Tuesday, May 30, 2006

a funny thing happened at work, well i thought it was funny, i'm standing at reception desk and a somali brother comes up to the desk and says:

somali br: sallam sister, can i have a petition please?

me: petition?

somali br: ya sister

me: petition???

somali br: um ya ya sister

ok at this point im looking at him and a couple of things are going through my head like ' what the hell is he on about? is he talking about the petition i handed out at the MYF about the Panorama documentry on Interpal? i'm not in the habit of walking around with petitions, oh my god have i got one stuck to the back of my jilbab like that time in London? whilst these thoughts are running through my head and whilst i'm trying to see if i have anything stuck to my jilbab it finally struck me like lightning what he must mean, so i turn to him and i ask him

me: brother do you want to collect your prescription?

somali br: petition ya ya ya

me: prescription?

somali br: ya sister

yipeeeeeee, light shone through and we realised what he wanted, i gladly gave him his prescription and he gladly took it with a puzzled look on his face as if to say ' petition thats what i said, she's so weird'

at this point my colleague ran out of the room laughing like a mad woman, and i'm still standing there going 'petition, well i have never heard it calle dthat before, people usually come in and say scription, ibtion, pres pres pres ....ition but never petition, oh well another story to add to the blog i guess loooooool.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

It's so amazing how we all have our own personalities, Allah (swt) created us and we have differences in features, like some one would have a bigger nose than some one else, or smaller eyes, or egg shaped face, or heart shaped etc... but generally we all have 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose, 1 mouth 1 head so were the same in that sense but what really makes us different is the personality seriously, compare your personality with your friends or family or even strangers and you will see a difference, but that's not what's amazing, what I find truly remarkable is how kids at a very young age have there own personality, and you can recognise personality traits from as young as 1 years or even younger.

its so cool and at times hilarious, today I had a study circle for girls aged between 9-14 give or take a couple of years and I usually come back with a sore throat from these circles cause put a bunch of girls in one room and you cant hear yourself think never mind trying to get a point across, in the beginning I used to walk in and say 'ok girls, can we settle down, ummm girly can you stop pulling her hair she's in pain, excuse me girl please stop hanging of the chandelier' but that never worked, I had to do it gangster paradise style, you know walking in there with attitude ' HEY, SIT DOWN NOW', and even that doesn't always work, like today, we invited a guest speaker to talk to the girls about repentance and how Allah is merciful, and mahsallah the girls were very good, quite, polite, asking qs at the right time etc... then when the talk was over I decided I would give them a team game to play, but because they had been sat down for like 25 minutes and 25 minutes is a long time in there little world, I found it difficult to quiten them down, but that's when getting to know there personality comes in handy cause you can use it for your advantage, standing in the chair and screaming and pulling my hair until I get there attention will not work ( i tried it) but going to them individually and speaking to them and convincing them to sit down in there own language does for example:

me: hey girly that's a really nice skirt mashallah

girly: oh thanks, I didn't like it at first but yeh its ok

me: so you like it now?

girly: yep its growing on me

me: well it's gonna stop growing on you unless you sit down and listen

she sat down (1 down 30 more to go whoooo hoooo I'm on a roll people)

me: girly did any one tell you that you have a good set of teeth

girly 2: yeh, its genetic

me: oh really mashallah, are you happy with them?

girly 2: hamdullilah,

me: ok that's good so you wouldn't like gaps in your teeth?

girly 2: no way

me: ok sit down then

ok before child health gets involved, this is a joke between me and the girls and they do know my sense of humour, and they really do see the funny side to it, i swear i havent made any one cry yet if anything i leave the room crying, but bless them they are hyperactive and they can talk for England if given the chance, but we can eventually come to an understanding, they give me some of there time and I give them some of my time its cool.

afterwards i went ad's flat she was babysitting, and when i arrived i found her looking after an army including 3 adults (native fememale, md and nm and i was to be added to the list) so yep we were being baby sat by ad ( at one point she was literrally gonna sit on us) but it was funny cause the kids were different ages and they were all so different in there personalities subhnnallah, some are quite in nature, others have killer psycho tendencies whilst others are of the suspiciouse by nature types, yeh kids are mini adults in the making, actually a kid usually has one personality and then they grow up to be an adult and develop multiple personalities so i guess we as adults all suffer from muliple personality syndrome congratulation people....

