer room would bring extra salt so that by the end of the year their was a drawer dedicated to salt sachets only just for MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... Also cause I'm talking about food and stuf what's really nice is eating crisps and toffee at the same time, really nice, especially ready salted crisps with toffee sweets, try it out some time.
  6. lastly the fact that I drum on doors, desks, tables anything I find myself drumming all the time, I do it even in meetings and I only relase I'm doing it when every one shuts up and looks at me waiting fro me to stop, some habits are hard to kill drum drum drum drum drum drum drum...

I tag all of the readers to blog their 6 weird facts about themselves, go go go go go go...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ok I have been meaning to blog about this for some time cause it really makes me feel like screaming...

the worst thing I see around these days is that stupid fashion of wearing the trousers below the backside, belt included, showing underwear to every tom dick and Harry without seeking their permission, if some one wanted to show me their underwear then I would prefer if they asked:

'excuse me I have this sudden urge to pull my pants down to just below my bum and show you my underwear would you mind?'

HELL YES, of course I would mind!!! 'just give me a minute while I pull out my brown paper bag to puke in'

seriously its ridiculous and besides all that it doesn't even look nice, the worst is when there trousers are already at a dangerous level and then they decide to bend down, what are they thinking!!!! Which idiot convinced these people that it is a cool thing to do and why are people sheep following each others whims...

the history behind it is prison, men where not allowed to wear belts incase they decided to go on a suicide mission so because of the lack of belts you would get the hanging trousers affect, at least they had an excuse, what is the excuse of today's mentality???

its actually funny as well because not only is the guys underwear waving hello at you but also some of them are tripping up on their trousers at the bottom and looking clumsy, when I trip I trip with class, when they trip people just think DUH PULL YOUR TROUSERS UP... Also because the back is hanging loose under the backside you get the affect of a baby that has filled its nappy, that's right they look like they have had a big accident in their trousers yuk!!!

the other day I was waiting to take some money out of the cash machine and there was this guy informs of me who couldn't do anything because his trousers where falling down because he had them low to begin with (probably trying to break a record of 'how low can you have your trousers) so he was trying to get hold of his trousers as well as put his card in the machine and was finding it really difficult to juggle these to tasks, for a second he looked at me as if to say 'please help me I am disfunctionate' but the look I gave him made him turn his trousersless backside around.

if there are any readers out there who are advocates of 'releasing the bum to all' then please think again, its vulgar, not very nice and extremely uncomfortable for you, and besides every one is laughing at you now that's humiliating...

Monday, November 20, 2006

what is the strangest present a person has given you?

the other day I was at work and a patient walks in and says:

patient: serdee (that's how she pronounces my name, funny isn't it?) where have you been? Every time I come in the evenings and I ask about you, the girls tell me that you don't work evening shifts, why do you do this to me serdee?

me: lol, well Mondays and Tuesdays I only do morning and afternoon its Thursdays and Fridays that I do evenings.

patient: I see, ok its just that I wanted to get you a drink

when she said that my face kinda changed cause I was thinking to myself 'drink? What kinda drink? My god she has bought me a bottle of wine or something?

she noticed my facial expression and laughed out loud and said

patient: serdee get that look of your face, don't worry its not alcohol before your mind wonders..

me: was it that obvious?

patient: course, look in the mirror and tell me that your not obvious

me: lol,

patient: anyway now that I have put your mind at rest, I wanted to get you a little something from me, but I'm not the type of person that wastes my money on cards or rubbish like that, I'm a practical person and I wanted to give you something that you could appreciate more than a card or candles, so I've brought you some water.

me: gosh, thanks, you really shouldn't have (to be honest I was dumbstruck lol)

patient: don't be silly I just wanted to show my appreciation for all that you do for me

and with that she pulls out this plastic bag tha looks very heavy, and inside is 4 huge bottles of spring water..

I can honestly say that its most defiantly a unique present lol

her gesture really touched me and it was extremely sweet of her and she's right its practical and healthy, and now I have the to force myself to drink water which is always a good thing..

so my dearest bloggers, what's the strangest gift you have ever been given?

Friday, November 17, 2006

it's official, yesterday i payed the rest of the money for Hajj so inshallah i will be leaving on the 20th December to perform Hajj, so exciting..

i have had the injections, got my menengitis certificate, took 4 passport sized photos, handed in my passport and now awaiting the visa.

