Wednesday, April 20, 2011

what is up with the Algerian leader?

does he not realise what goes around comes around?

sending merceneries, tanks, fuel trucks, weapons and god knows what else to libya is by far one of the stupidest moves an arab leader has decided on.

and to send someone who will plan benghazi's destruction was not a wise move.

if he thought he would not be found out then who is he kidding?

helping gaddafi, the man is deluded, gaddafi will end and so will bu tifleega, the Algerians will turn on him soon if not now then later, the land of a million martyer.

and those Algerian merceneries coming into Libya, how dare they, how dare they kill the Libyans, there neighbours and fellow brethern, those captured should be dealt with severely.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

with the events happening inside of Libya, my heart pounds a thousand times a minute with every emerging news concerning Libya, i sleep the news and i wake the news and everything in between is the news.

I'm constantly on facebook, twitter, google, aljazeera both arabic and english, and any other news outlet.

one minute we are celebrating news that the freedom fighters have taken this place, have destroyed gaddafi forces, etc... the next minute we are biting our nails when news emerges that gaddafi forces have surrounded this place, have killed this many freedom fighters etc...

with all this tension and stress one cant help but feel dismay and sadness, yet when you call people inside of Libya, you hear a totally different story, there spirits are high, they are full of hope and faith and by the end of the call you feel convinced that freedom is round the corner.

i have such admiration for these people whom i have come to call my hero's, for they are making history and they are changing regimes and they are the true libyans.

every time we make contact with libyans, our batteries are charged once again....

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


my original home town.

one that i may not be able to visit as it may not exist anymore due to gaddafi forces bombarding it constantly.

its a city that is full of memories for my father, he has always had the wish that he would one day return and bring those memories back to life, but will this be possible, will he even recognise it if he was to return?

the name misrata has gone down in history as a city full of angels, a city full of hero's, a city that stood up to forces that appear much stronger but have yet to break misrata.

the people in misrata are fighting for freedom, for there rights that we here in the west take for granted, and they are rewarded by turkey ignoring there plights (occasionally sending a ship) and NATO turning a blind eye, and others claiming al-qaida exists in Libya!

freedom fighters makes up misrata, backgrounds made up of business men, teachers, doctors, nurses, mechanics, not soldiers, or agents or al-qaida.

how dare the world point the finger at a people who have always been peaceful even to a leader who tormented them for 42 years.

when they decided enough was enough they expected the world to stand by them, the west has always claimed they are pro-democracy and freedom, but when push comes to shove they are no advocate of democracy instead its a case of 'what benefits us more'.

misrata walahi you are not forgotten, we will fight for your plight, we will spread the word, and place pressure on those who have the ability to change your situation, but more than that we will pray for you misrata...