Sunday, June 03, 2007

I'm usually a peaceful person, I'm being serious, so those of you who are rolling your eyes you can stop that :)

seriously i generally don't go out looking for fights, and i have no problem offering smiles to people unless there likely to take it the wrong way :)

but my anger does creep out occasionally, especially when i am a front seat passenger, i have passenger rage, and certain drivers on the streets will really annoy me and i cant keep quite, i will point out there stupidity to them which most people wont accept, this results in me being sworn at which then results in me getting even more angrier.

take Saturday afternoon for example, my mother and i where on our way home from visiting a family friend who had recently contributed to the population in the form of a baby boy mashallah, it was an afternoon filled with aaaaaah and ooooohs over the little creature and then off home it was.

we had turned into one of the streets, and there was a blue car in front of us which then decided to stop in the middle of the street un-expectantly which nearly caused us to crash into the back, the reason for this unexpected brake in the middle of the road was due to the fact that the driver spotted a friend walking and decided to have a full on conversation, not caring about causing near accidents.

my mother had to swerve to the side and drive past, and i had my window open so i (politely) asked the driver why she had committed the act of stupidity, and that she could have caused an accident through her carelessness, to which her reply was swearing at me as well as waving her arms above her head and making faces that a pit bull terrier would have found attractive.

my mums reaction was to continue to drive and say 'la7awla wala quwata il billah' and i shook my head, thinking that was the end of that.

no my dear bloggers it didn't end there, the lady was so offended by my pointing out her lack of human skills that she took it upon herself to follow us at the same time beeping her horn repeatedly as well as making her friend stick her head out the window like a siren shouting out more obscenities at us.
i asked my mum to park the car to the side, rummaged around in my bag, pulled out camera (camera, gun, same thing) and stepped out the car, waited for the crazy lady to drive past and took a picture of her car.

her friend noticed me do this as the car suddenly stopped and the friend came out and shouted 'why you taking pictures for?'

to which i took another picture, which angered her even more.

the driver then decided to grace us with her presence and began swearing at me.
now i can usually keep a cool at anything that's thrown my way but if you swear at me then i instantly see red, i cant stand it.

i asked her, actually i shouted seeing how she was no where near me, to come and say it to my face, this resulted in more swearing and threats to which again i said 'why don't you come over here and say it to my face?
the odd swear word was the result and it ended by her calling me a tosser and getting back into her car, by now she had caused traffic as she had parked in the middle of the road again!!!
silly woman, she had committed the act of stupidity and had the audacity to swear and not only that but follow us in her car!!! see how frustrating that is, some people need to be put on a lease until they know how to behave in society, clearly this woman had social issues, social in the sense that she honestly believed her father owned the streets of Manchester and that gave her the right to behave as she does.
actually i have seen many Muslims do this, stop in the middle of the road to have a conversation with a friend, not caring an atoms worth about other cars who are kept waiting, what sort of message is that to others?


eternal peace said...

assalamu alaikum sis
yeah in my area its usually muslim guys who do this, hold up traffic so they can chat about thier social life! to be honest i'm kinf of scared to face them because one comment is all it takes for them to forever harrass you invloving familes and friends, which reminds me of your post about those guys you confronted, i hope you stay careful sis though these guys/girls need to be told, often they harrass you forever more!

p.s i cant believe i'm the 1st person to write a comment today, yipeee!! i'm usually after a long line of atleast 7! lool

take care wasalam

a_akak said...

ahhhh i was beaten for the #1 spot


While reading your post i couldn’t but imagine the events in my head and i starting giggling anyway this could have turned very nasty especially with you mother with u but i admire you for standing up and by standing your ground they were scared off

I love the libya/english of "believed her father owned the streets of Manchester" now that is Libyan all the way!!!

Take care W.A. and there is a good Arabic quote which roughly translates to "A strong person is not a person who has rage but a strong person is a person who can control his/her rage when needed"

Fe Aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,

Mashallah you have a way with words and a way with crafting them in such a fashion one can't help but be right there with you in every event you pursue. Thank you!