I cant belive i'm going, i dont think its really sunk in yet, probably when i'm at the airport i'm gonna be like 'my god i'm gonna be a going to mecca'.

everyone keeps asking if i have started preparing, can you guess what the answer is:
thats right i have'nt, i am so a last person, so probably the night before i'm gonna be rushing around like a headless chicken, and my mum is going to give me the same lecture:

' how many times have i told you not to leave things till the last minute, you are so like your father, you have so not inhertied that habit from my side of the family'

which is quite funny cause my parents are cousins, granted distant by like loads of generations but still same surname lol.

i'm supposed to get loads of things cause people have been giving me all sorts of tips including my mother who has been twice, at the moment whats the top of my list of priority things is an a-z book of hajj, i wish someone could publish a 'Hajj for dummies' edition, now that would be cool.

also i need to get loads of cleaning products like bleach, wipes etc.. i've heard loads of horror stories about toilet situations and stuff, i so do not want to risk it, i swear if i could i would carry a portable toilet in my suit case..

my little brother (he's 12) is coming as well and i have had extreme great pleasure in teasing him about his ihram, i swear its so funny, i keep giving him different scenarios of his ihram falling from him and leaving him butt naked, in the begining he would ignore me but now he screams 'MAMA TELL HER' and my mum would tell me to stop to which i do but then later i would bring it back into the converstaion hee hee hee.

im kinda worried about myself behaving because i have this habit of laughing and i'm hoping that i can control myself and hold my laughter when i see things that desreve to be laughed about, also i can get really peeved off with peoples lack of consideration which apparently happens alot over their, so people i need your duas and i will most definatly be praying for you all.

if any one wants a particular dua then let me know, you have about 4 weeks....

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Some people make their life so difficult for no reason what so ever and they force their opinions on every one else.

for example yesterday a lady rang to speak to me, my colleague asked her if she wouldn't mind being put on hold because I was juggling 3 different jobs at once, the lady replied that she would wait, so my colleague placed her on hold.

now, like most businesses, when placed on hold, you get entertained by music, some choose the pop variety, others old school style of music, our work place prefers Mozart and Beethoven, classic stuff, its not like we can choose any way cause it comes with the phone package system.

so as soon as I finished what I was doing I spoke to her, this is how the conversation went:

me: hello, I'm so sorry for keeping you waiting, how can I help

woman: no problem, but I wish you wouldn't play music to your patients seeing how its haram

me: ummmm (silence) I wasn't playing any music, I don't have the time, but if you mean the phone, well the music comes with the phone and there are... Doesn't matter, how can I help?

see I was going to go into the whole difference of opinion blah blah blah etc.. But then I realised I was talking to some one which to me was the same as talking to a brick wall, no reaction no change, not willing to listen so really no point in entering into any discussions with this type of person, sad really.

the same lady a couple of months ago was sat in the reception area and was speaking to a devout Christian lady, both these woman are Arab. The opinionated lady was telling the Christian lady that she should do the shahadah before its to late, that she will regret it if she doesn't etc... The Christian lady told her that Muslims, Christians, Jews we all believe in the same god. The opinionated lady then turned around and said:

well I have done my duty, I have informed you, now you cant come up to me on the day of judgment and drag me with you to hell cause I have told you the truth'

applaud people applaud, a round of applause for this weirdo of a lady who does not have any people skills, my god where do they get these ideas of dawah from, inviting people to the din is through our actions not forcing our opinions on people and making them hate us and not want to be around us.

I swear the Christian lady couldn't wait to get away from this woman and I don't blame her, I am of the opinion that actions speak louder than words and we should treat people the way we would like to be treated....

Sunday, November 12, 2006

people I'm so sad and I feel cut of from the world.

why? You may ask..

well to put it quite simply, MY PHONE WAS STOLEN ON FRIDAY NIGHT...

boo hoo, sniff sniff, wail wail..

how in the world did we survive with out mobile phones? How did we contact people? How did people contact us? When deciding to meet some where and the person doesn't turn up on time what did we use to do? Sit down until eventually they turned up? How long would you be willing to wait? an hour. 2 hours, all day? Seriously the mobile phone is an efficient time keeping, contacting device, life saving thingy that makes our life that much simplier...

my sweet phone was with me up until Friday evening, oh the memories of speaking into my phone, the memories of loudspeaker and messaging and the oh so brilliant ring tunes, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

alhamdullilah I have to say it could have been my head that some one stole or my feet god forbid, so alhamdullilah.

what's really annoying though is when I phoned my company to cancel the contract and lock the phone they told me I gotta pay 17 pounds for the new sim card and that they wont replace my phone, so I gotta either fork out more money for a new handset or use my old one which I have decided to use cause I cant be bothered with buying a new phone and besides I need my money for hajj..

