Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I so need this, i sooooo need this, i soooooooo need this

If you have a boss you need one of these anger management dolls:
When you press their left hand, they say one of several obnoxious sayings. For instance, The Anger Management Boss may say “I don’t care if you’re sick, you’re coming in today, and you’re working overtime!” When you have heard enough of their demands, you choke them, and that’s when the fun starts!
Their eyes pop out, their tongues extend, limbs flail, they shriek and gag, and then they change their way. After you choke them into submission, the boss will tell you to take some time off, or give you a raise.


a_akak said...

LOL...... On my desk i use to have one of those stress relief faces (given to me as an Xmas present by someone) but after a few month they noticed that i never get stressed (I think its proabably the high caffine level in my blood) but i am always a bit too relaxed even with loads and loads to report deadlines coming up lol ......... i am dont it the libyan way

But i need one of those face for each one of my 3 brothers

Fe Aman Allah

Lebeeya said...

lol, where could I get one. My boss is female, do they have female dolls as well?

You seem to be going through a really tough time at work, I feel ya sis.

Safia speaks said...

Choking the real thing is much more fun!

Shuraka, la ujara!



I want one of these too.....though right now I'm not working, still need it.

WA...do you need me to sort out some peeps for you?

Brave Heart said...

lazy employee always say the same about their manger:-P

white african said...

akak i think i may invest in a factory full of stress balls lol.

i think i may need seperate face sfor my brothers as well :)

lebeeya i havent come across a female version, how bad is that, sexist people tut tut.

thanks for feeling my paiiiiiiin :)

safia i think your right, actually your 100% right choking the real person would be so fulfilling :)

native get those numbers ready, i will be contacting you ;)

white african said...

ooops missed your comment there brave sorry :)

whose a lazy employee? lol managers are evil

ibeebarbie said...

LOL@Ahmed and wanting one of those faces for each of his three brothers.

LOL@Brave Heart for his comment of lazy people always saying the same about their bosses.

Salam White African, so have you ordered yours yet?

red head said...

He Needs To be More Hairy. . =P

Romana said...

hehehe ohh i sooo needed one when i was at uni. i could pretend they were my EVIL HEARTED proferssors (mish kolhom 7aram 3alaya),, the factory would totally profit...i would have one doll per professor, so thats 13 from last year, and 11 the previous one, and 9 for 2nd year...and i cant remember how many on 1st.. see need lotsa dolls!! lots of anger bottled in!!!!

NM said...

Lol! when i get back and i have a boss again i will need one am sure! bosses should be....lots of mean things should be done to them!

white african said...

wassalam ibee, not yet but i really am considering it, im thinking how many should i get?

loool @ red head.

wow romana mashallah thats alot of heads sis, youhave many professors, i dont blame you wanting to invest in this head factory :)

nm the ehads will be ready and waiting for you hun :)

PH said...

I also have a rubber ball that I use to relive me from stress, but its for the stress in my fingers from typing not for the stress my boss causes :p

nona said...

Hii WF .. soo funny I want one also…

I had experienced women manager, she was one of the best mangers I ever met, we have such a harmony in work, amazing.. she gave me enough space to move in, but the catastrophe that am in now, its my first time to have direct manager man and we haven’t any chemistry or harmony in working together so u can imagine how the work become :)

white african said...

ph im glad its not the stress of a manager or boss, typing stress can give you the excuse to take many many breaks :)

nona long time sis, hope your well, and i so feel for you about the boss situation, funnily enough i also had a female boss and we clicked, different situation now :(

its not as bad as im making it out though...

MaySoon said...

LOOL emmm I don't think I can ever get one :o(...lol
Would you do that to your Dad?!.. NOOoOOoooOOOO!

white african said...

maysoon i think its only suitable for bosses and annoying brothers, parents is a no go area :)

MaySoon said...

LOL WA I said that coz my Dad is my boss :o( I work for or with him :oS

white african said...

lol maysoon, oh well i guess your situation would be different.

im sure it has its perks working for family members, so do you get to sleep in and have random ays off :D

lostkitty said...

Looooooooooool!! I sympathise sis! And I sooo know why u'd need one!

where doo u find these things?!!

Anonymous said...

Please send me a box with 12 heads
Everyone here needs one lol,
Including my boss himself lol

MaySoon said...


white african said...

kitty i really am in need of one now now now

coff a box coming your way :)

maysoon working for family can sometimes be stricter lol :)

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