You are one brave cookie! Good job with the camera/

white african said...

eternal congrats on being the first to comment :)

thanks for your advise, to be honest most people are all talk and no action, i dont actually intentially aim to get into verbal fights with them, but for some reason it just happens.

akak thats a very good qot efull of wisdom, thanks for sharing:)

i needed to add the libyan/english to the story;)

ibee wasslam

thanks for your kind words, i carry my camera with me, its a deterrent for people intent on annoying me :)

Hopeless Dreamer said...

hiii..mashaalh u have a nice blogg,,i have to say u sound very brave,,i'm one of those ppl who shut the window. make sure the door is locked ..THEN scream or do whatever i want...what's the use since they can't hear me..??? sure makes me feel MUCH better,,hehehe,,and sorry to say this but the most stupid drivers r the ones around if'ure a girl driving alone..then u should make Dua and hope the silly boys won't crash into your car while they're trying to throw u their stupid number..uhh

Lady_WildKat said...

yep happend to me the other day on the way back from work. some muppet, a really big bloke in a phat mercedes actually had decided to park in the middle of the street b4 my turnoff, my street is like WA traffic can only flow one way at a time. he had left the car running, stepped put to have a chat, i beeped my horn repeatedly , then drove right up to his backside (the car, not the man) and shouted move ur damn car.... the guy just made like yeah whatever signs,and slowly ambled his way back to the car. the git. there was a parking space all of one car length in front of him. instead of parking he stops in the middle of the street. the freak.....yeah i hate drivers who do that and i am the type to say bring it on, and step out of the car...... WA and me bad combination, u passenger rage, me driver rage......altho when we've driven, sorry when i've driven and u've sat there, its all been good?!

anyways laters , i am awaiting ur fone call, call me banana woman am Dying here.....!

white african said...

thank you hopeless dreamer,

scream therapy can be th ebest form of releasing that anger,

so the guys are still doing teh whole throwing the number at girls? lol, never change do they.

lady how amazing is it that never has an epsiode of road rage or passanger rage occured when im with you :0)

as for the guy in the mercedes, we so need to take over his car from him, he doesnt deserve to be friving a mercedes

Anglo-Libyan said...

WA you are the man :o)

well done wallahi and you are Bent Rajel.
I am so sick & tired of people driving with a chip on their shoulder thinking they own the road but please stay safe, Allah protect you inshaAllah.

flowerlady said...

Fungus the stealer of bengali comments you!!!

the proper way to say it is "thara Bafor rasta"

When you say it its a cuss to people who hog the road. Its literally means they think its their fathers road.

white african said...

lol anglo.

it is frustrating and completly pointless when people beahve the wya they do,

i will try to keep safe :)

flower you banana its also a libyan saying lol, i think each culture has the equivalent.

i am so going to rememebr that bengali phrase for this summer

The Godfather said...

LOL!!! I'm surprised you didn't role up your sleevs, take off your earings and go toe to toe with them!?!?!?

NM said...

Come on whitey i know you have a quick temper when the occassion calls for it and won't back down, i have been in a few of those with you and myself.

Well done love, some people honestly need telling and it coming from a meek hijabi seems even more shocking

Ever The Idealist said...

Crazy girl WA. You def have wicked temper lady and I love it cause it causes mayhem and makes it fun to spend time with you. Alhamdullilah you are great pasenger :D

white african said...

godfather eh? lol, i dont wear earings that often, they get in the way of the scarf, although it was a near encounter of rolling up sleeves i have to say.

nm i remember the good old day when we ha dto confront certain scallys :)

ever glad you enjoy the mayhem, it is fun in a crtazy way :)

im always a good passanger when your driving

Brave Heart said...

SHE LOOKS AS Boxer, u r lucky because she forgive u, otherwise ur face will be colored by many colors.
r u sure u r peaceful, it seems u r triple maker

white african said...

lol brave, im sure i would have beaten her, she was a chicken, she wouldnt even come to face to face.

touble maker? ummmmmm maybe just a little :)

cofman said...

Very very very interesting

Hey waf?????
I am going to say something, and if you don’t like me for saying it then do not worry .. I can live with that ..

You know something?
Do you feel you could do with having a little more control over your anger in certain situations?
I have a long long history with getting involved in little but explosive situations … from stitches on my head ( no kidding ), to …
If you like; you could let me know if I ought to talk on anger management on my page … ( if you do, throw in some questions to help me see how often, how big/small, consequences, opinion of trusted friends etc .. )
The way I see it now: it is exactly a wasted energy that can be directed towards fulfilling more rewarding objectives …. Better than getting stupid reactions from total strangers … and much safer in the long run, because .. who knows ?? eh???

white african said...

cof stitches seriously, wow you must have the famous libyan temper :)

i agree cof, i think we all could do with controlling our anger, it can be very much wasted energy, but i think it depends on the situation, getting angry over strangers opinions and rants towards us is pointless, at the end of the day who are they for us to get so affected by mere comments.

on the other hand using the anger to channel appropriate action is much better.

thanks cof, always glad to recieve your comments :)

cofman said...

i know what you mean lol
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