I pray that whoever took my phone is feeling really guilty right now and that a fire breathing dragon burns their ears off and are never able to use any phone cause they have no ears to put the phone on.

I apologies to anyone who has tried to contact me this weekend and was not able to, just incase you didn't read the above MY PHONE WAS ABDUCTED FROM ME AND IS NOW BEING USED BY STRANGERS. My poor poor phone...

at this very moment in time I have no hope for humanity, to me the cup is half empty and not half full...

my phone will be functioning again inshallah this Tuesday when my sim arrives, I have to say it was kinda nice having a break from the continious ringing and messaging, other than that did I mention to you guys that MY PHONE WAS EVAPORATED FROM ITS VERY EXISTENCE?.

on a serious note, its not that bad alhamdullilah, on my way to London on saturday, I was reading the independent and the front page triggered how lucky I am, because it was about the atrocities in Gaza (Palestine) and the mass murder that's happening their, and I thought to myself mobile phone is the last thing on their minds right now, so ya Allah, Ya Karim, thank you for all you have given me and grant patience, strength and victory to the Palestinians.

Friday, November 10, 2006

People I have a stalker!!!!

want me to describe what he looks like?

well, he has 4 wheels, made up of metal and has a handle, yep you guessed it its an Asda trolley.

this morning I came into work and right opposite the front door was a trolley, just standing there grinning at me, how weird and how in the world did it get there, asda is a bit of a trek from my work place.

as soon as I saw it I kinda laughed and began to hum that scary music tune you know the one, from the first Halloween film, and I sear I'm sure I heard the wheels creaking to the tune.

just thought I would share my horrors with you...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I woke up this morning with the kind of mood where you wanna turn your back on the world and sleep but alas this was not to be the case for me, I had to wake up.

my mum announced that it was raining buckets outside so luckily I had my umbrella (my brothers hadn't taken it hostage yet), so with a face that looked like it needed more bed therapy, I walked out the house opened the umbrella and realised that there was something strangely wrong with it and it hit me, literally, my umbrella hit me, the world has gone mad, every thing is alive, objects are turning against their masters (I'm sure its a sign of qiyama).

ok so I'm exaggerating but come on I only have my imagination to entertain me, but it did hit me (the cause if your wondering is the wind, the weather that is not any other kind of wind so don't even go there) and not only that it looked like I was wearing the umbrella on my head because it wouldn't go past a certain point, it was jammed so the top of my head was touching the inside of the umbrella, I looked really pathetic I have to admit but I didn't care cause I wanted to sleep and instead I was facing jihad with an umbrella.

and to top it all off I was getting splashed by cars, now I'm going to start ranting about this cause every time it rains here in Manchester, and it rains most of the time, I nearly always get soaked to the bone because of careless drivers, it makes me angry to the extent that if I had the ability to breath out fire I would, but luckily for some I don't have that gift.

seriously though why do some drivers drive so close to the curb, I'm a walker, I walk every where, and I mind my own business in my own world thinking of sleeping etc walking on the pavement because the pavement is for us humans of the leg variety not the wheel variety (unless its a wheel chair then that's fine) when all of a sudden a car will come round the corner, speeding can I add, too close to the curb and splash me, it happened 3 times today. Now when i see a big puddle ahead of me I pick up my skirt and kinda do a mission impossible run across the pavement hoping and praying that a car doesn't appear.

my reaction when I get splashed is I have to admit funny but at the time its not, I completely forget myself and start shouting and waving my arms at the offending car that dared to splash me, but that never seems to make them stop and apologies to me, I'm sure some of them do it on purpose. There is a fine if caught, but I never get the time to look at the registration number and how am I gonna prove it, it's pointless.

the punishment should be to put the driver in a room and continuously splash them with water for a period of 3 days, now that would teach them a lesson.

some of the drivers bless them are extremely considerate and are careful of splashing us humble walkers, so a big thank you for your efforts. For those who are not then if god ever gave me the ability to breath out fire then I will chase you round and round in circles (funny to watch).

I need a new umbrella.....

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The story of a shoe

have you ever walked somewhere and then noticed a random shoe just laying there?

we all know that shoes come in pairs, but abandoned shoes are always alone, separated from its sister or brother depending on whether the shoe is feminine or masculine. its really weird, I always see this in my walking adventures, I seem to notice random suicidal shoes ever where I go and I always wonder what happened to the other shoe and more importantly what happened to the owner?

some of the shoes are old mouldy, dirty, holey shoes that deserve the bin but some of the shoes that I come across (I know I'm sounding like someone who goes out specifically to find these shoes, I don't by the way) look brand new or at least not bin worthy. It really makes me ponder about its history and my imagination can some times get hold of me and I start making life stories up of the owners, but what really puzzles me is the singular aspect of the shoe, does that mean people are walking around with a shoeless foot? or are they wearing different pairs of shoes?

