Saturday, July 07, 2007

so im sat here getting annoyed with how slow this connection is, its been over an hour of trying to connect to blogger, but i achieved it eventually so a round of applause for meeeeeee :)

the trip began from manchester airport, it took 8 hours to get to dubai, but it went pretty fast, i watched 2 films that i meant to watch, premonition with sandra bullock and in pursuit of happiness with will smith, food wasnt bad either.

we landed in dubai around 11:30pm uk time,, and headed straight to transit where it wasnt a long wait thankfully, the flight from dubai to dhaka tha capital took around 5 hours, and during all this time i didnt sleep a wink, i cant sleep whenn travelling, so i ended up watching more films and getting annoyed with a seriously annoying man who was sat next to me.

we landed in dhaka airport around 4:40am uk time which is 09:40am bangladesh time, took ourselves to the luggage collection, grabbed oour many bags and headed to the mini bus waiting for us.

as soon as i stepped out of the airport the heat and humidity hit me, wow, seriously the country is hot, and instantly everything feels damp.

i reached the hotel and ran straight to the bed and walahi as soon as i hit the pillow i fell asleep and did not move until 3 hours later, i was sooooo tired.

i gotta go now so i will try to blog some more later inshallah.


Keepsmile5 said...

7amdela 3asalama WA, I hope you will enjoy great time in Dhaka
and have a lot of fun en shaa Allah
Keepsmilin and keep up please


Anglo-Libyan said...

good to know that all is well.

looking forward to read all about your adventures :o)

PH said...

Al-7amdellah 3ala al-salama :).

The Godfather said...

Maybe you'll get a tan in this hot country.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
Alhamdullilah you made it thus far safely. Enjoy your trip. Thanks for thinking of all of us to suffer the painful connection. :-)

a_akak said...

good to know u ok and doing well and take care and try not to get stuck up a palm tree or something :P

Lebeeya said...

Alhamdulilah 3la Asalama :) Thanks for the update. Please dont forget to take lots of pictures.

pursuit of happiness is such a cute movie but premonition is freaky!!! I started watching it but only got to the part where her daughter was swinging in the backyard and when she looked at her, she had cuts all over her faces. I couldn't finish it after that :S

DaMoon said...

7amdella 3asalama sweetie....
hehe hot humid and wet
have fun :o) and was3i balik with da connection

LovelyHibo said...

خنج الله عالسلامه
نستني في الصور والمواقف الي صادفاتك:)


Alhamdulillah...its great to hear that you arrived safely and that all of you are well.
Enjoy yourself sis but make sure you bring back lots of pictures and stories.
Awaiting your safe return inshaAllah

Brave Heart said...

enjoy the hot weather and dont forget my fish

white african said...

thanks everyone, its already been over a week, i swear time flies by but it does feel that i have been here longer.

i think i may be getting use dto the heat, kind of :)