Friday, May 18, 2007

ok this story i had to post i found it hilarious especially the ladies reaction.

anglo remember your blog about the parking ticket, this guy took steps further in his own way loool

An Austin man who allegedly put his dog's feces in the same envelope he used for the payment of a parking ticket has now been charged with disorderly conduct.

Police ticketed the vehicle of this 22-year-old on April 18 while it was parked in front of his residence. To show his annoyance, the man put an envelope containing his payment and dog feces in a drop box at the law enforcement center.

AP reports that at first he was charged with the misdemeanor on May 11 after an office employee for the Austin Police Department smelled a bad odor as she collected envelopes from the box and then later fell ill.

As she opened the envelopes on April 25, the woman noticed one leaking brown fluid, which got onto her hands and her desk. The next morning the woman awoke with a headache and vomited repeatedly and had to be hospitalized for about two days with an undetermined illness.

According to the complaint, the man allegedly confessed putting his dog's feces in the envelope because he was annoyed for being ticketed. However, he also told police he immediately regretted doing it because he realized a secretary would probably open it.

The man has been summoned to appear in court June 15.


Anglo-Libyan said...

this story is very smelly :o)

sometimes you really feel like doing something like that when you know that these cowboy/girl traffic wardens lie and cheat just to get a bit of money, unfortunately its not the secretary's fault, letters should go directly to the wardens, im sure they will be getting a lot of leaking mail looool

a_akak said...


Serves them right for giving him the ticket


Fe Aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,

Well dog gone it! Imagine that! I've heard of people paying their fines in the U.S. with all pennies (smallest currency used here), and suppose there's been similar payments made as this story you shared, but for the life of me cannot understand this woman’s illness. Perhaps she just didn’t feel up to doing anymore doodies.

white african said...

lol anglo, smelly indeed :) it would be worth it all if it did go to the wardens instead of the secretaries, oh well.

akak what gets me is the womans reaction, i think slightly over the top, maybe shes hoping to sue :)

ibee wasslam

lol that maybe it she probably was looking for a good excuse to take time off work, i guess he did her a favour lol.

Brave Heart said...

clever women,its the easiest way to take sick holyday, i think i'll contact this guy if i charged in the future.

white african said...

lol brave im sur ethis man can make a buisness out of this

mani said...

uuuuuuuuuurgh sweet justice is stopped by the innocent human shields in the front lines :( :(

great poo storry WA.. nice to know u are in keeping with the general mood of the Libyan blogsphere lololoo

salam sis

DaMoon said... I like wat da guy u feel like doing worse things sometimes, but at least someone has da guts to do
thanks sis

lostkitty said...

That is disgusting!

I have to disagree with the majority vote here - what the guy did wasnt funny, it was disgusting!

No wonder the poor woman got ill.Most diseases are in fact passed on due to faecal routes. Even discounting that.... it just EEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

MaySoon said...


I felt sorry for the secretary tho..

Safia speaks said...

I once received an envelope from a racist organization stuffed with ham slices, yuck!

When a kid I used to play a wicked game with neighbours; I put a doggy dropping into a paper bag and put the bag in front of people´s entry door. Then I put it on fire and ring the bell. When people opened the door, they got frightened and started to step on the burning bag in order to step out the fire! LOL!

-until my dad found out and gave me hell, we had much fun with this one.

white african said...

lol thanks mani.

damoon your welcome :) i would choose to super glu ether ehats on there heads, that would be my revenge lol.

kitty come on her reaction was extreme, granted its disgusting but for crying out loud he parked in front of his house, whats the world coming to :)

maysoon so did i but i still cant get over her reaction.

safia ham slices, what did they expect you to do, faint? lol.

you sound like you where great fun as a kid, see what you did would be the type of thing taht i would have done as a kid, so funny, thanks for sharing :)

cofman said...

a very good story, lol

especially the last twist lol
" However, he also told police he immediately regretted doing it because he realized a secretary would probably open it."

shame .. it didn't hit the intended target lol

white african said...

glad you enjoyed that cof i guess thats something he wont be doing in a hurry