Tuesday, May 29, 2007

it's already Tuesday :(

time flys when your having fun, it was a good bank holiday weekend, hope you guys enjoyed yourselves.

i had a day scouts observing camp on Saturday and myself and ever the idealist had to make our way to Linnet Clough scout camp on the outskirts of Manchester, ever was driving and she managed to get us there fully intact, so thanks hun.
we had to be there for 10am, we got there 10:20, that's actually perfect timing for Muslim timing so well done us yeeeeeeeeeeh.

i was having withdrawal symptoms as i haven't had my daily intake of coffee, so headache was kicking in, so as soon as we met up with the kids i turned into an eagle and looked for a coffee place and surprisingly we found one and they even sold carrot cake my absolute fav.

mmmmmm you seriously cant beat carrot cake, i used to be mega fan of cheesecake, but that relationship long broke off as soon as i was introduced to carrot cake.
the day started off with 2 of our scouts and for a while we thought it was only going to be 2 but then 2 more joined us, so it wasn't to bad, there was 4 of us to join the 1800 scouts and cubs who had come for the weekend, now that's allot of children aaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

theres allot of activities to do and the kids had a wrist band thing with numbers which the activity leader would remove once they completed a certain activity, the first activity our kids wanted to do was the climbing frame, forget the kids i was desperate to try it out, but leaders where observers, not fair!!

the kids where not scared what so ever, they did really well mashallah,although i couldn't help making fun of one of them, telling him that i had seen tears running down his face and bless him he kept denying it lol.

they had to wait quite some time in the que to do the climbing activity and they where very patient, me and ever where more fidgety than they where, typical (rolls eyes).

after wards we decided to try out some circus skills, now this they couldn't stop us leaders from trying, all my life i wanted to be a clown (not really, but it gives me an excuse to try out the activities if i said that ), and it was great fun seriously guys you can spend all day trying to perfect juggling or in our case plate spinning

ever is desperately trying to control her plate, i have to say your not doing a great job there sis lol, me on the other hand, now every one say mashallah...

can i just point out that i had the camera in one hand so no excuses ever :)

as well as the plate was this weird cycling thing that looks easy but actually surprisingly difficult to manoeuvre but i again managed well so ha ha

the kids where getting hungry by now so lunch time it was, can i just say that i had provided the good old tuna and harisa sandwiches which i had made early in the morning, how good am i

i had another coffee, I'm allowed to people because working with children is an extremely dangerous business that requires an hourly intake of caffeine.

after lunch the kids really wanted to try out the quad bikes, so did i but again being a leader prevented me from trying it out sigh.. sometimes i wish i was a midget so i could get away pretending to be 3 years old.

but i'mnot a midget and i don't look like a 3 year old so i had to stop dreaming and instead give evil looks to the kids for stealing my fun :(

don't they look so cute, and only one of them crashed against the wall, (it was the one that i wanted to secretly crash hee hee).

I'm sat in an Internet cafe at the moment, and i gotta go meet my friend so i will blog the rest tomorrow.

hope your Tuesday wasn't to bad people, mine was nothing to shout about alhamdullilah :0)


Anglo-Libyan said...

I love carrot cake, good choice :o)

after reading this, I wish I was living in Manchester, I would bring you the kids to join the scouts and I am sure they would have a great time with Auntie WA.

I am glad you had a good time even though the weather was awful.

Ever The Idealist said...

WA you evil so and so. You knwo you cheated with the plates and plus yeah somali wher never meant for spinning plates. me thinks i did great with the whole circus thing. weather wasnt realy too bad tho. blog the rest soon as you know i cant tell a good story half as well as you can hun. glad it was the two of us with them. if it was me alone...dread to think what i would have done to the little squirts :D

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,

Lol@ the justification for hourly intake of caffeine (working with children – an extremely dangerous business). I think hourly intakes of coffee/caffeine is as necessary as say breathing. LOL

What a fun day you appeared to have with of course the exception of not being able to ride the little quads. Darn it!

a_akak said...

Masha allah 1st of all

Good to see you back ;) with a smile :P

Come on 20 min late is not Libyan late!!!!!! As Libyan late is at least 30 min late ………… as for the coffee I would advise you to start taking espressos as they do the job better

You are an all round W.A. with her tuna & hareesa skills, use to love them back in Libya :) but I think in Libya everything in school was tuna & hareesa or we had tuna & hareesa so I got sick of them although I am getting back to them no (fast and easy to make)

PS: I love the go carts and I went to one a few weeks ago with some friends & with kids around u need as much coffee as possible

Keep up the good work

Fe Aman Allah

Amira said...

I randomly found your blog...can't even remember how I got here, but its great mashallah! :)

PH said...

Carrot cakes ... ahhhhhh ..... what did we say about food WA please stop :(.

white african said...

anglo your children would be most welcome, and i would have a blast with them im sure :)

ever dont blame your lack of skills on being somali tut tut lol, and it was good going with you, so thanks for sharing the responsibility :)

wassalam ibee, its a good excuse dont you think lol, most def as necessary as breathing :)

i am so gonna rent out a quad bike and try it out myself lol.

akak maybe carrying a termis of kahwa 3arbeeya will be an option :)

tuna and harissa rocks, especially with zaytoon, i dint have any on sat so mine was minus the zaytoon.

lucky you quads, im def gonna check out the quads and drive around manchester.

welcome amira and thanks for your comment :0)

ph i cant help it :)

NM said...

Oh my its looks wonderful i really miss scouts i can't wait till our next camp i hope am there inshallah.

you guys are doing a fantastic job especially as amina and i ran of to the other side of the world.

May allah reward you

MaySoon said...

MashaAllah you had a great fun weekend, with lots of activities :o)

white african said...

nm we are so missing you at scouts, seriously, cant wait for you to get back and join in the fun.

maysoon it was fun and it would have been even mor efun if the leaders where allowed to join in :)

weldemdina said...

Is this camp for Muslims only? the pictures shows lots of activities and fun, could Lancashire children join in or is it just for Manchester children?

white african said...

weld this particular camp was for gm (greater manchester)but there always having local camps as well as national.

are you part of the scouts? this camp was open for all people muslims and non muslims, actually me and ever the leaders as well as the 4 kids we brought where the only muslims out of the 1800.

so you guys are more than welcome to join us :)

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