Saturday, November 28, 2009

i was going to blog the usual eid mubarak etc.. but i wanted to bring to peoples attention the fact that in Libya, the government had ordered that the mosques be shut on eid day so that the people would not pray the eid prayer because gaddafi decided that eid would be on Thursday which we all know was the day of Arafat.

where does one start in trying to make sense of this!!!!!

i swear i thought that nothing could surprise any more when it came to Libya's disappointment in its leadership, but i was wrong again....

why would he do that? why?

no answer is enough to make sense.

the second eid (eid al adha) you cant get the day wrong, once Arafat is announced then eid follows, that has been the rule since Islam began, so who does this man think he is that he can change that rule? why is it that he continues to get away with his actions.

I'm so fed up of being continuously humiliated by him, the Libyans have had enough, and a light at the end of the tunnel, many of them refused this time to accept his demands and prayed eid prayer in a open field regardless of the on going threat.

so many people are saying the country's changing, its reforming, well i disagree, its not stable, and what a country needs most is stability, this is extremely lacking in Libya's case.

Ive always been one to be vocal in my opinion regarding this, and it is every Libyans right to express themselves but the years of oppression and fear have produced a nation that have become the silent walking, it is better to accept than kick up a fuss, and its understandable of them due to the reaction of the gove when a person does decide to talk.

but how long can this continue....

ok rant over.

eid mubarak...

Friday, November 06, 2009

more pictures of Syria, part2
outside the mosque
shop window for party dresses, ghastly...
whistle seller
traditional drink street seller
hamam, open all hours..

restraunt with dancing dervishes.
thabits obsession with trampolines was taken over to syria as well.
the gathering of the cats
prickly pear stall, these where every where..
we went to homs for a day trip and i saw this little boy having fun with an empty drink bottle and water, the simple pleasures inlife :)
breakfast at a friends house in homs
we went to a castle in homs and this was the view from the entrance,
view from one of the windows
some of the art work in the castle