Sunday, July 29, 2007

the waking up bright and early was starting to lessen my singing mood in the morning, you see i am one of those people that wake up singing, lady wildkat can vouch for this, but day after day of waking up early was greatly reducing the bouts of singing.

most of the time the songs are so random, and they usually consist of Disney songs for some strange and bizarre reason, top on the list tends to be songs from mulan and the lion king!!

any way we where headed towards another palace:
but my interests where more centred around the trees surrounding the palace:
how cool is this palm tree, its has three trunks:
and the garden of the palace was pretty cool:
and they had there own lake where princess zulaika used to go, could you imagine having your own personal lake, the stairs lead down to it, all you would have to do is walk down the stairs into the cool lake, nice.... unfortunately my camera was dying so i had to preserve the battery for the rest of the day, so didn't manage to get a picture of the lake.
at first we where told we where not allowed to go inside the palace, and just as we where walking back to the mini bus, the superintendent himself of the area drove up, got out, introduced himself and asked us whether we had seen the inside, to which we replied no, so after a phone call he grants us access, our tour guide explained that superintendents are like kings, that's the status they have.

later we where invited to his house for tea, which we accepted (main reason being was that some of us needed the toilet, i wont mention who as she knows who she is).

that is where i was introduced to the dreaded jack fruit aaaaaah.
shortly afterwards we where on the move again towards another temple:
at the back of the temple i found a goat, so pretty..
there where stairs leading down to a lake where some people where bathing and washing clothes, the way they wash clothes is so cool, basically thumping the clothes against a rock or the stairs, see that's one way of managing anger, go wash some clothes and release all that frustration against a rock by dashing those pair of socks or shirt against it:
at the bottom of the stairs was a little bare footed boy, who looked so serious and for some reason my heart went out to him:
surrounding the temple where various old buildings:
my camera was slowly bleeding its life out from its lens (it needed charging) so it would be a race against time, trying to click as many photos before the power is taken away.

we where heading towards a 500 year old mosque, and on the way stopped at a mango grove, the area was famous for its mangoes, and i simply adore this amazing fruit that leaves you wanting more, every where i looked, as far as the eye could see where mangoes or 'am' in Bengali:
i spotted some more ladies washing clothes, that always fascinated me, bash bash bash against the stairs:
on the way back to the hotel i noticed bananas being sold on the road, freshly picked, now that's what i call a bunch of bananas:
the next day we where headed back to the capital, Dhaka, on the way back we stopped to observe the factories that make saris and longies (longies are the wrap around that men wear, in Arabic its mi'zar), its a very noisy place and you can easily get a headache from just standing there for 2 minutes, so can you imagine what the workers must feel being there all day:
this guy looks so depressed poor thing:
they really do work hard:
the ladies where also working:
we all bought a sari for a good price as well, its interesting to watch people haggle over a price, a good cup of Bengali tea in my hand, sit back and watch the action.

when we where leaving the village, i noticed a little boy carrying some wood, it amazed me how hard working the children are, an dhow thin they are: so it was back to the mini bus to start the journey back to Dhaka, for shopping.

Friday, July 27, 2007

i must have eaten something that did not agree with my digestive system, i had images of my stomach and intestines in war with substances they did not recognise, my kidneys screaming out 'I'm an organ get me out of here' well that's how it felt for me, but i was determined to not let it affect my day.
as usual the day began early after breakfast, we where headed towards a palace.

the white palace, which was now a museum
and inside i befriended a little girl who was a minute version of little girls, this girl was tiny, really tiny, and she could run fast in a freaky sort of way because she looked like she shouldn't be crawling never mind running, cute...
when we finished touring the museum we headed back to the mini bus to find 4 little boys standing nearby:
there story is so sad, they all work at a soap factory, there little bodies where full of burn scars from working at the factory, acid burns!!!!
and they have to work otherwise they get beats, some body asked them about school and they replied that how could they possibly afford to go to school, its really sad but its common to see children in such situations, i would say that these children may even still be better of than some other children, and although they are wearing rags, some of the children i saw didn't have a single item of clothing on them for the sheer fact that they cant afford clothes.

and even still they managed to smile at us, we really don't realise how lucky we are.

so we continued our drive and stopped to by some coconut, fresh coconut, which they chop of the top and put a straw inside so you can drink the liquid, i didn't really enjoy it that much because the coconut milk was warm, when i had finished they chop it up so that you can eat the inside, i was expecting hard coconut like the type you get here, the chocolate bounty stuff, instead i was given a slimy substance, but i was game for trying it out:
i was good and finished it all but to be honest i much prefer the hard coconut which is how it becomes when you leave it, the slimy stuff just reminded me of other stuff but i wont mention what :)

later i was given the proper stuff which brought a huge smile to my face, a lady kindly prepared it for me:
and the final result is a plate full of coconut all for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:
we where heading towards a temple, and on the way there we stopped at a lake, where every one dipped there feet to cool down:

ketchup always grabbed the opportunity to dip her feet:

another tree:
we arrived at the kantaji temple in dinazapur, when we got there we found a welcoming committee waiting for us, and the moment we got of the mini bus they started to sing and dance:
it was so much fun, and they just kept singing and dancing for like an hour in the heat of the sun, later i stood with them and clapped, not understanding a single word, just smiling, nodding and trying to look like i knew what i was doing.

we weren't allowed to enter the temple so we walked around it taking pictures, they really where proud of it and have taken good care of it:
i spotted a camel amongst the detailed tiles, i love camels:
there where quite a few ceramic plates leaning against a wall, apparently for offerings to the temple:

before leaving there was time for one more danceon the way out, i spotted my role model, a boy who had climbed a mango tree and wa picking mangoes, he was climbing that tree as if his legs where made of branches, maaaaaaaaaaan i want to learn how to climb like that:
on the way back to the hotel i noticed jack fruit being sold, just look at how big they are:

sleep was on my mind, funnily enough through out the whole trip i would just have to put my head on the pillow and sleep would over take me, something that rarely happens in Manchester.