Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eid Mubarak to all dearest bloggers

have a fantastic eid full of happiness, joy and loads and loads of magrood.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

some weirdo has vandalised my dads cat, and the poor thing is so distressed, it's continuously cleaning itself but to no avail, the green stuff refuses to come of.

its all over her mouth, paw and back, tabet gave the cat a bath and usually it would go crazy any where near water, this time it just sat there and let tabet scrub him with even a single meow.

the green stuff refused to come off and cotton the cat is depressed.

i did mention shaving it but no one was impressed by that idea lol.

Monday, September 08, 2008

as you can see from the above photo, my finger is in a bit of a state.

i welcomed Ramadan by cutting my index finger really deeply via the food processor, thankfully it wasn't on, i was packing it away (at the time i was moving home) and i was sorting bits and bobs in a box when the slicer fell out of its place, i put my hand in and pressed my finger down firmly, at first i didn't realise that i had cut myself so i continued to press down, then the pain hit me....

i pulled my finger out and low and behold i could see right inside my finger, that's when the blood began to gush and it wouldn't stop...

the pain was horrible and i actually fainted for a few seconds woke up and put my finger under the tap for a few seconds, then took a tea towel and wrapped it up and held it tight until my husband came home.

he walked in and found me really pale and holding my finger.

mr whiteafrican: whats wrong?'

me: ummm i kinda cut my finger'.

mr whiteafrican: 'again"

yes folks its an every day occurrence for me to either cut myself or burn my self, but not to this extent.

me: yes again but this time its different.

he then un wrapped the tea towel and took me straight to a&e.

Friday night so you can imagine the wait, hours later they had stuck my finger with glue, bandaged it up and told me to keep it dry and clean for a week.

lets just say i haven't cooked since :))))))))