Monday, February 23, 2009

this weekend i had the pleasure of visiting Lake Windermere in the beautiful Lake district.

i so needed a breather and this was the perfect way to get it :)

obviously i had to take my essential cup of the good old stuff, coffee mmmmmmmmmmm.
as well as a 2 flasks, one full of Arabic coffee the other full of green tea, i used to make fun of my mum who would always bring flasks and bags full of sandwiches and treats, now i find myself following her steps lol.
morning coffee at the hotel
a church near the hotel
many of the houses/cottages still have the house names.
church graveyard

boats lined up..
seagulls all lined up
scenery pictures:
the british flag flapping in the wind

good old fish and chips, cant beat it :))))
it was a fantastic trip, my only wish was that it lasted longer :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

apparently my dad and brothers (according to the Libyan community in Manchester) are selling Canaries!!!!

well i was surprised as i hadnt seen head, tail or feather (excuse the pun) of a Canary when i go to my parents house.
unless the cat got to it first.

my mum answers the door the other day to a man who was clearly Libyan from his accent.

man: Assalamu allykum

Mum: Waalykum assalam

Man: Ukhti, abu whiteafrican mawjood? (is your husband in)

Mum: La ya akhi (nope)

Man: bahee, Hamza ga3id? (ok, is hamza home?)

Mum: La ya akhi (nope) aya khidma (can i help)

Man: walahi fee nas galoolee in il haj ow wilda ibee300 fe Canary (well to be honest, some people informed me that your husband and son sell canaries)

Mum: afwan? (excuse me)

Man: 3indik canary?

Mum: (holding in a laugh) La ya akhi (nope)

Man: lakin galoolee il haj ibee3 feehum (but they told me that your husband sells canaries)

Mum: in nas ghaltaneenen ya khooy (the people are mistaken)

man: bahee bahee, lakin law sami3tee in had ibee3 fil canary yaretik itbalgheenee (ok ok, but if you hear of some one who sells canaries, let me know)

and that was that...

how weird..

years and years ago we had a pet budgie but we where never in the business of selling birds!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

i was feeling down on the weekend, and i couldnt figure out the reason why, all i knew was that i wasnt happy and wanted a breather...
on sunday even though it was begining to snow, we ventured out to a park, my husband got coffee, we sat in the car and watched the lake to the sounds of imagine fm...

it was nice just to sit and admire nature...

i also managed to talk and air a few things that where running through my mind.

eventually i ventured out into the cold and joined the ducks...