Sunday, June 10, 2007

this weekend i managed to spend some quality family time, my dad took us to some place called ellsmere and we spent most of the time in a lovely country park . the best thing was that the park was empty. well nearly, there weren't many people apart from the odd old couple and dogs which my mother would hide away from, i have to say i was good, i didn't run away from any dogs or stand on any picnic tables :)
as usual my 2 brothers managed to entertain us with there acrobatic skills which seem to get weirder and weirder by the day :) my brother hamza wa intent on showing me how he can balance on one hand on this picnic table.

pretty cool actually, lets just say if i tried i would have probably caused one member of my family to collapse from laughing at me, so i left it for the professionals to try. it became like a competition between my 2 brothers, who can do the best moves?

summer saults and flips in the air!! its a good thing the grass was soft although they never once fell so practice does make one perfect indeed.

at one point they turned around to me and said 'white african its your tun' hmmmmmm let me think, what could i possible offer??? i know i will climb a tree, my skill of the day, and low and behold there was a tree right behind where we where sat, now isn't that a coincidence? the funny thing was that after i had attempted to climb it i couldn't get down, i was stuck, and my brothers just stood there looking up at me!! 'help people, damsel in distress here' hamza came to the rescue and i managed to safely hit the floor in a dignified manner if that's ever possible.

thabet went back to being Mr flexible, literally the kid can really bend into all shapes.
and this weird action???????????
yes well after all that our stomachs began to rumble for some food and after lunch it was time to investigate the place and the only one up for it was thabet so of we went, and the scenery was superb.

we came across a canal:
and whilst walking down the side of the canal, a boat came past
the funny thing was i noticed that the name of the boat was 'shukran', and so i started to shout to the man 'helloooo, do you know what shukran means in Arabic?'
to which the man smiled, waved at me said hello and then shouted out 'Thank youuuuu'
to which i said 'correct'

that was weird and unexpected lol.

we saw a bridge in the distance and my brother kept trying to make me run, and i was adamant that i wouldn't, he was trying to prove a point, that he was faster than me, and i kept telling him that how does he know? so he would challenge me and as of yet i haven't taken up the challenge, if he wins he will never shut up about it :)
we walked over the bridge and came across fields, one thing that i love is the colour green and coming to such parks, you are guaranteed to see the colour green in every shade, subhannallahh such amazing beauty that when you stand there you really cant help but say 'subhannallah':
i have already mentioned that i adore and love trees, there something about them that fascinates me and i really can stay all day looking at them, sitting in the shade of a tree with a good book is sheer luxury in my eyes and it really irritates me when i come across a tree that has been vandalised, how can someone do this to a tree?
as well as trees i love pathways paved with trees, plants, flowers, my ideal garden would have a long pathway
and don't you think gates are so pretty? they really look so cottagy and if they squeak when you open them then that's even better :)
and then we came across a wooden floor that was white but i still couldn't help singing 'follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick, follow follow follow follow follow the yellow brick road, where off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz',

the path lead back to the car park and where my parents where waiting for me, it was time to go back to Manchester,building buildings and even more building yipeeeeee.

its nice to have a break and visit the country side and act like that lady from the sound of music, see whenever i see a field i just want to run threw it and sing 'the hillssssss are alive with the sound of libyannnnns'.


Ever The Idealist said...

Salam WA. Missed you in Mcr. Looks like you guys had fun and relaxed and enjoyed nature.

People should do that more often although not too often as then the coutry side might get as much traffic and noise as the city...

Brave Heart said...

i love green parks and fields it's so amazing view,r u just climb trees or sometimes jump from one to another :-P

ur brothers r amazing i never mange to do such actions

Anonymous said...

Salaam sis.

Reading your blog made me feel like i was peaceful and tranquil.

And I could just imagine your brothers in their element...I see they haven't grown out of that-it's been a while since i've seen them!

JazaakumAllahu Khairun for bringing some relaxation to my day...

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
White African=Julie Andrew? I think so. :o)

What a wonderful family adventure. Flexibility and daringness seems to run in your family for certain. :D

I agree with you on there being some very spectacular feeling being in nature, mashallah.

Thanks for sharing the great photos – what a wonderful area, mashallah.