I know I'm looking into this to much but this has been going on for years and I want the mystery solved? One of my friends was saying that its usually a Friday night or sat night thing where people get drunk out of their minds and then stagger home and end up loosing a shoe, that kinda makes sense, but if I was that person (god forbid) the next day I would walk past my lonely shoe, spot it and think hold on a second that's my shoe, I was looking all over the place for it, pick it up and take it to be re-united again, isn't that what anyone would do?

please help me in solving the mystery of the abandoned shoe......

Friday, November 03, 2006


I walk to work every morning and every morning I pass Asda, and every morning I have to dodge the shopping trolleys that SOME CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS who cant be bothered carrying there shopping so end up STEALING the shopping trolleys, but what they fail to realise is that most super markets have a clever system that when you take the trolley out of a designated area it automatically locks so it's useless trying to push it cause the wheels wont move.

I have seen people who refuse to give up and drag the trolley, I remember there was ne guy who ended up picking the trolley which was stupid really cause the trolley is heavier than the shopping bags duh!!!!

people eventually give up and what happens is they abandon the trolleys in all sorts of places, middle of the road, pavements, parks, you name the place and I guarantee you that a trolley or a ghost of a trolley has been there.

its such a health hazard, the amount of times that I have moved a trolley of the road so as cars don't crash into them is countless. Eventually some one from Asda will come over and fix the problem, I'm sure they have a committee for the trolley situation where they have annual meetings and conferences lol.

if any one reading this is the culprit who abducts trolleys and put the trolley life and others at risk then STOP now, cause it doing my head in, and its not fair and not considerate on your part and besides imagine if the trolleys had a family, you will be the cause of separation from the trolley family and the kids would be traumatized for the rest of there trolley lives.

think about it....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

its Wednesday morning, I'm at work, for some reason I'm tired, don't you just hate that feeling, when your cozy in bed and really comfortable, not hot not cold just right, and then the blasted alarm goes off, not fair..

well as usual I can never predict what's going to happen at work, it's always an adventure with patients as well as colleagues. There are diffenrent categories of patients, and its always interesting to see them unfold right infront of my very eyes.

there is one particular patient who comes in every week, he's an elderly gentleman, he books an appointment for every wensday at 9:30am, and every wednesday morning when I open up at 8:45 am, I find him waiting for me. He takes a big gulp of air, like he's about to dive under water, and then began his usual stories:

man: hello, I'm sorry bit I wont be able to see the doctor, because my sister in law isn't feeling well and I have to go and visit her.

ever Wednesday its the same, but each excuse varies, sometimes it's his sister in law, other times its his brother, sometimes he has appointments, but without fail he cancels his appointment and books for the following week, as of yet he has not seen the doctor even though he had been registered for years, how amazing is that?

another patient gets really excited when he comes to the Surgery and starts hopping from one foot to the other, really cute actually, cute in that his actions are cute not that he is if you catch my drift.

there is another patient who cries buckets whenever she comes in to see the doctor because she is convinced she is going to be told that she has a life threatening disease and that she will have 2 seconds to live, and each time she goes in she is told that she is amazingly healthy.

there are those who think an emergency appointment is when you get a paper cut whilst reading, or when you get a spot on your face and cant face to see the world or in there case the world seeing them lol.

then there are the ones who come 45 monutes late for there appointments and still expect to be seen, yeh right, there was one time an Iraqi patient was late over an hour, and when I informed him that it's gonna be impossible and that he will have to re-schedule his appointment, he grunts and grumbles, opens his wallet and takes out a 20 pound note and says 'is this what you want, fine take it', and starts to force my hand open !!!!!!

after the initial shock of being bribed in Britain lol, I had to stop myself from laughing, cause he looked to serious and would have thumped me one if I had laughed, so I discreetly took him to the side and informed him that things don't work that way here and if anything he could get into serious trouble if he was caught, to which he said 'do you want more is that it?, unbelievable, no I told him and it took me ages to convince him that I don't want his money and that he would have to abide by the policies, to which he grudgingly accepted.

its a different world at my work, and it always manages to enterain me, so I thought I would share my time at work with you.

any characters at your work place?