Tuesday, June 12, 2007

apparently according to some of the patients, the NHS (National Health Service) are supplying witch doctors!!!

that's right witch doctors.

i got a call from a patient yesterday requesting a witch doctor, he said he was desperate for one and if we new of any lol.

yep i looked in the yellow pages under the weird category and gave him a number to contact..

witch doctors?????? i swear i think nothing can surprise me any more.


lovelytripoli said...

Lool White ,good luck with witch doctors;)

a_akak said...

It depends, are they looking for Voodoo doctors or the Shiek "Tastoor" type? and it depends what sort of consultation is needed :P

But i am rather curious, how did you respond to her/him?

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

are you serious??

there are many Arab clairvoyants working in Edgware road, this is their chance to become doctors!!

white african said...

thanks triploli, sometimes i need all the luck i can get working here :)

akak i think he neede dthe voodoo variety,

well after trying not to laugh and asking over and over again 'witch doctor? witch doctor?' i told him we dont offer such services.

what could i have said lol.

anglo seriously, lol i think he forgot which country he is in.

if they heard of this then im sure they will start applying to work for gps.

Brave Heart said...

give him my number, i swear i'll take care of him

Native said...

lol...people never cease to amaze me.
Witch doctors? lol

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,


Maybe his english was a little off and he really was asking a question, "Which Doctor" number should I call, instead of "Witch Doctor number should I call"? :P

DaMoon said...

lol wow, I guess we have wackos all over da place...lol

Safia speaks said...

Was the request from Cherie Blair???

fatboy said...
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fatboy said...

maybe he needs a witch doc to heal him from a spell or something but it is still weard


Weldemdina said...

I wouldn’t be surprised, NHS provide leaflets with every spoken languages you ever heard or not heard of, provide places of worship for all faiths, provide translators to non speaking English patients, some of these things are great to have like. i.e. a place for worship, but some others are just a waste of tax payers money, that’s one of the reasons that NHS is going down hill unless something done about it.
WA if I ever end up going to see my GP for some eason or another I would ask him not to transfer me to any Manchester hospital, just incas I meet face to face with that witch Dr :o)

white african said...

lol @ brave, ok bro, i think you will be the witch doctor of the blogging community :)

yep native, so any lurking around in moss side :0)

by the way we misse dyou yesterday girl, how is hoya

wasalam ibee it was definatly a request for a witch doctor, funny thing is this patinet has been here for many a year lol

damoon all over the place, seriously, but at least they bring some sort of entertainment :)

looool @ safia, well could be, actually come to think of it hmmmm

fatboy i think its because teh treatment he is on isint doing much for him so he is looking for alternative medication, personlay i would think about using herbal therapy, witch doctor now that is extreme lol.

weld it most defiantly is dragging itself down unfortuantly becaus eit had a goo dthing and still does it just needs to be worked at and a better structure to be implemented.

we may start having to pay for our treatment.

MaySoon said...

lool and BH LOL ..hhhehhe I agree with WA you can now officially be our blogworld witch doctor "tastoor!"..lol

white african said...

exactly maysoon, brave you have a new job :0)

Brave Heart said...

how much u will pay me WA, maysoon ur first visit is free of charge u r so lucky

white african said...

brave we can come to a good price, i dont mind typing your work for you, i know you dont like writting so maybe we can pay that way by typing work for you, writting letters etc..:)

Brave Heart said...

Deal WA, I'm sure u will hate this deal after reading just one paper of my hand writing. be ready its ur choice

MaySoon said...

WOOOHOOOO free visit.. your so generous ya BH...lool