Thursday, June 07, 2007

the other day i was waiting in line to pay for a couple of items, when something on the shelf next to me caught my eye, i had to take a picture of it and show my mother.

a couple of months ago i blogged about how horrified my mother was to learn that a colleague of hers eats couscous sandwiched between toast, so when i saw this i laughed.

later that day i showed her the picture and at first she didn't realise what was so special, then i pointed it out, and her facial expression was a picture in itself lol.

i may just go back to the shop, buy this item and try it out myself.


a_akak said...

lol a microwavable couscous? actually thats not a bad thing...... Where did you get this pic from? i might go and try it :P

fe aman allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

I have seen this product in Sainsburys and they have it in few flavours as well but never tried it.

We can always wait for your mum's verdict :o)

fatboy said...

thank god that they are selling couscous and know were waiting for the rishta


I love ur mum!
Microwavable couscous? Indian Style? loool

white african said...

akak its not the microwavabale aspect that made me laugh, its the 'indian style' aspect lol. indian couscous lol

anglo i dont think my mum will want to try it lol, i on the other hand may, so i will let you know :)

fatboy rishta? who knows, maybe in the near future, could be a buisness idea :)

native exactly lol.

lostkitty said...

"indian style couscous?!" thats just weird!

white african said...

kitty its funny lol

mani said...

Salam WA sis how come u didnt take a pic of tante's facial expression :P:P

white african said...

mani it was a moment thing, and besides she was holding the camera lol