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Times
May 26, 2006
Killing Blair 'morally justified' says GallowayBy Fran Yeoman
THE assassination of Tony Blair by a suicide bomber would be morally justified as revenge for the War in Iraq, according to George Galloway.
The Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow said that such an attack would be “morally equivalent to ordering the deaths of thousands of innocent people in Iraq — as Mr Blair did”. He was speaking during an interview for GQ magazine with Piers Morgan, the former Daily Mirror Editor. Morgan asked: “Would the assasination of, say, Tony Blair by a suicide bomber, if there were no other casualties, be justified as revenge for the war on Iraq?”

The MP for Bethnal Green and Bow said: “I am not calling for it but if it happened it would be of a wholly different moral order to the events of 7/7.”
Mr Galloway is in Cuba and could not be contacted last night. A spokesman for Respect said: “What he’s saying is were something like that to happen it has to be viewed through the moral lens of occupation and resistance to occupation.”
No 10 made no comment.

don't you just love Galloway, let the adventures begin.....

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I am deprived of sleep, and I am one of those people who cant take naps in the day time cause if I did then I get all confused and think that its the next day and then I cant sleep at night and the cycle goes on...

why am I sleep deprived?, cause I stayed up with my parents who were getting ready to go to umrah, there flight was at 6 am but the taxi was coming at 4am and although there both over 40, well my dad hit the 50 mark recently, they were still really excited although my mum was more mega stressed cause she was going with about 21 girls from the school she teaches at and last year she had a stressful time with some of the girls, so understandably she's worried about how the trip is gonna be like, kinda like myself when I organise a MAB trip.

its not the first time that they have left me alone with the creatures ummm I mean my brothers (there ok actually when there not going through the teenage years) but it is the first time that I'm looking after my grand mother who is here to visit us, bless her she really is something special mashallah and she's ever so sweet, but shes come at a time when every one is working or at school and half of the day she is twiddling her thumbs waiting for us to appear, and like alot of th eolder generation from back home (female generation that is) she is illiterate so book reading is not on the list neither is internet, she is getting attached to Iqra channel on Arabic TV though.

she came to visit about 6 years ago and the ifference in her is so much, she really has aged within these few years subhannallah, she finds it difficult walking and she was such a social person, she never stayed at home, she would take one of the boys or me and go walking for hours, now though she prefers to stay at home and when I compare her to how she was I get really sad, she was such an independent lady and now she depends on all of us, subhannallah I am reminded of that hadith: Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) advised one person, ‘Appreciate five things before five (things): a) Your youth before old age; b) Your good health before your sickness; c) Your wealth before your poverty; d) Your free time before your involvement; and e) Your life before your death.

our lives are steps to the next stage, and hen after th enext stage until its our time to ascend the final steps of the journey we lived...

so yep white African is the responsible adult (yep i said adult) who will cook ( actually defrost cause my mum bless her cooked for like a week and stored everything in the freezer) and entertain my grandmother, get her medicine, her insulin, inject it into her arm, do her Arabic coffeeee and green tea (shahhee akhder) and get her to tell me stories of Libya and her past.....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

yesterday I was reading a certain blog written by a certain lady wildcat (I keep meaning to ask you about the history of that name) and she inspired me to blog about one of my favorite drinks, yep aha its Arabic coffee, now she claims that it tastes like perfume - subhannallah sis what you on about, it so does not taste like perfume, it taste unique, like nothing you have tasted before (I mean a good taste so no horrible comments about it being nasty). the pic above is by a Libyan artist called ahmed al-murabet, see it even inspires artists.

I remember as a kid we where never allowed to drink Arabic coffee (qahwa arbeeya) and there was always this mystery about it, I admit I used to drink the left overs from the cups when my mum wasn't looking, we where never told why we couldn't drink it it was always a case of 'its not good for kids' ok I can see the wisdom behind not giving a mixture that consists of 99% caffeine to a kid, they wouldn't sleep for like the rest 5 years and can you imagine them running about screaming and being ever so hyperactive, and I was a very hyperactive child I have to say so the boost of caffeine would probably have finished not me of but my parents.

