Monday, June 18, 2007

the weekend has been and gone in the speed of a flying humming bird and then Monday comes and the humming bird decides to pause in mid air.

sometimes the working day feels like walking under water.

this weekend really did run past me and i never did get the chance to catch up with it :0)

on Saturday i went to Bury Market and bought jeans and books yipeeee, then in the evening i went to didsbury mosque because every Saturday evening there a girls study circle, and i don't usually go unless I've been asked to cover, so this Saturday i went to help, the circle is aimed at girls aged between 13 -16 and they can seriously be annoying but its worth it when they participate and voice there opinions.

the topic was salah (prayer), and it's always a chore getting them to hush up and listen and leave there mobile phones (i swear i never had a mobile phone until i was like 19) and there is always the bouts of giggling, i never know what they giggle about!!!

my friend started by asking them all to give a fact about salah, and mashallah they where all coming out with different facts like 'salah is part of the 5 pillars of Islam' and 'salah is a form of communication between you and Allah'.

then my friend gave a mini reminder about the importance of praying all 5 prayers and the benefits that come with prayer and after every couple of words one of the girls would have some thing to say, one of the girls asked if it was ok to eat or drink whilst praying so i told her 'only if its halal food' she believed me as well so i had to tell her i was kidding otherwise her parents would tell me off lol.

we kinda got off topic by talking about backbiting which the girls really showed an interest in and then we had to steer it back to the topic on salah.

my friend ended it by telling them a story about a man who approached a sheikh and asked him to make dua (pray) for his wife as she was very ill, and he asked that he announce it in jummah prayers and ask for the musaleen (those who are praying) to make dua for his wife, the sheikh agreed but also asked the man if he prayed himself.

the man replied that he doesn't and the reason why he is not making dua for his wife is because he feels that he is a bad Muslim and that Allah will not accept his prayers, so he would rather ask 'good' Muslims to pray for his wife instead.

the sheikh then told him that Allah is always ready to listen and the man just needed to call him, the number being 2 4 4 3 4, meaning the number of rak3as in the 5 daily prayers as salah is a way of communicating with Allah.

one of the girls turs around to me and takes out her phone and says 'sondes whats that number again to call rabee' loooool

obviously i had to explain to her the story and that it wasn't an actual number, bless.

anyway i thought i would share that amusing story with you all.


The Godfather said...

19?.....I got my phone when I was 23!!!! Kids and phones these days?!?!? Everyone has got one.

Eat during Salah?...Only if it's Halal. LOL!!!!

MaySoon said...

Only if it's Halal..LOL
that number bit was so FUNNY too..LOL,
God bless you ya WA!

a_akak said...

LOL@ the numbers,

but i think you are very suited to teach those kids as they see you as a role model and you are closer to their age plus you know what there true problems are, JAZAK ALLAH KHEER and may allah bless you and give you ager & tawab (now u should be saying ameen & agma3een)

Children are the purest of people as they dont have out devious thinking and usually what comes out is straight from the heart :) that is a quality we all need

Fe Aman Allah

white african said...

godfather well you are slightly older than the rest of us so it makes sense that you had yours when your older.

maysoon thanks hun :0)

akak a big ameen and ajmaeen bro :0)

if you want an honest opinion always ask children, they will tell you the truth and the best thing is a person accepts it from a child becaus ethere being honest :)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,

LOL@only if eating Halal and the direct number.

I agree with A_Akak, you definitely have a gifting for teaching, mashallah. May you be rewarded for your efforts, inshallah.

white african said...

wassalam ibee

thank you for your comment, i cant get carried away with all the fun and games that the teacher can easily become the pupil :)

Monday's Child said...

heheheeh the only if it's Halal was priceless, and I could just imagine the girl asking you for the number... great stories! But seriously, you do great work WA... and actually all jokes aside, I was quite impressed with the fact that the girls were THERE and they participated! That's something!

white african said...

monday thanks :) and your absoloutly right it's great that these girls even bother to attend for that i am grateful.

Brave Heart said...

I THINK u r trying to spread bed3ia between these young girls :-P, first kaaba and now allah's number and eating halal food while praying, u will number1 wanted girl from alqadia people

Romana said...

Hey again... "sondes whats that number again to call rabee' la bil 7ag bil 7ag those girls cant wait to use their phones! funny girl o 7'las...
i had my phone when i was at 2nd year in uni, my sisters had them when they were grade 8 and 9! world's changin!

white african said...

lol @ brave well im probably on the wanted list already for my enedless actions, like working, studying, not wearing nikaab, the list is really endless :0)

romana the word is seriously changing, i can barley catch up, my brother is crying out for a phone, hes 13, im against the idea, its a battle between me and him lol

Romana said...

keep the battle goin sista... mobile at 13, then a car at 14..then he would probably tell u,"adios" i want to move out at 15!!!!! FIGHT!!!