Thursday, June 14, 2007

how cute is this?
i swear i have fallen in love with this photo.
i wanted to share it with you all, hope it brings a smile to your face cause it definatly brought a laugh to mine :)
ok now i want one of these creatures, what are they? not mice?


Ever The Idealist said...

oh WA didnt realise you are a big softie (not this way anyways).
they are cute. they arent gerbals are they?

white african said...

ever its a cute picture, i am no softie :0) i just recognose cuteness lol

they could be gerbals, hmmmm, do they live very long or are they like gold fish, die as soon as you bring them home?

Native said...

U softie WA....lool

But I gotta admit they r kinds cute a softie too

white african said...

native thats cool we can be softies together :0

Safia speaks said...

They are gold hamsters! As a kid I had some, they only live to be around 2 years old, sadly, and they sleep all day. At night they run in the treadmill.
Hm...does that sound familiar?

Weldemdina said...

I think they look more like genie pigs if I am not mistaken, I seen in the park near my house two squirrels they weren’t in a loving mood like these little creatures, more like a battling mood, they were fighting for their tertiary who would control it.. that was quite funny seeing them in that way :o)

white african said...

thanks safia, gold hamsters eh? sleep all day and are night creatures, they are vampire hamsters.

weld genie pigs? never heard of them, i swear i learn something new each day, thanks for the info,

i dont think i have ever seen squirrels in a loving mood, those guys are such moody creatures

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
Ahhhhhhh what a cute picture.

I believe this link will give you a description of what those cute little creatures are

a_akak said...

Do i need to give my "i hate animals" speech just to dampen the mood a bit :P




ok........... :P

Fe aman Allah

white african said...

wassalam ibee, thanks for the link i will check it out.

akak how could you still hate animals after this picture? its adorable :)

Brave Heart said...

Even the animals have feeling, it is new for me

DaMoon said...

awwww, my heros is da buddy he's out there for his friend to give da dat's wat i call friendship

white african said...

thats right brave, animals can be very expressive.

damoon it is cute isint it, and that what friends are for, to hold you by the foot :)