I cant remember when I actually became a coffee drinker, the memory is hazy (maybe cause of the coffee intake at the time lol) but ever since the first gulp I have been hooked, Arabic coffee, nescafe, carte noir, kenco, yeh man bring it on, although I do not drink iced coffee yuk...

the thing about Arabic coffee though is not just the taste people, it's also the culture that comes with it, in my house its a ritual especially in the weekend, come duhr time me or my mum prepare it and sit in the living room and drink it with my dad and its really nice, its a chance to discuss daily things and new things that have happened and to generally bond over a cup of Arabic coffee, its a break from the stress of life and usually one would eat it with ghraybah (biscuity Libyan thing usually topped with an almond) and its sheer heaven, people remind me to do this for you next time your in my part of the world.

another bonus to it is the aroma, wow its really something, even those who don't like drinking it at least love the smell and who can blame them...

lastly for those who are left with an after taste after drinking it there is always the glass of water to drink which is supposed to be served with the coffee, see we think about everything...

oh one more thing, it looks so pretty with the miniature cups and the coffee pot thing mmmmmmmm I want some now,, but I'm at work and I cant boo hoo.

Monday, May 22, 2006

i watched this minin clip of a muslim comedian walking the streets of America, testing random Americans with questions about Arabs and Muslims, in some parts it was so funny walahi, i still cant get over some of the answers lol, here are some of the questions and answers:

comedian: what is the name of the holy month in Islam?

person 1: jihad ( what?? loool, i swear the guy was saying it with such confidence as well bless)

person2: January (loooool, yep in the ahadith it says that if you fast the month of January.... im still laughing)

person 3: December (ok they really like there months over there)

person 4: Mohamadan (never have i heard this before, mohamadan? yep but i gotta give it to him it was close to sounding like ramadan)

a couple of people got it right, which was cool.

comedian: where is mecca?

person 1: isreal (i swear if that was me asking the question to her i probably would have slammed the camera onher head, Isreal???)

person 2: Pakistan (ok better but no not the right answer)

person 3: america ( ok someone please give me a needle and thread i need to stich my sides back together as theve split)

comedian: why do some arab men like to wear turban style hats? (i thought this qs was stupid)

person 1: cause they dont have any hair (ok dont laugh, its kinda true alot of arab men have bald patches especially at the front of the hair )

person2: caus ethey have really really long hair (ok if you have ever seen an arab man with really really long hair please point him out to me)

person 3: to cover there holy spot (??? holy spot, i can see a bunch of arab men at this moment thinking yeh man we be holy, what, holy spot i guess she mis took the bald patch for nur or something)

comedian: what are muslims not allowed to eat?

person 1: beef

person2: cow (i think its impossible for any human to eat a full cow)

person 3: pork ( woooohoooooooo applause people)

one question he asked was are all arabs terrorists? and all of them said ummmm no apart from this one lady who said ummmmmmm no but i only said that for the benefit of the camera, what?

any way i thought it was funny, i kmow there is a couple of them going around, the map one etc,,, but this one was slightly different,if i find the link i will post it inshallah,

guys when is the month of jihad umm i mean ramadan meant to start?....

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Just as the birds flutter their wings… care free
And the sky begs the sun to come out and wipe its tears
Palestinian women cry for their pain to be known
And the grieve and agony they suffer from the death of their born

Just as we enjoy a sip of coffee in the morning
While we enjoy the beauty of the flowers in the spring
And dance to the rhythm of the music while we sing
Palestinian women suffer every second of the day
And wish to be invisible or numb to all their pain

Just as we enjoy the peacefulness of a full moon
While we sit on our porch rocking our fancy chair
Palestinian women beg the foreign policies to be fair
And stop all the blood shed of the innocent and the young

