Monday, May 14, 2007

mathematics was never my favourite subject, in fact i couldn't stand it, i never could see the point of it all, and it used to annoy me when we would get questions that we had to answer without the calculator, why else was it invented then ????????

i remember when i was doing my final year exams, i cried before the maths exam, most people cry after an exam, i had to be different and cried before we even sat down for the exam, i had to be excused until i had calmed down, see that's the affect maths has on me aaaaaaaaaaaah.

i used to wish that my leg would break so that i can have an excuse not to enter a mathematics examination
so when i was sent this by a friend i had to share it, i find these answers hilarious, pretty clever kids lol:

and finally this is my favourite:


Anglo-Libyan said...

I always hated maths too but always passed my exams because I studied hard even though like you sometimes I do not see the point.

as for the maths pictures you posted, I stared at them then stared again, its Monday morning im at work and ... I have no idea what I was looking at ... :o)

Lebeeya said...

Why are you hating on math?!! I LOVE math! It was my favorite subject at school and I always used to get the highest marks and my teachers loved me :P

Funny pictures but I studied math in arabic so we used س and ص instead of x and y :D

Ever The Idealist said...

WA you have yet again made me laugh. I used to hate maths but now its let sleepijg dogs lie and as long as maths does not bother me I promise to leave maths alone and not beat the c**p out of it!!!
My dad is mathematician and was always on about the benefits of maths!! I do use everyday maths at work and sometimes really have to concentrate on working things out.

I love the last picture of the expanding the piece of work.LOL!!
If Maano only even heard me bad mouthing maths he would have a coronary...

mani said...


yes peter!!!!


The Godfather said...

LOL!!!! Top one WA!!!! The last picture is fantastic.

a_akak said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Godfather said...

"Hate The Player and Not The Game"

I'm sure the phrase is the other way round isn't it? As in,

"Hate The Game and Not The Player"

a_akak said...

Nice one!!!! but i dont know how people dont like Maths? Its is Maths?, the fun loving subject!! lol, I never really liked it but i was never bad at it plus it was essential for engineering :)

PS: Corrected by "The god father" Thx

"Hate The Game and Not The Player" :P

Fe Aman Allah

white african said...

anglo your a hard worker and that always pays off mashallah,

maybe if you looked at th epic on wed it might makemore sense lol

leebya you hate 3usban but you love maths ?? sis you have the maths gene for sure :)

ever tottaly agreeing with you there sis, my dad loves maths as well and could never understand whi i hated on it.

lol mani, i love your muhahaha expressions.

your welcome godfather you mathmetician youuuuu

akak game player what difference does it make its all maths in my eyes :0)

The Godfather said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong in being a there?....Why am I doing it? I know I always wanted to be a Lawyer.

DaMoon said...

LOL I love it white so funny ....
as for me I HATE MATH with passion in Maysoon's blog i said I hate zfinz with passion, but I hate math more, honestly I am really really bad at math and if u know me in real life u know that fact about me "7ata jedwel edarb" mesh hafdatah :'( I tried but I couldn't I can't add, I can't do anything, I am so gosh I really am and laughing about it!!!!!!! I am seriously ill! *teardrop*

Anglo-Libyan said...

do you remember the joke about the donkey that laughed a day after he heard the joke because he didnt get it the first day because he is 7mar?

thats how I feel!! I just made sense of the drawings now :o(

white african said...

godfather a lawyer? seriously? then why did you go into maths?

damoon glad im not the only one who hates maths, i never understood the fascination of it all and why people would voluntarily choose to do it lol.

anglo 7ashak :)

blame it on being monday...

The Godfather said...

I guess I didn't have the grades at the time to apply for Law. My GCSE and A Level Grades don't reflect in any way my current academic achievements, w'alhamdulillah. I always was, and am, a late bloomer.

When forced to make a choice I played to my strengths and went and applied for Maths; I always loved it and was fairly good at it.

With Law, I guess it was this idea of Power Dressing, proving people wrong, figuring your way out of hole and commanding people that appealed to me.

Then again, these things still appeal to me and I guess I exercise, or fulfil, them in some way or another.

The Godfather said...

"I'm sorry to say that the subject that I most disliked was mathematics. I have thought about it. I think the reason was that mathematics leaves no room for argument. If you made a mistake, that was all there was to it."

Malcolm X

white african said...

cool godfather, it shows with dedication a person can achieve anything.

maybe when you lie thats the lawyer in you lol

cool quote, malcolm x was a great man

The Godfather said...

Do I lie?...I always tell the truth; even when I lie. LOL!!! Who said that?

Malcom X's autobiography is wicked man!!!!

red head said...

Lol. . Last One Was Kool. .
Maths Is Goooood WA! =)

The Godfather said...

That's right red head!!!

white african said...

red head and godfather you are wrong i tell you wrong, wrong wrong wrong

Brave Heart said...

i'm the oppiste side of u, i was the best student in math in my class and the dampest on in arabic langauge i can't write any good santenceand my difficult quastion was which one is mobtadd and wich is khaber

white african said...

brave thats why your good at engineering, your secret is maths, see thats why i didnt go into engineering, i cant stand maths

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