Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A 42-year-old man from New South Wales, Australia lost a part of his finger in a bar brawl and walked out of the pub and down the street unaware of it. He did not realize that something was amiss until he saw blood dripping down.
Police Inspector Mark Kellert told The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, "He was out on the street and realized there was blood on his hand, noticed his finger was missing, and went to hospital."
After the man reached the bar and informed the guards about the missing finger, they were able to locate it with a huge amount of blood in the pub's bathroom.
The man, whose identity is not yet revealed, is currently being treated in the hospital but it was not clear if his severed finger was reattached or not.

i find alcohol related incidents so amusing, yesterday i had to go to the accident and emergency department of the hospital as my brother thabet had stupidly got hit by a table tennis racket and got himself quite a big lump on the front of his head.

i would have posted a picture but when i took out my camera he told me off and wouldn't let me take a picture sadly, oh well.

you guys should have seen it, it reminded me of the cartoons, you know when they get hit on the head and a huge bump appears on there head lol.

well thabet didn't find it very amusing, i did though, and alhamdullilah he is fine no probs, just has a bruise and a lump on his forehead.

any way the point about alcohol, about 95% of those waiting to be seen at accident and emergency where due to alcohol related incidents, its a pity that a person will get themselves in such situation for the sake of a drink, they don't realise that not only are their lives at risk but others as well and they drag the health system with them, aaaaah frustrating.


a_akak said...

I must admit, I feel no remorse (& never feel bad) to anyone that has been injured due to alcohol and if a drunk person was burning in front of me i really doubt i would help them anyway I hope ur brother is ok and insha allah he will grow older and get other bumps here and there :P but not serious ones :)

but i was imagining a lot of cartoons where the bumps just grow lol ..... like tom & jerry

Fe Aman Allah

Safia speaks said...

Salamat Tabet!

My son and daughter both had such a giant blue bubble on their heads...don´t worry, it´ll pass.

But you are right; it reminds the beholder of Tom and Jerry :P


Poor Thabet....bumps and bruises are all part of growing up. Alhamdulillah it wasnt serious.

PH said...

La Bas 3la Thabet :) as for alcoholics ..... I think you said it all :p.


Monday's Child said...

I get so annoyed and frustrated as well... just yesterday one of my students came to her final exam late because he cousin's fiancé had been killed in a drink driving accident.. HE was th drunk driver and I just felt so annoyed... people here are so stupid... they see NO problem in driving around drunk.. sometimes WHILE drinking... it's one of the reasons I don't really want to learn to drive.

Ever The Idealist said...

That was very funny episode! Tell your mum I laughed but it was natural so I couldnt keep it in...

People are just weird and have different weaknesses we need to be careful we dont judge or condemn them too quickly. That could be us but by the grace of God.

Lebeeya said...

Alhamdulilah 3ala salamet Thabet, would have loved to see a picture of his cute bumpy head :)

I dont understand how someone could lose their WHOLE finger and not being aware of it. Alcohol should be banned after that incident...

Brave Heart said...

i think if u post thabt picture , he will try some alcohol to cut someone head :-P

weary tribal nomad said...

sondes...aww bless him...and that pic is so spot on of his actual so are officially google woman of the world...of the universe...or were you just lucky?? lol!! as for crazy alco me of when i was racially abused by a drunk man...he was effing and jeffing about me being an effing somali ha....doesnt he not realise ive survived a war...just like the world war 2 people...and im still coherent...ha...ok im gonna stop...must save comedy for stage

white african said...

akak im sure thabet will get other bumps, but bless him he really isint as bad as me, i was in hospital every week when i was a child with broken bones and all sorts :)

definatly a tom and jerry moment lol.

safia i think all kids have to get it at least 3 times during there childhood lol.

native thanks sis, for every bump is a lesson :0)

ph thanks, hes fine now, hes acting like his bump is some sort of trophy lol.

monday it really is terrible and frustrating, here in britain they do have strick laws about drinking and driving, yet people still get behind the wheel and caus edestruction, recently george michael got himself in such a situation, tut tut.

ever every one was laughing including my mum eventually :)

true ever but still its annoying that people drink themsleve sto death and still expect others to sympathise.

lebeeya he wouldnt let me take a picture, but th epict i posted up is near enough :)

i dont get how a person isint awre of loosing parts of there body either, he must have been either really intoxicated or really angry to the extent he wasnt aware of what was happening around him!!!

lol @ brave, that person will be me, my head will no longer be attache dto my neck :)

weary it is the spitting image isint it, queen of google yeh man :)

drunk people can be funny, and not really that scary caus ethere too drunk out there heads to aim properly lol

fatboy said...

hey white african it funny u know laghing at ur bro one time i split my head open and my 2 sis were laghing at me and i did not think it is funny but hey i bet u he was so funny :)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,

What is it with society that seems to be so stressful that people have to go to the ends of the earth to numb themselves?

One time Amira had a fever and the Dr insisted on prescribing her medication. So, I went to the Pharmacy to put in the prescription order and was told it was an hour wait. It was late at night, she was only 2 years old, it was cold and a full moon to boot. Figuring in my head it was late and during the middle of the week it would not be too busy at the pharmacy. Wrong! Apparently, every person in town that is addicted to painkillers hangs out at the pharmacy in the middle of the night to get their 'refills'. I was so annoyed because these people (and forgive my assumption) appeared to be able-bodied human beings, but because of their pain killer addiction did nothing more than regularly refill their prescriptions. Although, I will admit during this experience the "addicts" did have some moral convictions and shout to the Pharmacist to get this baby's (Amira) medication---she's sick. lol

They were all sick though--these addicts waiting. A part of my heart ached so much because I just couldn't understand what could be so tragic in this life to find one's self-medicating themselves either through alcohol or drugs. My only conclusion was these people didn't believe in the mercy and grace of God. For if they only knew---they could make other choices----be productive----and have self worth.

white african said...

fat boy it was funny :)that what brothers and sisters are for, to laugh at us when things happen :)

wasslaam ibee,

some people whant to drown in there sorrow or at least forget about if for parts of the day and that why they turn to narcotics, its really sad to see a person rely on something so much that they cant function until they get there daily fix.

so sad really...

MaySoon said...

Salamet Thabet!

"ukbor o yakil 3'erha" :o) or "ukbor o yansa" :oD alhamdolilah it wasn't that seriouse!

white african said...

thanks maysoon, i dont know whether 3agleeyan he will grow up :)

his forhead is back to normal