But does this stop the earth from orbiting around the sun??
Or a Palestinian child getting killed by an Israeli gun??
(American women VS Palestinian Women October 17, 2001)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

another joke yipeeee and its also an animal one, its cool people really funny im gonna get a parrot, i've always wanted one and my mama is cool about it, she actually is liking the idea which is amazing cause the only thing she can handle is human children anything animal like she wont go anywhere near, so i was pleasnatly surpised that when i mentioned it she agreed and said that it was fine, i think she has this image of her head of a parrot quoting quran and hadith some thing like ' sqwaaaaaak bismillah, sqwaaaak or sqwaaaaak assalamu allyku sqwaaaaaaaaak' but hey whatever makes her happy, she doesnt mind turtles either or fish so yeh gotta get one of them although the price of parrots is way expensive in some cases over a grand like i could probably convert a pigeon into one for cheaper subhannallah people really try to rip us of by selling us things or in this case animals that we could probably get for 2pence from back home maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan its not fair.

any way heres that joke i was talking bout:

'A lady was walking past a pet store when a parrot said, ''Hey, lady! You're really ugly!" The lady was furious and continued on her way. On the way home, she passed by the petstore again and the parrot once more said "Hey, lady! You're really ugly!" The lady was so angy that she went into the store and told the store manager that she would sue the store if it didn't stop insulting her. The store manager apologized profusely and promised he would make sure the parrot didn't say it again. The next day, the lady deliberately passed by the store to test the parrot. "Hey, lady!" the parrot said. "Yes?" said the lady... "You know!" said the parrot.'

ok i thought this was really funny, not come across a joke like this in ages, enjoy people although i dont recommend any one copying this dude not that manchester is full of horses which reminds of a joke what did the bar tender say to horse? why the long face?' ha ha ha ha ha

any way enjoy this one....

'An old cowhand came riding into town on a hot, dry, dusty day. The local sheriff watched from his chair in front of the saloon as the cowboy wearily dismounted and tied his horse to the rail. The cowboy then moved slowly to the back of his horse, lifted its tail, and placed a big kiss where the sun don't shine. He dropped the horse's tail, stepped up on the walk and aimed toward the swinging doors of the saloon. "Hold on there, Mister," said the sheriff. "Did I just see what I think I saw?" "Reckon you did, Sheriff. I got me some powerful chapped lips." "And that cures them?" the Sheriff asked. "Nope, but it keeps me from lickin' 'em."

Monday, May 15, 2006

my feet are cold, why are they cold? because they are wet, why are they wet? because it was raining and I had to walk in the rain, I love the cold but I don't like being wet, the bottom of my skirt got drenched and even though I have been sat here since 12 it's still wet, I guess that's the down side of wearing really long clothes, the stuff us hijabis have to go through...

us hijabis are really funny, I seriously entertain my self with the fact that I'm a hijabi seriously, I was discussing with my brother the other day about his stand up comedy and he was looking for new material, I guess mimicking David beckam and Blair is sooooooooooooooo last year, so he has a gig in July with Mecca medina in London and wants fresh stuff, so he comes to me and he's like ' hey white African I sometimes use u in my performances, have you done anything stupid lately? Well really.. after slapping him, I told him that me and stupid just don't go together (enough of the snickering) but then I started talking about hijabis..

have you ever climbed the stairs with one of your long skirts or jilbabs, and both your hands where not free so you couldn't hold your skirt up, and if you where to walk like a normal human up the stairs you would fall flat on your face cause you would just trip over your skirt, I have done this so many times its not funny anymore, I remember going up the uni stairs with my bag in one hand, food in the other, books balanced on my head etc... and trying to climb the stairs and failing miserably, falling and screaming out in pain and frustration aaaaaaaaaaaaaah,

well us hijabis after so many times of sheer embarrassment have come up with the perfect walk, really every one just notice it next time you see a hijabi climbing the stairs (she has to have skirt or jilbab, trousers do not work with this technique), the walk is simply called 'the waddle' yes, its a case of waddling, its ingenious, you no longer need to fall flat on your face, just make sure no one is behind you whils your waddling cause brothers would see a backside sticking in the air, but its up to you either fall and pretend you didn't hurt yourself or waddle and get wise cracks like 'quack quack' or ' mashallah how many months are you?'

so my hijabis lets do the waddle.... waddle waddle waddle waddle all the way home.

