Saturday, June 23, 2007

it's Saturday morning, and i slept till 10:30, how cool is that, to be honest i would have liked to sleep some more but i have things to do so boo hoo.
in scouts this week we had a fitness thing going on, we took the kids to the park next to the building and seriously those kids are drama queens lol.

ok so not all of them, but some of them where acting like they had never done any sort of exercise in there so far 10 years of life lol, probably too busy sitting on there bottoms all day playing play station tut tut tut.

i hate PlayStation's, whoever invented it should be turned into a computer game and jammed into a PlayStation to be stuck there for many many years collecting dust.

anyway, the aim behind this was to get them to do different fitness activities and write down there timings and what not, later they will have achieved there fitness badge to sew onto there uniforms.

so some of the kids where really excited to be at the park others needed a shot of the good old enthusiasm shove.

different activities where going on in different parts of the park, and i have to say all the leaders took part in running, jumping, falling even (hee hee that was ever the idealist) apart from white african, i didn't do no such thing, i just walked around taking pictures, I'm so good :)
they had to run around the park, and some of them really ran like they where being chased by a lion, others preferred to trot like an old pony:
can i just point out that i am not the only blogger that attempts to climb trees, 'ever the idealist' attempted to climb a tree, and she didn't get very far, ever learn from the best hun :)
there was quite alot of sitting down happening, lazy kids tut tut tut:

a good childhood game for me was skipping, i used to skip all the time with skipping rope, so cool, and some of the kids really went for it including ever the idealist, you go girl!!!
she was doing really well until i put my foot in the way (purposely) and it ruined her skipping ha ha ha
other activities included measuring how high they could jump against a tree: measuring how far they can throw a ball:

and the good old long jump
so by the end 0f the hour and a half, they where really tired, thirsty and ready for bed i know i was :)


ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,

LOL@the kids crouched hiding behind the tree hoping the drill sergeant doesn't find them.

I don't like play station either; it turns my nephew into zombie. Almost as if in a trance state---you cannot communicate with him at all.

Everidealist is a real trouper!

Ah skipping, now that brought back fond memories.

a_akak said...

its good to have days out and its even better when you enjoy it with good friend and i hope you didnt get yourself stuck up a tree this time as well????? but to sleep until 10:30 is always so good :P

Enjoy & If you ever get stuck up a tree again (i have a strong feeling u will) i hope "Ever" will be there to take your pic :P

Fe Aman Allah

Ever The Idealist said...

I love you. I also wana kill you if its ok. Didnt realise you took pics of me navigating the tree.LOL! i realy didnt get far at all did i?
I did my bit in encouraging the kidies with the activities and that did include runing and skipping and yes even falling over. it was a nice experience but not one i want to repeat too soon as i found them to be a bunch of fussers and moaners really!!!
Cants wait to see you again this week. any plans?

LovelyHibo said...

Salam White African,the kids enjoying them times,as the Photes showing us.

white african said...

wassalam ibee

those kids crouched down didnt stay down very long, i made them get up ha ha ha

playstations is not only a kid thing, grown adult men will stay stuck on them playing for hours on end, even making whole evenings out of playing.

ever certainly is

akak i didnt try climbing a tree this time, i have to be in a certain mood for tree climbing :)

i dont doubt that ever will be there with a camera to picture the embaressing moments of wa

ever hun the great thing wa syou didnt realis ei took that picture hee hee hee

and you where great with the kids mashallah so thumbs up.

and i have to see you to give you that well earned hug :)

lovleyhibo wasslam, the kids did enjoy themslves despite th emoaning and groaning.

fatboy said...

wow what a wonderful trip i wish i was with u :( i relly liked the runing around the park


Anglo-Libyan said...

I hate computer games too, simply because I can never play them :o(

it is always great to see children having a good time, Allah bless you :o)

Keepsmile5 said...

hey white african!
Don't you play what's we called " Nagaiza " back home..
I thought Libyan girls have a special relationship with this peculiar game..
This my first time to your blog, and it worth reading indeed!
Just keepsmile sis and keep up

white african said...

fatboy next time join us :@)

anglo it really is great seeing children enjoying themselves and i love it when they laugh caus eits sooo genuine.

keepsmile thank you for your coment and welcome here any time :)

i used to play with the rope all the time, but the last time i tried was a couple of years ago.