Thursday, June 28, 2007

tomorrow inshallah i will be flying out to Bangladesh for 3 weeks, i guess its gonna be difficult to blog from Bangladesh but i will try.

I'm really looking forward to it, i have never been to Asia before so its a first for me, actually maybe I'm the first Libyan to go to Bangladesh :)

I was invited by a couple of dear friends who are going so i grabbed the opportunity, i am so going to go with my eyes fully open absorbing every detail.

hopefully they have trees in Bangladesh :)

i will miss you all dear bloggers, i will take alot of pictures inshallah to share with you all,

loads of duas

white african signing out.....


a_akak said...

:( so no White African for 3 weeks ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what am i going to do :( but really i am so happy for you and its good to travel and see different cultures and all that plus i am 100% you will enjoy it but please please please take care of yourself and try not to get stuck on top of a tree unless their is someone to take your picture and may allah be with you and we all will be looking out for your space

Our Duaa's are with you and may allah protect you and look over you :)

Fe aman Allah

fatboy said...

mabrook ya white african but why for 3 weeks we are going to miss u so much horry back ok and dont forget the pics and if u can can u get me a bangladshi rabbit thats if they have there :)


Happymoi said...

temshi wa etjee besalama inshallah

Brave Heart said...

Bangladesh: it sounds strange, be careful there are some fantic groups there and the country not stable,i think 3 weeeks is to long or u consider to take bangladish nationality. dont forget my gift.

Anglo-Libyan said...

you will be missed, that is for sure :o)

I wish you inshaAllah a very nice trip, I am sure your frinds will look after you and do please try to blog if you can.

take care and look after yourself and inshaAllah you come back safely with a bag full of stories and pictures, I cant wait...

nona said...

heeey WA gonna miss ur posts, sounds greaat to visit africa, try to use every single min. to be happy and discover new things and cultures ... have safe and nice trip inshalah... try to know the customn and traditions their to us about it

NM said...

Wow woman you need to keep a diary at least even if you can't blog am looking forward to the stories ;) and i will be in manchester when you return inshallah. Till then!


DO take care of yourself ya WhiteAfrican. I will defo miss my partner in crime.....who's gonna laugh with me over things for 3weeks?! The withdrawal symptoms have already started...

Come back to us safe and well inshaAllah

Don't 4get to record everything...especially when you do things such as a thumbs up sign....u knw at I mean lol

Safari salaama as we say in kiswahili....means safe trip

white african said...

akak i love travelling and im excited about seeing asia.

thanks for the advice thats really nice of you and i will be taking pictures of trees.

and ameen to your lovley dua :0)

fatboy thanks bro :) i will see if they have any rabbits.

happy inshallah sis :0)

brave inshallah its going to be fine, the people i am going with are brilliant mashallah and they will keep me safe :0)

brave bangladesh is famous for fish, would you like me to bring you back some fish :)

thank you anglo and will keep you posted about the trip :)

thanks nona honey :)

nmmmmmmmm how ar ethe girls in egypt, hope they not on the missing list lol, give big salam to sarah for me.

will keep a diary of events in bangladesh especially for youuuuu

native when ever a situation that calls for extreme laughter occurs, just remember meeeeee :)

thanks for your lovley comment hun :)

Safia speaks said...

East-Pakistan haha, what an odd country to go to! You are very lucky (unless you are being deported LOL), so safra saeida temshi besalamah and please take many interesting pictures for your faithful blog fans!

Ever The Idealist said...

oh hun am gonna miss you. make sure you make dua for me regarding you know what. travellers dua and all that. love you and may Allah guide and protect you always and come back safe and sound please xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

LovelyHibo said...