Friday, May 12, 2006

people i need this, my shoe is in desperate need of some kind of surgery, even shoes have expiary dates, its only hope is the shoe hospital or i will have to do janazah prayer sob sob sob.

i swear its so hard to fond shoes that look good and feel comfortable, alot of them have the looks but after wearing them for 2 seconds or more your feet feel like youve had a razor scraped over them, and uou have to break into them to get that comfortable feeling and that can take ages and im not in the modd for breaking into new shoes.

annoying, i shoul dhire someone with the same size feet as me to wear my new shoes until there berable, but it has to be some one with nice smelling feet and no diseases, so any volunteers?

ok hands up who is up for trying this on the weekend? mmmmmm delicious, I wonder if nandos does this in halal?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Its all so quite, I have 20 minutes until I need to close the surgery and I cant think of a single thing to write, my brain is on slow function today, blankety blank blank blank...

reminds me of when I sit down to do an exam, my brain always goes blank especially when they say ' you may turn the paper over' I hate that, its like my brain switches of.

maybe it sthe heat although I'm not really that hot, people make me feel hot when they come in all naked nasty but that's gonna be another blog inshallah

anyway Dr has bizzed so I gotta go and investigate sallam laters

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

it's Wednesday, I'm at work, I have a massive headache and all I want is mint tea, no matter how much English tea I drink (PG or Tetleys) you still cant beat the taste of tea with ni3na3 (mint) walahi the taste is amazing and refreshing and I want some NOW....

it's got to be the real tea that you cook for ages not the tea bag stuff, Arabs are really into the Lipton tea but I prefer my green and red tea mmmmmmmm nice, when i was in Libya we would have it first thing in the morning, red tea with carnation milk and a ka3ka (biscuit thing) it taste so much nicer over there, no matter how many times I try to do it here it just doesn't taste the same, it must be the air or something, which reminds me of a conversation I had yesterday with a patient;

she came in a few weeks ago and told me that she's been experiencing eye problems and what not, green stuff coming out of her eye in the morning, red and swollen and itchy so I told her its probably allergy or hay fever she told me she's never had hay fever before so i told her it can happen all of a sudden, she said she would check it out with the eye hospital.

anyway a couple of days past and she walks in and says ' hey white African your right its hay fever that I've got, your good' so then I started telling her how in hot countries like back home cases of hay fever are very rare, but Britain has a high rate of it and thats when she turns around to me and says ' ITS A CONSPIRACY, THEY WANT TO GET RID OF US' loooool I swear I wanted to ask her if she was a Muslim cause its such a Muslim thing to say, she wasn't by the way she was a typical English lady and for a good minute I just stood there staring at her and then I asked her ' exactly who is trying to get rid of us?' she looks at me like I'm stupid and says 'the government of course' and walks away mumbling I knew it I knew it....

although I always complain about work I guess it does produce some interesting material, but I still want MY MINT TEA

Monday, May 08, 2006

when you are living your life you don't realise that's its passing us by, that that second that just went by wont ever come back, that the words you just said you cant take back, that action you did you cant reverse, the memories are just memories and every passing moment is a moment gone and its another moment to be added to our book that will be handed out to us on the day of judgment.

scary yeh, I know, and what's got me thinking bout this is time and how fast its going, I swear when I was younger (still young people) it seemed like time was not going as fast as it is now subhannallah its unbelievable, Monday comes and we groan that we cant wait till Friday and a blink of an eye lid and hey presto its Monday again and it really is a sign that the DOJ is nearing.
I cant remember what my earliest memory is but I can remember me way back as a kid and I am now a mature adult ( yeh right) and its not gonna be long before its bye bye earthy and a lot of the time is spent messing about and I complain that there is no time but Allah gave us plenty of it its just that we don't organise our time very well, Bin Abbas narrated that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said“There are two blessings which many people lose: (They are) health and free time for doing good. so true what do we do when we have free time - nothing beneficial.
there'sres a lot of good quotes out there about time: "Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life."-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

what's triggered these thoughts? a dear friend of mine had her aqid this weekend and it was lovely mashallah but every time i would look at her it would hit me that time has gone by alot of my childhood was spent with this dudet friend of mine and we would joke about who we were getting married to and what age and blah blah blah the usual stuff us girls talk about, and when finally it happend i realizedsed that we had grown up and it got me thinking where did all the time go between us joking and growing up and now....

i kept asking my self this weekedn have i done justice to the time given to me? have i earned my jannah If i were to die? have i have i have i.... it was only yesterday people that i was holding my fathers hand as he was taking me to my first day at school, it was only yesterday when i crashed into the wall after trying to cycle for the first time, it was only yesterday when my first tooth fell out, it was only yesterday that i started high school abd i can say this now but what i wont be able to say is it was only yesterday that i was put down to lay in my grave because then its to late for 'it was only....

