Monday, April 02, 2007

some guy came into work and asked at the reception to speak to me, so my colleague came to me passing on the message. i walked towards the reception and there was this man standing there shuffling on his feet and fidgeting around with his fingers.

she pointed him out to me and i approached him.

me: 'yes sir how can i help?

man: 'intee white african?' - are you white african?

me: 'yes'

man: 'yes consultant so and so from blah blah hospital told me about you, he said you would be able to help me out'

me: 'Dr so and so said that?, ok lets see what you need'

man: 'well i just need you to write up these dates for me to say that my daughter was seen at this surgery'.

me: 'ummm ok, give me your daughters date of birth'

man: 'its _ _ _ _ _

so i approached the computer, typed in the date of birth and a name came up, so i got the man to confirm the name which he did, simply enough right? wrong, nothing that we Libyans do can be simple enough.

me: 'ok can i have those dates you requested please'.

so he hands me the piece of paper with the dates.

i made a quick check to see when she actually registered with us, low and behold she registered in late February of this year, she was seen for the first time by the doctor in the middle of March of this year, the dates that this gentleman wanted me to write up for him where all in the first week of February before she even registered with us???????

he basically wanted me to lie and say that she was seen by the Doctor.

when i realised this i told him i couldn't do that, to which he replied:

man: 'but white african your Libyan'

and let the celebrations begin.....

me: 'I'm sorry.

man: 'mish intee leebeeyah? galoolee inik leebeeyah' - aren't you Libyan? they told me your Libyan.

they??? who in the world is they?

me: 'yes i am indeed Libyan, but that will not give me the ticket to do something illegal'

man: 'but i need your help, come on you must'

me: 'walahi i cant, the computer does not lie and the dates on the computer are not the same as those you want me to write up'.

man: (starting to raise his voice) white african no one is going to check the computer, I'm asking for a simple matter that's all'

me: (getting slightly annoyed) 'no i am not willing to do something that will get me into trouble'

man: 'if it helps this letter is being sent to Libya'

oh yeh that changes every thing then....

me: 'sorry, i really need to get back to work, i wont be able to help you I'm afraid'

man: 'some Libyan you turned out to be'

and walked away looking really sad.

i felt guilty for like a second but then i got angry because i was put in that position when i shouldn't have been, why do people do that? do they really think that a person will risk everything for something trivial like dates???

what if it was some sort of alibi that he wanted, or something similar and then i get questioned about it and the surgery gets taken to court, i know that sound ridiculous but such things could happen over something like forging dates.

please tell me i did good in sticking to the right principles and telling him no.


AngloLibyan said...

he said 'some Libyan you turned out to be'
he was right there, a good, decent God fearing proper Libyan, thats what you are ya whiteafrican,

I have had simillar requests from Libyans when I worked for a school, I was approached by some who wanted me to help them jump the waiting list and register their children, I told them many times that the school has a headteacher with a list that I have no control of plus that it is not fair on people that have waited years, of course I got simillar reaction to what you got from this stupid Libyan.

well done whiteafrican, you did your work place, family & the Libyan community proud.

a_akak said...

I respect and admire the way you delt with the situation and it was the correct way to do so.

No matter where we libyans go or what degree's to get we still have the "Gene" within us that has to do it the "Wasta" way and you see that in all our society

Well done W.A. and dont feel guilty as you did the right thing :)

Brave Heart said...

i think u did the right thing WA,but in the same time i think u must understand how Libyan think, this situation is normal in Libya u can get and document from everywhere u need, and most of Libya think it's the same here especially when there is some Libyan work in the place they need. it's a problem of culture and mentality.
another point whatever u did for Libyan they will not satisfy,again u did the right thing and dont mess ur day, enjoy it.
can u record me in ur JB?come on u can do it u r Libyan , i just living 90 mile away from Manchester, no one will check the computer or my address.

white african said...

thanks you so much anglo for your kind words :)

why ar ethey intent on bringing out the bad instead of the good, we should be happy to associate ourselves with fellow libyans, instead where hiding away from them.

akak thank you :) he actually did you the word wasta at one point, unbelivable.

brave you always manage to make me laugh out loud at work, bloggers get a special wasta from white african, im proud to be asscoiate dwith all libyan bloggers :)

Lebeeya said...

You did well White African :)

Kheizy, How could he say something like 'some libyan you turned out to be'. Nibee nokhonga towa!

Curious said...

I really like the way that you are writing and how you are writing, it is interesting abd you don't want to stop reading until the end.

You just did the right thing, even if there is something driving him to ask you (as a libyan) you can never correct a mistake with another mistake, so, my respect for you, you give a good symbol for the libyan woman outside.

white african said...

thanks lebeeya :)

ukhungee with my hijab lol that would be a sight.

curious thank you and i to enjoy reading your blog as well.

i guess change comes from within but also from example and i guess if every one decided to put their foot down and refused to budge to the 'connections' that people seem intent on reminding others about then slowly but surley the likes of this man will deminish.

red head said...

OMG! U Did The Right Thing. . I Swear These People Just Want To Take Advantage Cos They Think It's Their Dad's Surgery. .
Seriously We Shud Say U Dont Work At The Surgery No More. . N Then People Will Go Away N Put The Phone Down On Me =P

mani said...

salam WA

Im proud of you really I am. one is either part of the solution, or part of the problem, and I think your definetly part of the former. Bless you.. should have given him a few words of advice while you were at it too.. rare the oppertunity to give and take them these days....


The Godfather said...

Well done WA!!!!!

Despite my Machiavellian colours, you did absolutely the right thing.

Keep up the good name of Islam, as you are doing so.

white african said...

lol red head, that may just work, lets have a trial period.

mani thank you :)your right it was an oppertunity to say something, i'm sure other such oppertunities will happen again, its bound to.

godfather tahnks bro.

Lady_WildKat said...

babe you dont really need the words, but i'll give them to you. YOU DID THE RIGHT THING.
all you have to do now is practise the no word on certain other ppl who take advantage of your sweet nature and generosity.
if you cant please let make them appointment with me. i'll gladly sort them out for you!
p.s Mama backs me on this!

white african said...

lady your sweet sis, i swear if i have a problem saying no then i will gladly send them over to you my second in command