Friday, June 15, 2007

this week in scouts was brilliant, I'm currently doing the faith badge with them, so i managed to get hold of a couple of cardboard boxes (one of them from ever so thanks banana) and i got them to make a 3D version of the kaabah yipeeeee.

there where 3 groups, 2 groups of girls and 1 group of boys, and they all equally worked hard to get there kaabahs finished and not only finished but perfect.

each kaabah looked different and each one was brilliant, and i have to say the boys did really well:

me and ever also had a go, i have to say ever you never completed yours tut tut tut: as for my kaabah, i couldn't help writing white african on the roof, also my box was the smallest one, and i had a big fat brush because all the nice little brushes where given out to the kids, oh well the sacrifices us scout leaders must do :) later after they had finished i spoke to them about hajj and the different rituals, mashallah most of them where already well informed, one of the kids got so inspired he started to run around in circles lol.


a_akak said...

I cant stress how lucky those kids are to have you as their "bossy" leader :P and masha allah they did well (especially the guys ........ yeah!!!!) and your hand writing is worse than mine hahahahahahaha (BTW you never posted your hand writing? am i sensing that i might not be the worst hand writer?....... yeah!!!!)

Take care and Fe Aman Allah

Still ur #1 fan and 1st comment :)

Monday's Child said...

Hey WA!!! I always read your posts even if I don't always have time to put comments!!! I think you're the greatest!!!

Anyway, this time I have a question.. it's completely irrelevant but I thought you might hel me out... I need to translate the term moon light (or light of the moon) into arabic. Mostly I need to know how to pronounce it. Could you help me with that?

a_akak said...


Moon Light = Dawoo Al-Gamer

I dont have an Arabic keyboard, if so i would have writen it for u

Ever The Idealist said...

WA I did not have time to complete mine because I was leading unlike you sis (nah realy its cause you are good and I am a Somali. You know Somalis cant paint, sing, dance or any of that creative stuff yeah!!)

Anyways it was fun so thanks sis. Looking forward to badge time YAAAAY

Monday's Child said...

HEY.. thanks a_akak!!!

so is moon=dawooo and light=al gamer? or is that too simple?

I don't suppose there is a shorter way of saying it? (sorry for all the questions)

DOn't worry about the arabic keyboard... I wouldn't be able to read it otherwise :(

white african said...

thank you akak, i think they boss me arourn more than i boss them :)

my hand writting, that may just remain a secret lol.

monday thank you for your compliment gosh im blushing :)

like aka said its daw means light and qamar means moon put it together and you get dawool qamar :)

ever for a somali your pretty creative :) and nm if your reading this you have a pretty vast imagination for a somali :)

badge time, we should get one as well ever

Safia speaks said...

Nice little kaabas. Now we need Saudi inspection to cry: haram, haram!


Kidding away, you are doing a very nice job teaching those kids about religion and having fun.
Can´t wait to see more pics of your work!

Lebeeya said...

Very nice mashallah! I am impressed with the little scouts.

Good job White African. They must really look up to you.. :)

white african said...

lol safia, what i did was probably bid3ah (innovation) in their eyes.

thanks for your comment :)

thank you lebeeya
i think i look up to them more :)

MaySoon said...

MashaAllah 3lek o 3lehum :o) God bless you!

Brave Heart said...

i join Safia concern,but i'll not go far to sudia, just look around u in manchester, there r many of them.
anyway good job

Native said...

Aaawww....I kinda miss those kids. MashaAllah u guys are doin a great job....4real! I am proud of you brings a tear 2 my eye :)

Over excited kid runnin around in

The Ka'abas look beautiful

And hey Idealist speak for uself. We Somalis do have a creative side (frantically running around tryin 2 figure out what that side is lool)

white african said...

maysoon thanks hun :)

brave thats true there are enough of them in manchester, thank god none come to scouts.

native we miss you coming girl, make an appearance and bring joy to my life :)