Tuesday, April 03, 2007

just over a year ago, a man used to come to my work place, he was a patient and he would always find something wrong with him to see the doctor about.

whilst sat at the reception he would find excuses to talk to me, a couple of times he would request my mobile number, i did offer him my fathers number but for some reason he wasn't interested in talking to my dad.

just as i would think that he got the picture, that it had sunk in that i wasn't interested, he would do the abominable and call my work place 5-10 minutes after just leaving and say things like:

'asam3ee, ilkilam illee gilta, yarayt matradidish lee buk' - listen, what i have just spoken to you about, please do not repeat to your dad.


well obviously dearest bloggers, when i went home i told my dad lol.

to be honest at first it was funny, and i did feel sorry for the dude but then it was bordering scariness cause i would see him every where, on my street on my way home, on the bus i take, in town sometimes, it felt like either he was every where or he had 50 look alikes spread out all over Manchester.

it wasn't like i was encouraging him because i wasn't, if anything most times i was down right rude only so that he would get the message and i didn't want to seem like i was leading him in any way, but the guy was just not right, one time he asked for private work to be done for him by the doctor and private work usually means a charge, but the doctor refused to take any money of him, the whole Libyan connection thing that i have mentioned in previous posts.

i had to pass the message on which i didn't want to but oh well, so i approached this man and i told him in a very matter of fact manner ' galak il doctor ina 3adatan mafrud tadfa3 25 jneh, lakin leeanah fee ma3ruf beenkum, karar il doctor inak matdfa3sh wala min leem' - the doctor said that usually there is a charge of 25 pounds but due to the connection you have with the doctor, he has decided you needn't pay a single penny.

to which he replies: 'akida intee athartee fil ijabah' - i bet you had a hand in this.

now did any of you think that from what i told him what the doctor asked me to say?

anyway, he eventually decided to get someone else involved and this someone else approached my dad with the request of my hand in marriage, obviously my father new everything already because of what i had told him so my father said there was no naseeb.

next day the guy comes to work looking for me, corners me and shouts 'why did you lead me on, why did you make me look like a fool, you wanted me to go to your dad and when i did you refuse me'

he said alot more stuff but to be honest i was dumbstruck and the only thing i was able to say is if you have anything to say, please say it to my father and not me, i was basically sick and tired of this dude and his antics.

what he understood from this was 'oh i see, it's all clear now in my head, you want me, you want me to be your husband but your father is preventing us from being together' and with that walks away.


couple of weeks later he calls to speak to me saying that he will be getting married soon to some one else but i was still in with a chance and i just had to say, i put the phone down on him.

i later learnt that he got married and moved out of Manchester and i thought that was the last of him, a couple of days ago, he walks into the surgery and requests to speak to me, saying that the doctor has asked him to speak to me.

my colleague walks into my office saying 'theres a man by the name of blah blah who wants to speak to you,

to be honest i didn't even realise it was him.

my manager said that he would deal with it and i was to continue with the mountain of paper work.

a couple of minutes later my manager walks into the room and says 'white african come with me to the doctors room'

ooooops whats happened was my initial thought.

i walk into the doctors room and the manager turns around to the doctor and says,'in future i would appreciate it if you don't tell patients to speak to white african concerning paper work, you speak to her yourself instead'

I'm standing in the back ground saying : 'why?'

to which he replies: well, i go up to this man and he tells me that the doctor has asked the he speak to you concerning some paper work, so when i asked him exactly what type of paper work, it turns out that you wont be able to help him, so i told him that, so i offered to go to the doctor myself and sort it out for him, which i did, i gave him the necessary papers and he thanked me and walked away'.

me: 'ok (i still wasn't sure which man he was talking about) so whats the problem?'

manager: 'the problem is that 2 minutes later he comes back demanding to speak to me, and when i approached him he came out with 'just to let you know that there is nothing between me and white african, nothing what so ever, i have forgotten about her, i found a girl a hundred times better than her and 8 years younger than her, il 3ajooza white african, 3ajooza, 3ajooza'.

if your wondering 3ajooza means old woman.

apparently he ended it by shouting '3AJOOZA, 3AJOOZA, 3AJOOZA'

my manager had to escort him off the premises.

hmmmmm when my manager told me this it instantly clicked who the guy was and to be honest my first initial reaction was to laugh, the doctor bless him was in complete and utter shock and when i explained the history to him he was in even more shock, he kept saying 'lakin il rajal hafid, hafid, wee salaee fil masjid' - but the man has memorised the quran and he prays in the mosque.

yeh like that makes a person completely pure and sin free!

after my laughing fit i did get peeved off to be honest, 3ajooza!! whatever, rolls eyes....