Waste no time on situations that aren't worth your precious time. Allah, may I recognize pettiness for what it is and move on so that my imagination doesn't take over and give pettiness more value than it deserves."

Friday, May 05, 2006

wow, can you imagine if i had this car, seriously it would make life much more faster, imagine i could take you guys to the kateebahs and scouts camp in no time at all, yeh man, talk about engine power...

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, and it woul dbe so funny cause when you guys arrive at your destination you will have a permenant smile on your face cause of the pressure from the driving, now that will be sight for sore eyes looooooooool.

now all they need to do is put a powerful engine onto a chrysler and thats me sorted and by the way incase you guys have forgotten what my dream car in jannah inshallah will look like here is a glimpse, although the one in jannah is a million times better inshallah ya rab please make my ending for your sake.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

oh the horror, i just walked into the doctros room and ifound something on his desk no people it was nothing rude it was a milkshake from mcdonalds aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, he odesnt know that i know yet but i will make it known to him soon ha ha ha (evil laughter), last time i caught him drinking a coke lets just say that coke has never again eneterd the premises.

on a serious note though, i know its difficult to boycott american goods completly but lets stick to the big ones like coke and mcdonalds, and people its not really much of a sacrifice, in my opinion mcdonals food is nasty ok maybe not nasty but not brilliant anyway, and besides is scally ville, hooped ear rings, tarck suite bottoms, pink, reebocks etc... it brings on a shudder every time i think of it.

ok so some think i may be over board with the whole boycott thing but i dont think i am, i really see my muslim brother or sisters blood instead of coke, like i said i know its really difficult to boycott most stuff cause everything is linked to america, so i boycott the main ones, marks and spencers, mcdonalds, burger king, coke, red bull (not that i drink the stuff, its made from a hormone from bulls testicles yuk).

and for those who think that boycotts dont work, they seriously do and history has proven it so countless of times, bt anyway i pray that whatever steps one takes its done so for allah's sake inshallah

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

i've just come back from usrah, i love my usrah its quite funny really cause it only consists of me and a certain maymoona (wink wink if your reading this maymoona), yep just the two of us and really its lovley subhannallah and whats really cool is the nakib that we have, hes amazing mashallah, over the years i really have been blessed with amazing teachers and i thank allah swt for giving me the time and oppertunity to learn from them.

the usrah is something that has so much potential and we dont really realise the importance of having an usrah, it would have been great to have had mine every week but due to having a busy scedule my nakib can only do a fortnight and for that i am thankful, there was a time when i didnt have an usrah and it really felt like i was lost, i swear the usrah is supposed to be our shelter, our enegry booster, its our supporter, its the problem solver its so much more or its supposed to be and the usrah members are supposed to be more than sisters, were one and constantly there for each other and much more really....

i remember how i attended a talk by a certain speaker and he was talking about the realtionship we have with one another, and he mentioned that were supposed to pick up the signes and he used himself as an example, he said that he was once facing financial difficulties and he was in a right state and he was part of an usrah yet he did not once mention his prblem to a single soul and he says that he could bet that his usrah members did not know of his situation and he was sat at home wondering how to solve his dilema when he heard the letter box of his house being opened and so he went to investigate and he saw an envelope just lying there so he picks it up opens it and his problem is solved- in the envelope was a cheque with an amount that would unburden him for quite some time, obviously he was over joyed but he couldnt think who it could have been, so he opens the door to see if he can catch a glimpse of this person but no one was their and it was only some time later that he learnt that it was his ursah helping him out even though he didnt mention his situation to anyone yet they picked up the signes and they were concerned for him and to them if one of them had a problem then they all shared the same problem no matter the scale subhanllah.

that story really touched me and its how i like to imagine an ursah to be, i always say that allah swt did not give me any blood sisters but he blessed me with islamic sisters and i swear girls i love you guys for the sake of allah swt and i pray that i can be of those who pick up the signes ( although i am a scatter brain and can be slightly thick or khafif as u somalis tend to put it).

but yeh i love my usrah and i pray that i will always be blessed with an usrah as it really does keep me going, so guys fight for your usrahs....

