Tuesday, June 05, 2007

i needed a wake up call today, i hate it sooooo much when i sleep in, i cant stand it, i get like 10 heart attacks, like this morning. i didn't hear the alarm, I'm supposed to wake up at 7:30 am, instead i woke up at 8:10am aaaaaaaaaah, walahi my eyes opened and i saw that it was bright outside, and for like a second i just continued to lie down, i don't know what i was thinking that it was a lazy Sunday or something.

then it hit me, and that when the heart attack occurred, i swear i jumped out of bed sooooo fast i would have been mistaken for a mirage.

i looked at the time and it was 8:10am, my Allah!!! that's the time that i leave the house in the morning, i proved to myself that i can multi task, seriously dearest bloggers, i managed to brush my teeth, wear my hijab and sort out my self all in the same time.

i deserve an applause, thank you thank you thank you...
not only that i managed to get to work on time as well, so all in all it wasn't too bad alhamdullilah.
but I'm sure the alarm didn't go of, i need an new alarm system, maybe something that hits me in the head (softly though) or one that drowns me in water, or maybe one that sings to me to wake up.


a_akak said...

Salamtik min Al-heart Attack!!!!!

LOL you need one of those old school Alarms as they will definitely wake you up and I am sure it must have been fun with the multi tasking lol as i could imagine wearing hijjab & cleaning your teeth lol lol lol anyway take this advice OLD SCHOOL ALARM CLOCKS!!!!

Fe Aman Allah

white african said...

hmmm old school alarm clocks, sounds good akak, i think i know the type you mean, i may just do that, thanks for the tip :)

Anglo-Libyan said...

we all have been through it and yes it is a major cause of a heart attack, I tend to use the alram on my mobile phone these days!

btw i love the picture, very cute :o)

The Godfather said...

Wake me up before you go-go!!!

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,

Boy my heart was racing when I was reading your story as I recall the countless times that happened to me. I just hated it! You're instantly panicking and then racing a million miles an hour. The only good news is you can hold off on the cup of coffee for an extra 30 minutes or so.

I’m not sure about the old school alarm clock. Maybe I’m more old school than A_Akak…..lol The old school alarm clocks I know about are ones that you have to wind up everyday, which would be an irritation to always remember to do that the night before; however, it is effective as it’s really loud.

weldemdina said...

I had this feeling last Friday, in my sleep I thought it was Sunday and the bright Sun shinning through the light coloured curtains didn’t help, but I managed to wake up on time, thanks to my mobile alarm and another standby alarm just incase, and if both don’t work then my neighbor’s dog bark does the job at the stroke of 7, no peace for the wicked.

Hopeless Dreamer said...

heyy...i wish i could say i relate,, but i'm one of the very few ppl that can honestly say i've never had that experience since my school days and even then i would wake up,,realize tat i've just missed my bus and basically tell my parents that i'm ill and just go after an hour or so when i make sure the math class is OVER..UHH ..no rush..:-)
but good 4 uuuu..mashallah i couldn't get ready in less than an hour even if my life depended on it!!

a_akak said...

IBEE i am 100% sure i am much much older than you although i am 25 years old ;P

fatboy said...

hey white african here is a tip that i always do i put about 5 reminders in my cell phone and each one is ahead than the other by 2 mins and it always workes for me

Safia speaks said...

Another fine reason to wear hejab!

When this happens to me in the morning, I am ready, dressed and washed in 5 minutes. But....then comes my hair!
And then I get late....

Luckily this happens only once a year. I don´t use any clock; I usually wake up at the time I want. A clock would rive me crazy because I would be looking at it all the time to check what time it is.

Lady_WildKat said...

do not even consider singing in the morning. ppl WA ia a great singer (MashaAllah) im just not a morning person. when we go on holiday together i'd try and stay in bed till the very last minute. but one thing thats guaranteed to make me jump out of it is WA singing. i swear the amount of times i've jumped up to kill her and she's pegged it, are too numerous to count. i just cant abide ppl, sound, noise, anything in the morning . oh and today i was late for work due to oversleeping and losing my car keys, looking for spare one and losing my work id pass and finding out that my car needed re-fuelling! and when i got in my p.c had crashed what a great day! grrrrrr.....
btw the work id had fallen in my car. and the keys where at the bottom of my bag which i found when i got into work......
urgh i hate mornings.WA no singing, no water bombs, dont even think about it for our next holiday or else i'll leave u to the native, mwaha haa ha [evil laugh :p]

ibeebarbie said...

LOL@A_Akak being an old soul. ;-)

LOL@ Lady-Wildkat - dang, I just hate those days. Also, I'm with you on the quietness of waking up in the morning. KEEP QUIET! Hey, come to think of it maybe we should go on vacation together. :D

Ever The Idealist said...

just sleep in and go int he next daya nd say "oh, was it not my day off?"

i love try this out at work but have too good a work ethic damn this been a good muslim and all :)

cofman said...

Well waf;
Let’s try and establish the reason/s?
Can you thing of any?
From food ( not bazeen I hope, lol) to mood, health, etc?

I did actually have 2 alarms at one time, one to ring at, say 6:30, the other 6:40..
The thing that annoys me most though is getting late to work and giving others fuel to light a fire so they can burn me with it lol …

The good thing in your case is the fact that waking up late isn’t a habit …. not yet anyway (lol)

white african said...

godfather so its old school tunes as well lol.

wasslaam ibee

that was me yesterday, heart racing and in complete and utter panik, glad to say that i woke up on time this morning.

winding up the alarm clock hmmmm i may just give it to my little bro to do that, he would enjoy it :)

weld thats what i need a dog in the neighbour backgarden and 4 alarms :)

hopeless lucky for some eh? :)

well it would have been nice to have said im ill and go back to sleep, but i had to open up waaaaaaaaaaa.

fatboy thats excellent advise, thanks :)

mashallah safia you seriously dont use any clocks? you sound like my mother, she is the same, wakes up on the dot.

actually this morning i did wake up about 10 time sbefor ethe alalrm went of checking the time, it was a killer.

lady gosh!!! well a person cant help being who they are, so i say bring on the singing, just think of it as your alarm clock, i manage to wake you up dont i?

ive learnt from past experinces that once one thing goes wrong in the morning then the whole day will :)

ibee see you would be prfect for lady, she is not a morning person :)

ever how funny would that be, it would never work with me ever, they know me to well at work darn.

cof no bazeen unfortuantly how :)

i think its because i didnt sleep to well as it was kinda hot and i slept late as well.

thankfully its not a habit as of yet :)

Its Aurban i tell you said...

Salaam white african
i think you should invest in one of these, looks like it may just work
btw sorry to go of the topic slightly but io have exams at the moment so please take a moment out of your blogging and make a dua for me. greatly appreciated.
first time i've actually ever left a comment on a blog, white african you should be honoured i picked yours!

The Godfather said...

Old School Tunes are good for the soul sometimes.

white african said...

it's aurban loooooooool, im still laughing sis when i read your title, ginger i tell you ginger :)

i will most certainly make dua for you an dinshallah you will be fine, missed you at the myf :)

by the way white african is truly honoured..

godfather old school is the best..