Tuesday, May 18, 2010

when driving you notice certain things that really irritate you that you wouldn't necessarily notice as a walker.

and the more it happens the more annoyed i get, so by the time I've reached my destination I've ranted and raved about the issue of rubbish drivers and inconsiderate so and so's.

for example, one thing that really drives me up the wall is when you give another driver the way and they don't thank you, this really gets to me and i have called drivers 7aywan (animal) because of his lack of gratitude.

what you are meant to do when another driver gives you the way is either:

a) put your hand up as a thank you gesture

b) flash your lights as a thank you gesture

what your not meant to do is ignore the fact that the driver has kindly waited for you to get your car past, i swear it can make all the difference.

another thing that can make me see red is drivers (mainly men) having conversations with either pedestrians or other drivers in a very narrow road and causing traffic to merge behind them, and not caring at all, and if you beep at them or say something, they give you the finger!!!!

also people who keep the driver door open to its widest on a narrow road and not bothering to close it, i come along and have to break as the idiot who has done this has nearly caused me to crash into his door, i roll the window down and i say 'do you mind closing your door, you can cause an accident'.

9/10 times i get told to f off ????????

people who don't indicate to turn into a road, aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh

people who drive at a snails pace when there is absolutely no reason for it.
and a million other reasons that other drivers irritate me.

Monday, May 03, 2010

ok this post is for lebeeya as she has requested some photos to be uploaded.
on Saturday i photographed a wedding so here are some of the photos, i haven't finished editing the whole lot, but some is better than none ;)

when i started photography it was more a hobby than anything else, then a friend requested that i do her wedding and since then Ive been doing quite alot of weddings, i enjoy it, actually i love it, but i soooo prefer travel photography, working with human can be a headache at times.

the other thing about wedding photography is the most times i cant upload pictures of the brides as they have got no hijab on, or don't want there photos shared with the world, so I'm limited to what i can post, hence the reason why my pictures that are uploaded tend to be of objects, flowers, cakes etc..

i may upload some photos from previous weddings too if the mood takes :))