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

People I just got assaulted at work, my god, ok so its not as bad as I'm making out but it was out of the blue though.

I'm at work and I'm talking to my fellow colleague about the weekend and stuff like that, surgery was relatively empty apart from the locum room which had the mid wife, the interpreter, a pregnant lady and her husband, other than that no other patients. so a guy walkis in and says in a really calm manner ' has anyone parked infront of my house? the car is blocking my way and I cant get out?'

me: what car is it?

man: white vauxhall astra

me: ummmmmmmm, well none of the staff drive a vauxall, hold on a sec will I check with one of the patients'

so I take myself to the Locum room knocked on the door, waited for the midwife to say enter which she did, I opened the door stood at the entrance of the room and asked if anyone had a white vauxhall, the husband of the patient said that he did, so I told him that he was blocking some ones car and out of no where the man tried barging into the locum room, but he couldn't cause I had my arm across the door preventing him for entering the room, it would be a breach of patient confidentiality if he was to enter and also there was a nikabbi sister in there and the mid wife could have been examining her ( she wasn't thankfuly). The guy was determined to enter the room and I was determined to stop him, every time he would shove at the door I would put all my weight to stop him, in the end he got peeved off and smacked my arm and shoved me off the door and barged into the room, all the time th emid wife was screaming 'EXCUSE ME, UM EXCUSE ME, YOU CANT JUST ENTER THIS ROOM' and he looked like he was about to punce on the man who parked infront of his house, he was turning a deaf ear to everyone, all he was doing wa shouting and efin and blinding at the man and saying I've had enough of this, IM gone sort you out.

the poor man was standing there trying to calm this mad guy down, but he was having none of it, he then leaves the room and I stopped him and told him : excuse me you really hurt me back there what was that about? the guy just stands there looking at me and then says ' well I don't f****** care, come to think of it I don't f****** care about anyone, I'm sick of yall'

and marches of banging the door on his way out, mean while the brother who parked in his way is trying to leave the surgery to remove his car but his wife is holding on to him for dear life lol, she's near to tears pleading with him not to go, and hes standing there patting her head (hes a really tall Somali brother) eventually she lets go of him but tags along to him to make sure that he husband doesn't get beat up.

man what a day, my arm is killing me now, I'm probably gonna gave a shiner, no respect for any guy that hits a woman, the dude was crazy, but seriously seconds before all that happened he was the calmest individual ever and then just snaps, he needs anger management.

but you know what really gets me is my Muslim brothers, seriously brothers you gotta learn not to park in front of othert peoples homes, they get really peeved of and also its not good for dawah, that's why loads of people lhave issues with jummah prayers caus epeople think its a free for all, park where ver you want but its not, peopel get sick and tired of it and think theses Muslims always always parking in our space and start thinking even more badly of us, so please park in a safe place even if it mean s having to walk a distance, hey its probably good for you as you brothers may have been over doing iton the take aways and home cooking init?

Monday, May 01, 2006

I've been meaning to watch 'Muhammad pbuh's animation by bader productions, and I managed to watch it today and subhannallah I thought it was lovely, I really enjoyed it and it even managed to make me shed tears especially when the prophet approached madinah and the people sang talal badru allyana to him.

kids these days are quite lucky, we didn't have such things when I was growing up, and if there was anything it was in such poor quality and you would get put of watching the rest, but this animation was good man, really done well- Aladdin quality basically.

guys you gotta watch it, it doesn't go into much detail about the sirah but it has the basics, get the kids to watch it, I loved how the wouldn't show hamza ra but instead showe dhis bow or sword lol.

here the link:


enjoy, let me know what you think, its about an hour and a half.