AbdiNassir said...

White african, your really had a nice trip out there because when I see the pictures, the place is so great and beautiful.

PH said...

Glad to see you had a great day out :), nice pictures they are so great ... btw does Hamza train in any of the Martial Arts :).

salaam sis

Weldemdina said...

The place looks great, its worth a visit, and you took nice pictures, your brothers are quite talented machalallh. Well for me I took my son for a long walk along the beach and we had lunch and finished it with ice creams. I tried to convince my son to walk back home to burn these calories, he wasn’t keen so we took the bus, today was really nice summer day but a bit busy with people.

Native said...

The hills r alive with the sound of libyans....loool

Looks like ya'll enjoyed yourself mashaAllah. The scenary looks beautiful and relaxing...luvin it!

Do your bros do breakin' or poppin'?

I miss nature and green trees and fields....where they go on for as far as the eye can see...just miss it!

Climbing trees eh WA? lol

By the way how is the cold fairing up? You feeling better? Hope so inshaAllah

a_akak said...

lol i just couldnt stop laughing at your pic stuck up the tree lol and i am sure you brothers must have enjoyed the comic moment :P anyway its good to go out with the family and have quality time and its even better when the sun is out and the grass is green so cherish every moment :) and enjoy lol WA stuck up a tree lol

DaMoon said...

wow mashallah and sub7an Allah, I love greenary everywhere and glad u r being more exposed to da sun :o)
enjoy and keep them coming

white african said...

ever it was fun alhamdullilah, and countryside rocks wooohooo.

brave i havent reached teh ability of being able to jump from one tree to the next yet but soon inshallah :)

annon wassalam

my bros are still th esame bless them :) and wayakum for your comment.

ibee wassalam, ye sim liking teh julie andrew comment :)

the grass was so lush mashallah, def a nice break from the normal routine.

abdi thanks it was great :0)

thanks ph, hamza does work out, an dhe is actually intereste din martial arts, he hasnt done much yet but i think he has the ability.

weld im so glad you enjoyed yourself with your son, ice cream is the best and yeh after being out all day i dont blame him not wanting to walk home bless :)

nativeeeeee, well hamza perfers break but thabet does a bit of both.

course climbing trees, best thing in the world, try it, youknow what would be great climbing african trees wow.

im feeling tons beeter thanks native, antibiotocs are starting to kick in.

akak if i was able to climb a tree i donty understand why its so difficult to come down, i didnt know where to put my feet, it could hve been disastrous lol.

it wa sworth it though, im going to practice

white african said...

hey damoon hun i misse dyour comment there, sneaky sneaky :)

thanks it was a great day, and i miss the the gree, its always a good idea to top up on the green stuff.

Anglo-Libyan said...

mashaAllah lvely day you had there :o)

the hills are alive is a very appropriate song for this place lol

white african said...

thanks anglo :0)

eternal peace said...

salaams sis
subhanAllah sounds like a beautiful relaxed day, i love days out like that, your brothers stunts are impressive mashaAllah, and hey sis climbing a tree in jilbab?? 1st time i seen that mashaAllah!! i love trees and nature but for some reason ppl have put fear in me saying supernatural beings are near trees!!

anyways take care

Chatalaine / شاتالاين said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventure!
The pictures are fantastic.

fatboy said...

thank for the pics just looking that them made me feel there and about ur brothers i just want to say waaaaaaw i wish i can do that but thats one of the disadvanteges of being fat :(


MaySoon said...

Mashallah.. I loved the park and having fun around the family is priceless!
Thabet reminds me of myself when I was younger lol MashaAllah 3leh..

white african said...

eternal lol, yes climbing a tree in a jilbab is an achievemnt in itself :0)

chatalaine your most welcome :)

fat boy your welcome :)
those moves ar enearly impossible to do i seriously dont know how they do it, maybe its the stuff they eat :)

maysoon that means you where a cool kid as well as cheeky and fun to be around with :0)

Romana said...

The place is like a postcard.Mashalla how beautiful. If only they would invest in Libya like they invest in England! How breath-taking would Libya be?

white african said...

romano it was beautiful, and Libya is also beautiful with its naturality, if people would stop throwing there rubbish everywhere that would be a start :)

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