Brave Heart said...

hahahahhahaha WA:

this time u who manages to make me laugh out loud at uni's library.

walhi mskeen this guy, u broke his heart, i wonder how shikh can fall in love i thought it's forbidden in their religion.tell us WA how many hearts u have broke till now, i know Manchester full of these kind of people.

the thing made me laugh loudly"i found a girl a hundred times better than her and 8 years younger than her, il 3ajooza white african, 3ajooza, 3ajooza'"
3ajooza nice name for u,u lost a great chance when u let this guy go.i dont know does he want to married or buy a car, i think there is no relation between his marriage and your age.
any way our 3ajooza, i can get ur father number without asking u, to prevent my heart from break.

be careful from this kind of sheeukh most of them they have mental expire.

a_akak said...


What sort of work place do you work in? plus this guy seems obsessed and was stocking u

But be careful as if he has any metal issues he might harm you

As for 3AJOOZA lol lol lol

Takecare of ur self and get ur self a bodygaurd

Fe Aman Allah

Curious said...

I think that in your work place you never find Ksaad, everyday something else, i am really checking your blog everyday to see if there is a new story.
And if he is praying in the Masjed, this means everything else is allowed. How can you let him go??? Just kidding, some people have their own way to understand und judge things and they think they are right, whatever you have said or done, he would have understood in the way he liked it. But 3ajouza??? Funny that he thought he can hurt you with saying this.

mani said...

salam guys..

after I stopped laughing.. I went back to what braves aid about the 3akooz being twisted at the top....

do u see why that's false now ya brave..

I have yet to met a community of Libyans in the Uk that I can count on ten fingers and I would honestly say.. 'mshallah'.. I just seem to be finding them here..

mani said...

on the blogs I mean

AngloLibyan said...

Thank God that he found someone a 100 times better than you, hopefully he will leave you alone now inshAllah, of course im joking about this, he is mad obviously.

he actually sounds like someone from Manchester that married a sister of someone I know in London, poor guy is not all together.

white african said...

brave manchester is one funny place, always manages to entertain.

'mental expire' lol brilliant i will use this term in the future.

the funny thing is th eguy is calling me 3ajooza when he's not young himself!!!

akak thanks for the advice, at one point i was seriously considering taking my brother every where but after he moved to birmingham things improved.

curious your right i can never get bored in my work place (whether thats a good thing can be argued)

your right about the whole judging things according to peoples perceptions, this guy was clearly not listening at all.

mani i agree, i seriously am proud to be apart of the libyan bloggers :)

anglo thanks :0)

i think most people know a weirdo libyan in their community lol.

Lady_WildKat said...

oi banana woman, you will have to explain all this bloomin '3ajooza' stuff, why are you using numbers instead of letters, what do they stand for and how would u pronounce the word in arabic. you'll probs have to do a blog on it as i can only understand about half of what you write and that's half more then usual! hehehehe

all i learnt after 2 weeks in Iskandriya was ma'alesh, thats their answer to everything!
I'll teach you Bangla before our hols, so you can shock the natives when you talk to them,hehehehehe ;o)

thanks for dinner tonight and keeping a stock of my tea, i knew Baba and i had loads in common, our taste in tea, our cars, mama, teasing you etc

cant wait for our weekend together and i promise to update my blog with pix and everything else....well not absolutely everything!

yours always Sondes-Sugrah xxx

p.s your the weird libyan in the community....and i've met a fair few....eeeek!

white african said...

its called being unique, i am an individual lol.

ur most welcome to the dinner and tea it was a pleasure feeding you :)

the numbers stand for certain arabic letters that dont exisit in he english alaphabet, when i see you next i will pronounce them for you, how about that eh?

Lady_WildKat said...

ok your on as we loads of time 2mrw. got the whole day together after nearly all day today and you didnt pronounce them!