Thursday, May 17, 2007

the Internet at home isn't working waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

how annoying is that?

maybe this is a message to say stop relying on electronics so much and be one with paper and pen and the good old book.

anyway yesterday i had scouts, and i wasn't prepared in the least and to be honest i had a horrible time at work so the last thing i wanted was to spend Wednesday evening with a bunch of pre-teenagers.
i needed a chai latte to sooth away the stress of the morning so i grabbed my brother and headed to a nero, akak i didn't drink those 2 cups, one was mine the other was my brothers.

a nice muffin to go with it, and it hit home like magic, instantly making me feel better, half an hour later i was heading to scouts base.

scouts is soooo cool, i wish i was a kid again so i can be a little scout, last week we had a camp fire which they attended for the first time, it was our little group joined with other scout groups in Manchester, cool stuff.

i had the urge to jump over the fire, i never did though..
songs where sung, games where played, and snacks where given out, the kids really did enjoy themselves bless, but i think a confession is in order, me and ever enjoyed it more :)

funny thing was we kinda got lost trying to find the place, and all this time i thought it was being held in a park only to find it was being held being a parish church a few steps away from the park, so we got there eventually but slightly late, perfect Muslim timing :)
we kinda agreed to have our own camp fire before the summer break, now that will be cool, I'm imagining alot of marshmallows for some reason.

the scouts are collecting badges, its a sort of achievement, so far they have completed the health and safety badge, i have started the belief badge with them, I'm intending on taking them to visit a mosque, church and synagogue, i have started with Islam and yesterday i spoke to them about animals in Islam, and gave them examples from our history of how Islam has taught us to be kind to animals, and bless them they had soooo many stories to say about there own experiences with stray cats and birds falling from trees and how they helped etc..
its so hard to shut them up once they start but its a good sign, and they ended the day by making doves using a print out of there hands, soooo cute.

it was worth going, and i was glad i had gone.


Ever The Idealist said...

Jazaka Jazaka JazakaAllahul Khairun Wayaka Wayaka WayakaAllahul Ja'na! Thank you hun for giving me the day off. I got lots done and will hopefully return the favour real soon.

The pictures turned out great. Put up somemore soon. I so enjoyed the campfire. We need to do our one soon IA

a_akak said...

You are such a wonderful example for those children and they have been blessed that Allah sent you to them or maybe the other way :P

Modern life as we see it is dependent on Electricity (which usually means Oil/Gas) and we take it for granted :) - But may god keep the oil/gas flowing so i could have a job hahaha

Nero? I love nero :D but the best Muffins are in Costa (trust me i have a thing for muffins), however i am cutting down on coffee so its ur chance to beat me :P

Keep enjoying these things in life as the child within us never dies or be like me i NEVER grow up like peter pan lol

Fe Aman Allah

mani said...


Salam WA.. a great exciting day as usual eh!! :)

nice disguise.. do they sell copffe face masks in Nero too now? :P

Take care of yaself sis, salam

The Godfather said...

Camp fires are cool just kick back and reminisce.

Grab the lads, get some munchies and tell stories of old.

Ahhh, the good old days!!!

Anglo-Libyan said...

Nice day, nice company then a nice coffee, well done :o)

white african said...

ever thank you hun :) glad you managed to get lots done. dont tire yourself out with the whole night shift thing ok.

as for the camp fire even if we dont do it with the scouts can we do one for ourselves?

akak thank you bro thats nic eof you :)

i will try those costa muffins, i think i have actually in the services on my way to london. your cutting down shock shock horror :)

mani sallam :)

didnt you know those masks are the latest craze.

godfather you should organise a huge mab camp fire :)

thanks anglo and that coffee was goooood.

The Godfather said...

Yup, it's all about burnin' down the house!!!!

Brave Heart said...


white african said...

godfather burning the house down why you fire starter you..

brave thank you, but if i organised a zarda i may just burn the whole place lool

The Godfather said...

I always was the type of fella that turns a bright spark into a flame.

weary tribal nomad said...

WA...youre crazy...wait whats your name again...baglady? or was it curly sue...thats it?!1 anyways...was just reading your comment on nomas blog about the blood question for you? are you mental? lool that comment you left was left me in tears...i was sobbing my human sized heart classic and aww scouts...we never had that in my day, just had to make do with a tennis ball and a piece of string...ok im going to write some rubbish on my blog now...

white african said...

gfather lol no comment

as for you weary when we goona be seing you again sis? you make like one appearance and then disappear tut tut

The Godfather said...

Indeed. Sorry, just another one of my Zeb-isms!!!

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