Friday, June 08, 2007

i need to buy a fan, a massive, gigantic, absolutely enormous fan, one that is so powerful it will blow my hair away as well as dry my eyes out.

ok so maybe not that powerful, but i seriously need some sort of cooling system, Britain cant handle the heat, it was never designed to withstand anything above 18 degrees. buildings inside are like ovens, slowly cooking away your internal organs that end up resembling something similar to boiled eggs.

and people end up smelling like boiled eggs that have been left out for a century pheeeeeew.

so yeh a fan is what i need, actually i would like some sort of air conditioning system like they have back home, but at the moment i can live with a normal actually not normal, extraordinary fan.


a_akak said...

Am i not #1 again :D lol ..... well fitting for your #1 Fan :P

I hear heat is coming our way in the summer and it should be a good one, luckily for me our building (work) is Air conditioned and the temp is JUST great as if NOT i usually complain and complain and complain and complain and yes I complain until something is done but after getting sick of people like me each department can set their own temp so that should be good

A Fan? for someone with your status you should have your personal "fan person" to gently blows cold air for u :P like the Pharaoh princes :P

Fe aman allah

white african said...

akak that was very sweet of you, how great would it be if i had my own personal fan holder, wow, i wonder if they have any going on ebay?

it does sound like a horribly hot summer is approaching aaaaaah, glad you have sorted out the heating problem on your end, maybe if i complain like a broken record some one may just do something about it :0)

Hopeless Dreamer said...

hey…heat, don't get me started about the heat plz,,it amazes me how my family abroad(like my cousins in Uk) can't handle the heat, it's over 50 degrees here, as long u're indoors no prob..allah ye7'allyelair conditioner ,but the moment u step out of your comfortable home , u r on ur own..uhh ..a fan holder isn't working for me ,an air conditioner holder,,well,that's something else !!!.......
inshalllah this summer and(elheat wave)will be over be4 we know it..(me=just kidding herself))..we're gonna sufferrrrr..uhhhhhhhh

Anglo-Libyan said...

I have a fan at work but i have to put it right in front of me (about 10 inches away) to feel any cool air, they are bad actually.

if I dare ask the boss for A/C I think I will get my marching orders :o)

looks like we have to suffer inside English old buildings again this summer :oS

Wleed Essa7ra said...

its realy ( نووووو) sis i'm with the fan i should get one as
الصيف بليد هلبه جاي

weldemdina said...

Alhamdulelah that I don’t use public transport, my car has AC and so is where I work all fitted with AC its a bliss, WA you could go to curry's and pick up a portable AC at £199 its a bargain! :o)

white african said...

hopeless i dont think i could survive living in the emirates, i love walking so i would seriously melt if i ha dto walk over there, allah i3eenak sis :)

anglo im in the same situation, those little fans have no benefits, they just make noise more than air.

lets start an a/c campaign :)

wleed each day that passes the temp rises, i cant take not having a good cooling system, i may just soak my hijab in ice cold water and wear it :)

wled im not going to i7sid you, mashallah that you have a/c at work, remember me and anglo in your duas, maybe this summer our work places will smile at us and offer us a/c :)

Chatalaine / شاتالاين said...

Here I am in Texas sitting in front of a big fan! I here you pain!!

Safia speaks said...

Each time I use a fan, I catch a cold. In fact, I avoid fans and aircondition whenever I can!

The recent week here in Copenhagen has shown us a staggering 28 degrees average temperature each day, and I absolutely love it!

About fans, maybe you can trick Tabet into earning some pocket money by fanning you with a big feather broom every day for some hours?

white african said...

chatalaine im sure its boiling in texas? temps here dont go as far as in america but near enough.

safia i get a cold as well especially from a/c but its either a cold or not being able to function cause of the heat.

im so loving the idea of thabet working for me ha ha ha

Brave Heart said...

u r jocking, its nice weather , it's just 24, what if 36 if that happen i think u will live in the fridge

white african said...

brave i will carry a fridge on myhead if it gets like that lol

NM said...

looks beautiful love, looks like a place to stick on a list of places to see:)