هكي بتمشي وتخلي أحمد :d
قصدي تخلينا

المهم تمتعي وفرهدي بنقلاديش فيها مسلمين هلبة صاحبت اختي من بنقلاديش طبعا هي توا عايشة في الاردن واماليها كل واحد في جيهة
زمان كانوا عايشين في ليبيا بس غيروا وجهتم وسافروا

المهم ماتنسيش تاخدي هلبة صور وتفسحي علي قد ماتقدري وردي بالك من الباعوض مش تجيني منتوشه من كل تركينة لووووووووووووووووووول

تمشي وتجي بالسلامية ياربي

PH said...

Temshi wa Tejie bel salama inshaa allah :).

Chatalaine / شاتالاين said...

Have a wonderful time White African!!
Stay safe and remember everything so you can share your adventure with us all.
May God be with you.

Lady_WildKat said...

Salaam all
as the person who is taking WA with me- she my family after all and my best mate beyond that and is closer to me then my own heart so lets make a few points clear

Fatboy:there are rabbits in bangladesh but i've never seen any.

a_akak: there are many trees, especially,jackfruit, mango, coconut, date and various other fruit trees as well as the palm trees. will take pictures of WA up them to make sure! its the season for fruit, so fresh mangoes, pineapple, coconut,lychees, jackfruit, other Bengali fruit you wont know for breakfast and snackes so its all good.

Brave heart :Bangladesh is perfectly stable and safe if your going with a family who own half of Dhaka and Sylhet (my dad) ok slight exageration but but we are very, very safe Alhamdullilah and the tours, travel, and such are very well orgnised and safe.-i'm organised and anyone who knows me knows im a serious organisation nazi and all is done as well as i can, now its in the hands of Allah swt.
notice how you werent invited?so suck on those eggs.- and its not strange!!!! only to those that dont know it.

Safia: East Pakistan????- piss off, over a million people did not die for independance to be remembered for the country as East Pakistan. its Bangladesh muppet.

i've been up since 6, went to sleep at half one, everyone is well fast asleep, WA taken over my bed (and is still asleep)so i'm somewhat grouchy.....yeah but i really dont care.

so all you WA fans fear not, i'll look after her and bring her back safe and sound with the additon of several fantastic memories and a brill experiance.

will make dua for you all and hope Allah swt accepts it inshaAllah.


p.s will be traveling too much for regular internet access but i'll take LW at some point to blog and update you all. but apart from travelling its bring on the shopping!

a_akak said...

Takecare & Wildcat "take care of our WA" :) and dont forget to span a pic while she is stranded on top of a tree ;)

eternal peace said...

salaams sis guess i'm too late to comment today coz just noticed u blogged the day b4:(

bangladesh is my parents homeland so maybe i'm biased when i tell you how wonderful it is LOL but seriuosly u'll love the fruits of thsi season, if you go sylhet then do visit the tea gardens and yeahh please keep snapping away so that we can see what u get up2, will be missing your regular blog entries sis

inshaAllah i pray Alah gives u a safe journey and you return home in the best of health,imaan and secure. ameen

Weldemdina said...

Safe journey WA and inshallah you will have a great time, look after yourself and hope that you had your jabs, beslama :o)

Monday's Child said...

safe journey WA... I'll miss you :-)

Lady_WildKat said...

Salaam all, i think WA is writing up her comment now. its a really slow connection. fear not a_akak WA ia having the time of her life and all her bad habits are rubbing off on me!

we prayed in Bagha masjid the other day its over 500 years old!

when i get back if any of you guys want to read and see the pictures i'll be writing up a new blog called Bangladesh Diaries inshaAllah. WA and the other girls on the trip will be adding in their bits inshAllah. anyways this is WA blog, so i'm signing off and leaving it to the expert to write her humourous escapades here(of which there have been many!)

Oh and WA isnt the first Libyan to come here, Sheikh Saleem from Didsbury mosque has been here too!


white african said...

sallam all

thanks for your lovley messages, im having a great time, the internet connection is slow and keeps on bringing up error nessages aaaaah.

will try to blog

Anonymous said...

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Thank You!

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