Thursday, January 27, 2011

first tunisia, now Egypt are starting to get there act together, will it spread through north africa?

who knows, but what is obvious is that the action of one individual can certainly make world impact.
change regimes even!!!
remove certain people from power!!!!
its a new dawn, its a new day its a new life for.......,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

alhamdullilah on the 6th January 2011 Allah swt blessed me and my husband with a baby boy ;)

although the due date was the new years day, he came when Allah willed him to come, so it was perfect timing ;).

it was an 18 hour labour, and at the end came this little being whose home for the past 9 months was inside of me and whose home will now be by my side and my husbands subhnallah.

those people who say that as soon as you hold your little one you forget the pain you went through are liars, u do not forget, one week later i can still remember vividly, but what you do feel is a sense of achievement, a sense of awe, you cant help but say allah akbar or subhnallah, you feel part of the miracle that is life and yes its worth it but to say you forget the pain is going to far lol.

one thing i have to say is that the process of labour gives you a wake up call to how much our mothers went through and if appreciation of mothers only occurred through people experiencing labour then every ones needs to go through the process.

i have been very emotional since the birth, the smallest thing can trigger of tears and whilst crying i have little idea of why i am crying lol, but each time i remember my mum by my side at the labour (my husband was there through out as well) i begin to cry because she was great, i couldn't have done it without her and i pray that Allah swt keeps her safe and gives her a long and happy life.

my husband was fantastic mashallah, he was supportive and was also by my side helping and encouraging, may Allah keep him happy and grant him a long life ameen.

anyway i leave you with an invitation for 3aseeda (a Libyan dish eaten at certain occasions like birth etc..) on behalf of Bilal the newest edition ;)