Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i have already blogged about how i love and adore henna, well when the opportunity came for me to apply some, well me being me i couldn't resist, the strings of henna where pulling at my heart.

a friend of mine is getting married this week and yesterday was her henna and bless her and Allah make her happy, she remembered how much i loved henna so she included me in the henna process, yipeeeeeeee.

i swear I'm typing this with bags under my eyes, I'm so tired due to lack of sleep, all for the sake of henna, i came home in the early hours, and then forty winks later I'm having to wake up to go to work,

the feeling you get when you unravel it and you see the colour is sooooo cool, and during the day the colour gets darker, mine got slightly smudged as you can see on one of the fingers but it doesn't matter I'm just happy that i got hennified, yehhhhhhh.


a_akak said...

sorry to say, but i am not a fan of Henna and just seeing it gives me goosebumps (ahhhhhh) but the patterns are nice, and I know what you mean about bags under the eyes as twice this year i went to work without a second of sleep :o) so i slept in the office :P

Fe aman allah

princess of smiles said...

realy nice its colour so beautiful specially in ur hands i love henna so so so much :0).

Lebeeya said...

lol @ hennified

Sorry to say this but due to the fact that I hate henna, hate the way it looks, hate the way it smells, hate everything about it, I cant even sit next to someone with henna on their hands/hair, it just totally disgusts me. I had some really bad experience with Henna, hey great blog post material, will post it soon. So back to what I was saying, well that henna looks errrrrrrrr EVIL.


lostkitty said...

I love henna toooooooo!

I'm gonna get some and put it on for the wedding!

Cant wait to party!!!

Its segregated right?!

fatboy said...

hi whats glad that ur happy about being hennified but the prob is that i just hate it makes peole evil thats what i think it very nasty

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
Do you feel like a mannequin while drying?

lol@Ahmed catching up on sleep at work. Where else does one catch up on their sleep?

white african said...

akak goosebumps? lol.

i had the urge to sleep at work but the phone is a killer and prevents anything from rest sigh...

princess thank you :) and its nice that i have a fellow blogger who also likes henna as it seems the majority think its evil lol.

leebeya shock shock horror :) evil you say, well mwwwwaaaahhhhhaaaa (evil laughter) blog about your henna experince, im interested.

kitty oh henna fan :) its segregated sis so partyyyyyy.

fatboy you hate it as well, nooooooo, oh well i guess you can either like it or hate it.

ibee wassalam, more like a statue, or maybe one of the mime people :0)

Native said...

I'm not sure how I feel about henna. I only like it on my nails so....
However it looks beautiful WA and lol at hennified :D

I hope to see you before you leave!!

Weldemdina said...

lool@hennified , it looks cool and the best thing about it is, it will wash away after short while unlike tatoots.

white african said...

native i have to say you do suite henna on your nails so you go girl,

i wantto see you to b4 i leave, but wheeeeeeeeen?

weld that really is one of the great things about henna is the fact that its not permenant :)

LovelyHibo said...

صحه صحه الحنه
عقبال حنه عرسك

حتي اني نحب الحنه لكن بصراحة حنتنا الخطيفه لا يعلوا عليها شيء
حنة البنيات تطريف الصوابع ...

توا فكرتيني فيها ان شاء الله بعد مانروح لطرابلس حانطرف صويبعاتي بيها ..
واحلي جو وقت نحني ايد بايد اول يوم اليسار ثاني يوم اليمين
ولو تبيها تولي داكنه اول ماتفكي ربطها ديرلها زيت زيتون

mani said...

ugggghhhhhhhhhhh WA how could you??!!!

white african said...

lovleyhibo its great you like henna as well :0)

thank you for the tip on olive oil, i will try that out next time.

maniiiiii how have you been bro :)

you know me and henna, we go back many years, i love the stuff